Volume 2 of JD Bellamy's Dylan Thomas poems.

photograph of the genius Dylan Thomas with a female admirer (circa 1940s)


These poems are dedicted to the utmost genius of the late great poet-author-playwright -broadcaster Dylan Marlais Thomas


(27 October 1914 – 9 November 1953)




Here there is just a further handful of JD Bellamy's poems written in response to or else inspired by the world famous and genius prosody of Dylan Marlais Thomas.
JD has written many hundreds of verses relating to all of Thomas's published poems. JD Bellamy is a qualified and award-winning poet.
He resides in South London and adores all ingenious writings. He has written many thousands of poems. JDB was born in a storm in early December 1972. All of JDB's poems are speed-written.


Lots of these poems are jim bellamy's own original word-creations.




When Dated Numbers Capsize Into Blue Rain


when dated numbers capsize into blue rain
then, surrounded, starry sea-eyes stain
diamonds with blood
and an angelled city-word
snaps; and a glisterer of birds uses pain
to silence a carpet's dusted shine
and fallowers of easy lip
shout from hair-grips; and laden minds
moltenise hands with herons

when once gagglers grind sleep, then
distancing mummy-moats
amass across a sad shore's sea-hymn
and a denuder of mad gourdes
scram aside lemon tree-burrs
and a lazy country in heaps uses stoats
to collonnise spun skis with spokes

the deus in a dun mind drags paints with waters
and, la la, serried wine
swipes gins from tines
and a comber's head hisses
and a foamer's bed pisses
and, ah, a deus under lime loosens buds with doctors

when once a slowing slider
suppers after jives then a baiter of tigers uses water
to create a new faith
and a bodice under lace
craps aside nine minds and a sylvan collonade wastes
easy eaters of ruby mace

oo a deus in a dun mind drags paints as wallers
arise from homes then knock a saint with dilllers

the deus in a dumb mind drags dirt for flavas
o a mental sea-spine
slides from wet wine; and a daughter under mines
digs for a coal-clime
and a facing buddha
bridles scent with mamma; and a radio under rivers
raises romantics from fingers

when once a crowing cryer
careers into mace, then a lover of the tongue shivers
and a waker under liars
leases lions to tigers; and a maiden who feeds drivers
laces lozenges to tyres

and a waker in a void accuses sex of causing fires
and, o, me and my toys
drag drippers for fast fazing sea-boys,
and i idolise gals with fairy lits
and i get wedded to easy tit-tit-tit

the crowers of idle husbands are fed to flitterers
and, la la, eyers of evil sauce-pans
boil coffees dry,
and an eagler under sky slides a dog under rivers
and a reader under tides
swills blue bran;
O, once aside a bride, wheezers who kill mirrors
glistens when a bodyer of sand
scatters wives across islands

ah, crowers of idle husbands are fed to twitterers
and, ah ah, eyers of evil forced sands
slam a vastness of spires
beneath green boys whose easter-xmas fires
cry, cry, cry

and eaters of lies loops chicks from gassers as
pyres set alight to blondes
and the wide world i breathe has no sons

the wideners of a woollen world have to eat for
a horded family of men and christs
and a laden boned baby
baggers under twine where a city in a lady
slashes aside rummy mice
and a ruby moon chases deaths under lice
and a body-bloom
sea-stabs hags with darkeners of gold spice

ah, crowers of idle husbands are fed to filters
ah, sounders of idle maids
necks blind noise with saddlers and sea-trades
and a blower of graves
glistens, and a shower under peed trays
collapses when torn towns rave

O, we get blown from bone as an evil raid
listens to fools then gets enslaved to rituals

a vasty blown dog-disease has come to cradle
a crazy collanade under blue gas
and, uh, a whipper's number flashes gas
and, uh, a nipper's rumba gashes gas
o a vasty domed god
glisters; and a robotic romancer suffers candles
and a roman ancther loosens wine with gloves

O, we get blown away,
O, a stationer of graves grips after clays whens
stone-slayers of idiot gold
gasps for soft air; and sold laughter
swells like a pig
and a deviller of kids gets father
and a reveller of lips cuts larders

oo a vasty veined bow bags eyes aside chickens
ooo a mastery of crows
sea-crowds necks aside a rose
and a radio gets wired to a phone
and a shadow sires ash from wrecking bones


the tillers of the times hack after bleeders
o riders of red rinds
rotates; and a blagger blahs aside thunder
and, lo, as we rise from minds
then we sunder cherries; and a sad lover
leases flown fruits to conic swines
and, ah ah, a baker of sonic limes fathers
a mamma whose manic mothering lines
easy pockets with pulled feet

oo a vasty veined crow caws for sleep
oo a nasty brained crow
swims aside ravens
and a seagull under heathens uses sleep
to soften birds with gardens;
and a hostile hedon
damages deaths with sirens; and grey heat
sires seraphs from irons

and tillers of times hacks after bleeders
o eyers of bled blinds
bake a butcher-bastard with easy fathers

oo as a dolly creeper cretinises creatures with clothes
then a daddy dreamer
dapples after tundra; and a bled filmed teacher slows
easy tears with flown thunder,
and a baker of leeches sears summers under fathers
oo as a dolly creeper cretinises creators
then blowing blood-bleaters brag for evil shakers
and a blader of a mind-beaker
toasts edams with failures
and, oo, a beggar for labia loosens lynchers with fever

oo, a draggler in a hearse rides for messy fingers
oo, a raggler of a purse espies
a spiraller of ghosts whose flashers sunder odd knives
and a summer in a fast spool
succours winter from clasped stools
and, la la, when an ochre of a fool loosens old brides
then butcherers of laden phasers
snap a cutter of gardebns with fairiers of fast lives

as tillers of dolly dreamers arise froms sainted eyes
then a bulleted deceiver
dolllops drags across receivers
and the wallets under tithes accuse alms of seizures
and de pockets under Ides
merrily mass-murder easy pigs with hired waters;
and a blower of knives
moon-melts a rizla with eaters of massive clockers

these easy world-words us old men will write are
fed to starry asexual pearls
and a fastener of sun-speckled girls
sadden a sodden mien with codas and ground curls;
and aladdin in a lift
loosens molesters with greyed skits
and a skittler under ribs washes eyes under tit-tit

oo as a dolly creeper cretinises creatures with pits
then daddy's maimed creator
desecrates easy peasy sacred failures,
and an eater of wode worsens for dirty tailors
and an eater of robes
radios saturn; and a rodeo under a rose has traders
selling ivories to massing brogues


there are easy diseases nearby where a dinted skinful in twinned eyes
drag dirt for dicky muscles
and a babby under parcels sends daddy gifts to venal mad eyes
and, ooo, as a blown bud rots
then an appler of a swinger listens to a crazed cross
and, la, we widen for weepers
and, ah, we spiral aside reapers
and the bums of hearts cum shaping dolls from fatalities
and a city dart shuns a ruby radio
and a baby-heart bags aside de gallows
o a painted parental flower washes willows inside dun families
and a dog of pure dirt
kisses pups and swabs mind-hurt

the racers of a tracer teems with skirt; and a natal ocean flirts with
fizzing geared epilepsy
and a brother in the dark dollops dragons upon easter-xmas kids
ahh a dollar and a peck sells manses to naked nazi prigs
and a mummy wheezer wees upon slides
anda dummy dreamer wees aside blinds
ahh once upon a green mind, i espied drinkers delving for vines
ahh once upon a mad grind, i espied shrinkers feeding cut swine
and a doctoring moon
kneels upon dunes where a gem-gentle christ collapses for
ground tears

there are easy diseases nearby where a dinted skinful in skinned skies
drag filthy shirts for naked lucre
and a dunny hearse hissses
and a dummy nurse pisses
and a cat on a dummy bay drinks to purses
and a bat on a bummy tray drinks to horses
ah ah, i have entertained talons in cold sauces
ah ah, i have summoned falons from gold coarses
and a blower of a shit-fest fishes for belly-phlegms
and a flower under decked missives
mussel crayoned caves with deli boys whose renal cunt-stem
sheds hot wide white sweet seed
across a belter of bones and mead
the tracers of a flava hips to a flown flower
o, grey tasters of failure snip snowed flower
and, oo, a meddler of saviours snip a rose from a loud tower
and, ooo, a skelterer under sailors
shovels a sliding saw when, oozed, farmers
force a dog-drone across gems; and a flowing charmer
heals old hands with eager mental failure;
and a boated scan bloats for menstrual dens
and a floated dram boasts about beery peahens
oo a wicked weeviller of touts shrugs shag with pig-pens
and a pickler of a penis shouts

we awake to a blue banned grave
we awake to a bruised hanged nave
and navellers noose beds with easy peasy pussy plague
and eyers ease blinders across baggers of bleeded slaves
ehhhh ehhhh ehhhh
milky silky biddies grind salts down to dust
ehhh ehhh ehhh
easy dizzy greasy dimes grind pounds under dust
and a blazer of all times snap lippies from dunny cusps


the doddering eerie apple of a chew-chained heart listens
to piss-pearled dreams
o, a slavering easy chapel snaps dolts from bones as screens
shine just like nine zillion eyes,
and the weavers in the dark sew ships to tides
and, la la, our entertaiing darts hurl dangerous sex-scribes
under vaulted marbled fanny wives
o a doddering eerie gull pecks for carrion comforts; and wives
wash wet wasps aside naked female-slides
and a lilted delimitless kodak cried for suns and starred tribes

we awake to a blue banner
we quake for truth as a naked body in a scanner arrives
under coated canny tongues
and, oo, weevillers warp guns with giddy gods inside wide
wave-blenchers; and a blorted sea of febrile dogs
get walked till made part dead
and a barker of a slave cuts bread
and a father of a knave chews lead
O, a doctor who heals the dread must swallow eased ties
and, la la, vinegar stations drag a pelt for a lud

the doddering eerie apple of a screw-stained heart listens
to kiss-curled cream,
and a vagina, spleened, sinks bubblers under grey missions
and a red minor, streamed, sinks bridlers under gay prisons
and a heated cold sea of cans
get opened by doom denial
and, o, a father moon serenades the sex of coded rooms
and glassed closed smile
sucks upon raped nuts; and a female dial turns for prisms
ah ah ah..

the eaters of tomorrow's bile abuses death with dammed
catted rat-whirled ogres
and a pig downstream suppers for curd as a salted scram
sinks a pistol of a flower underneath crowers of eye-jams


the weedlers of roped weed snaps as cunt-hatch around
as deviller of blown lays and female sounds
and a lion in a maze issues rattlers from wastegrounds
and a ironer of sex tissues
smell just like eagle kisses; and a roxy roller of a town
grind soft stone down to dyed screws
and a bedded sloane drowns
and a leaded drone resounds after
lickers of slaving snipping feline canine gay laughter

tackers of tawny tatlers trip to a veined closed lover
rackers of spermy failures
crap upon ivory breakers
and a hoody in the moon digs a swab from a feather
and a dooby spind tune
drags a daffy cap from a venereal star-swoon. Leather
leases labile straps to feedlers of cunt-bedded heather
and a swooner of cunted wiles
straps a dead boy across mown dials
and i am a fled exponent of a new mind that styles
acrid ogres who wave blue arrows and make giant dials
ravel into killed times.

uh uh uh tut tut tutter uh uh uh.. Ohh bled butter grind

the face i used to see in the moon
raises solar waves from hot iced rooms
la la a driver of families
loots stars
and a river under honeys shapes cars
and a red-eyed sea-monkey
layers loss with Mars

the diggers of a driver drink for sex
ah rude bikers, brinked
blink and blink
and the ivories of mamma use sex
and eyers lease lambs to cunt-sinks
and, oo, as mindless skunks
snips easy crack
then spunk snaps; O, eaters of junk

breed fuck from rhinal vein-waters

the face i used to own has died now
o when space is stoned
then planets of fast bone
shatters fear with laden easy clouds
and a bolter of bastards
bags hens in screens;
and eyers of radio use sound to stream
deafeners of man and dreams

the diggers of a driver drink to creams
o riggers of closed fathers
swills dread rum,
and mammas use gun to execute cum
and wideners abuse the sex-dead

the face i used to know has lost mind
o as Isis scurries
then a loaded easy cellphone uses cabbies
and a deus soul
washes gold dole where expensive ladies
swap men for berries
and a dated smile softens
and an aged dial buries burns; and, often
when deaths strike
i hear a faceless demon shaping mikes

the face i used to stone has fallen from
painters of dukes, dames and women
and, la la, wifers widen for children

accusers of intractable collonades are led to
easy halls where lessons died
and the eyes in a lift shoot softened skies
and an easy paper
gets fed to potato
and a lemon head hits upon a blue mind

the face i used to screw fasts for times
and an idiot in a grey grind
summons suppers from easy cold minds
and, la la, orange ochres hiss for stereo
and, oo, minotaurs scare coded video

when once hands get crossed, then eyes
may well chatter as they cry.

blowers of bow bells brag about cold times
la floaters, slowed, swell for drought;
and a baby's brandy toasts a bib where
shouters summon breads from old hair
and, o, a chanter of de hour
uses a caker for a red power;
and as ideal sin suppers for flowers, then
coded hair-nets clad coats under cumin;

once upon a mind in a shrilled world, gems
sun-strike damagers of dreaming
daddy saints, and the dead dream of paints
and an easy shadower of
deafening blinded flava shuts eyes within
sunderers of moss and green spind wind
and Lady Isis gets high on a crisis;

and easy riders arise from coded screens

these days when papers set fire to lessons
must wallow under sapphires
ah, a waller of a mamma has to season
a bladder of a lover with campfires
and, lo, wideners of fever
snap a vast cap where a lover of pyres
cums shuddering forever

once upon a mind, i severed sad tyres
with colliding lady guns,
and me and my bad body stun spires
and venal sanders
suck cups as a coffin under fathers
flashes under rain

these days, when papers set fire to fun
must swallow now and run dry.

o where straw men sunder a scratchman
then ideal fields may well fall,
and an ideal weal whips a dead wall
and an idiot pulse
slappers after naked lips,
an riders of masters raise bikes from drawl
and the wives of heaven
listen to ravens
and, la la, we may well arise from babies

o where scared men sunder a dead road
then evil daring holidays
may well lead a loser to a sexy by-road
and, la la, we weep for remedies
and, ah ah, we sleep in sculleries
and an eaten side
spirals aside brides
and, lo lo, ideal icers of de moon writhe

these days, where lepers cut all skin
then flickering lips glow, just like sin

these easy peasy spastified days where i jack my own mind
hits to a family beat
la, a radio under meat trumpets caverns
and, oh, where waters bleat, then a craven erasing raven
cums slicing bird with garlands
and a beaten cartoon animates grouse with bared gardens;
and, O, when watry colds abuse mental menthols, then sleep
has to glisten as dicks die

these easy peasy Aladdin-days rub vic into bodyers, and, Lo,
as a ruiner of wisdoms
cums rocking like a heart-drum
then weedlers of mikes drag sex from magenta'd sea-clothes
and a raddler in de sun
cutters aside red string that binds a bandage to sea-rose;
and ochres of orange-lungs
get panted for by asthmatic fish-lungs

o wheree a scary bald boys brag about women then sense
cums car-strangling babby feathers with
icy closed coves when a cavvy with a kid
and a local mind maddens for sweet frigs
and a focal spine saddens wards
oo once upon a mind, Isis appeared to a bled saint when
nuclear deniers dragged a dirty dyke above a sea of gin
and, laaaa, as we widen
then we get frightened

la la, a squid found buried in the seas serve waves to
a pistil of pulled green rain
la la, mad liquid found cherried
drops from a dropper as a faceless commando in screws
turns till the fat gal swings
ahh, a daughter to a hymn snacks upon blue hymen
and a radial rota-flow
sinks indelible buds under dilly darted farthing snows
and eyers dress down
and fires burn clowns

these easy peasy spastified worlds i choose to live in
cum wandering inside a midnigjht spin
and, oo, as weavers arise from dated vacant skin, sin
must wade till oceans trill down from the wind
and, la la, queen baby cracks her cheeks
and, o-la, dean ruby craps from a deck of cheats
o where scary boys bob up from doom denial, sleep
will most certainly crush hands then die.
and dippy derangers of waxen ashen wide eye reaps
a dunny cage from a motor-car

Uh Uh Uh..

eaters of issuing mermen fish aside a burgeoning lost raft
o eaters of tusslers send
macadam men to fierce sleep
and the ivories of men sink a fast piano under dead masks
o eaters of tusslers spend
easy caged cunt-coins,
and the leaden cinemas of today noose a necker around
dizzy dusts where a faceless easy dream
moistens sin with laden baths
ahh eyers reel for rape
ahh fires burn for apes; and, o, as we lead salt to water
then a mad lemon ochre
must kneel upon glass; Oh, dirtied minotaurs will slaughter
a bedded bath that clings to soap-cliffs

La la, i have scented my own paled death
La la, i have emptied my bones, and a pearling sex is
force-fed to porn where
salt-shaven city fawns cry, cry, cry
Ohh once upon a glib mind, my idle mind wept for lies
and, sss, i have grafted veins to dusters
and, sss, i have shafted skeins with pasters
and, la la, ideal fathers who fling birds upon masters
will most certainly countdown to weary ten

eaters of issuing mermen fish aside a burgeoning hovercraft
o eaters of musclers spend
a phantastic ocean-penny; and a rotator under women
hereby locks a rockered heart aside widowers of masks
and a casket caser
cum spraying seed upon gridded whiskey-chasers;
and the dolly boys who suffer crimes from easy lasers
strap a daddy chart across a heartless gallowed razor

ahh local locum lenders of lob lolly and losell babby
must attend to easy bum-pain;
and wipers of the dark send looseners to grey rain
and, oo, as mindists dream of roots then renal veins
may well saunter into a cranial city-rose
la la, i have scented my own mailed sex
la la, i have rented dogs to midwives; and my neck
gets made freckled with feckless body hearings
and mentalis scatters flown seed
and digitalis cuts a crow aside a reed
and, once dicked and done, ivories of evil greed
digs a dirtied februs bone aside white scum-seed

my head is borne from plants- O, weedlers heave
and, donkeyed, my magical nude tool eats weeds

blood enemas inside bone-motion have to sink a syringe where
lady lecterns speak from a high chair
and, o, as rectors cry, then a luminous city prayer
will cum now, dead deeply down inside; O, boats of air
smash a damask beak across vernal virgins who star-snare
a digger of a drippler with buzzy blown bud-hairs
and a driver of lost Hermes
hastens to de father where a draggler of bended rubies
rend a doctoring of paleness
and, oo, a madam mirror must always tell the times for
an oozer of caved vanity and deadliness

blood enemas inside stone-oceans have to sink a party where
jazzy jacking idols on the beach
star-strangles doomed deniers with hermetic slunk hot sleep
and a parental dog of tears
leashes cats to cavatinas; and a saviour to distant moon-beat
lashes creators outside
a plangent town which rotates across a roxy cinematic eye
and, o-la-li-li,
when once a video gal grits DVDs in both filmed hands, sky
has to moisten beds with nets
and hoopers of breads toast fissures
and looters of lead trap a milk-grind
my head is borne above botany
my easy kid has no mummy to grow
o as mental masses melt, then a town inside a rose must
soften sounds with neon crows
as neon bellers of cock resin sink a blaze days deep
then mam and daddy moon
will deify bows with ripeners of dunes and party-heat
and, laa, a miner after wounds
lays headmost waste to a bobbing heated sex-tomb
and derangers of rattlers
ruin rumblers with balders of begging bowls and cuttlers,
and, ooo, once aside a dipped mind
a latent sexy evil raven pregnancy sets a kiddy where
a deceiver lags ropey rasping rain-clothes
and a spell of dirt casts ragwitches under mind-mares

and the angelled angelus of duping dog-muscle shares
blowers of a fatal nautilus
and, sss, a pickler of ploppers props an arse where
lazy demotic denuders stop;
and dizzy feet cum down
and regal sleep stuns locks with magical evil; Ah?


the vipers of a distant summer venomise
a dirtied foreign yield
o writers of distant fevers poison fields
and the riders of red rain
ram a dizzy powder under closed eyes
and, la la, where perfumes fold
then snakers of passion abuse dead skies

the vipers of a distant mind-moon arise
and, lo, when cavers ooze
then a code under feathers chants lies;
and a radio under loud booze
brags about money

o angellers of blood belfries knell baby
and down comes the dead where ladies
loosen vinegar ties
and, o-la, eyers of dives dream of lives

the riders of ratttlers raise a car from a bike
o breeders of thatchers
star-engrave minotaurs with idle fathers;
and oglers of pictures
layer sex with killers
and riders of rattlers raise a car from a spike

vipers, veiled, venomise kind children when
easy ogres raise ogled arrows
and a bath at sea sinks
and a mask of leaves blinks after women
and, oh, we sense scented gems
cum rocking at a diamond door?


december bees sting wasps dead
o, receivers of beads use a bed to
entertain a killer with a nooose
and a shed of pigs summons cows from
ashen farms where a cattled gun
shoots goat-hairs
and a bud of lice feeds shepherds

asps, emptied, suck foison from drugs
masks, readied, fuck poisons
and a flask of mites
sinks flowered fleas under easy bugs;
and ochres of limey kites
shield heads when burns crow

december bees sting wasps dead
and power, pulled, caresses webs
and a gossamer guide
dons a spidered cold disguise
and a flea under flavour uses webs
to capture mouthed moth-clouds

as the roads between us have jumped and died
i realise, when cold, that neon blasphemers
may well arise from dying christ-rain
o, a scatterer of suns succours ice as lies shine
beneath missions and blued bodies
and, as we learn to die, then a sunny mind
may well come to issue pain from flu-wine

december beatles bag loud God as we pine
after muted sails and red bells;
and a hand of pure silk slashes prison-cells
inside oaks and elms and rivulets
o the roads between us have jumped and died
o licked toads scream
o picked rogues cream

and we studied how to die for all too many years
and we bodied crowds from shied eyes

the radio in my garden fuses songs with flowers
o the meadow in my garden
gooses glass where rinds are hurled under flowers
and a valley in a vase
cums to strangle hens with veined robes
and a haggler of honey kicks stained flowers with
stamped crooks

december beatles swing for Gods, and grey pigs
smash a warbler with jazz rigs
and, oo, me and my garden jester
causes buds to laugh; and mental sisters kill kids

bellowers of loud boys arise from english garlands
o a sea of toys raises men from sea-sounds
and, under cream, i see a glib chap come grinding
a rose of a city in two teethed hands
and, since the times we had together haved died
then why i should admire you still seems mad
but i will admire you still
and i will adore the way men kill

the radio in my garden fuses songs with flowers
o the shadow in my garden
fastens fears to skin; and gallowers of garlands
rot in a vast scream
and, la la, entering under dreams, i hear birds
bickering in my dreams
and, O, since old times have eroded, then birds

will most certainly sing till the fat pig cries.

when i saw my laden lady lover combing old hair
i sensed my easy garden come
mowing grass to bits; and me and my gal's prayer
has dreamt now of lost suns
and my woman is alone
and my children are stoned

when i saw my craven father combing lost hair
i sensed my easy woman come
digging for weeds and waters
and my bed is made from pure dreams where
eaters of damsels plucks a violin

o, the radio in my garden fuses creatures to a
mad fuse where i realise my days are alone.
And a petrifier of a sex-lie digs after bone
and a prattler of a sex-dive
delves for peace when shapers of squats stone

a blue keen place that i may call my own

and i recollect my easy connect call to the dead and gone
la, my headpiece swirls as i dial the Fall
and, sundering by, my easy craven smile uses a lost sun
to soften sonar cables with drawl
and i recollect my easy connect call to a dying doll
and i remember everything about
easy riders and eaten razors

o, ther radio in my personal moon uses sounds to call
a fierce sea-sex-wreck,
and my faces burn for sex
and my dizzy mind uses death to wound sin with gulls
and, made from pink sex-mess
my easy headmost cock cracks mess
with daisy hands that feed swill to skulls

these are my easy days when i nestle digs in minds
these are my dizzy days when i nestle kids in blinds
these are my fizzy days
and, ohh, once upon a sparrow-mind, i will erase us
with bellyfuls of mice and fleas
and, ohh, once aside a narrow spine, i will erase lust

and i recollect my peasy connect call to the dead and gone
thee la, my headpiece whirls as i dial the sun
la, my mental mind-pearl pushes stone from used lungs
and a pentacle of tears
arises now from passion that carries the soft young to
ices and cakes and buns and good pears

these are the queasy days where i lay down to find
a vast stationed father shaping mum from city crimes

the fabled disabled dead who drive disabled cars
must fashion tarred maimed bread
and a madamed mansion of pure lead will use cars
to carry curatives to demure fields where lost stars
cry from mad cured dunes
and hissers of hitler raise dogs from drafts
and kisses of whistlers drag bogs for mad masts

these are my opened days where i lay down to find
a daughter of denial cum rubbing brass with minds
and a digger of shells erects cells
and a draggler of bells infects drills with blue wine
la la, once upon my mind
i saw a story-teller grinding dyslexia from vines
and a word-blind poet god
crackles; and a red lud pinions pugs with love

and i recollect my easy connect call to the dead and gone
shimmying for shooting chandaliers
and, iced by whores, daublers of fast tears use lungs
to shoot lost believers with faceless city-yearnings


these are our saddled days where we wash both our hands and our feet
these are our salvages
and, o, i saw a dreaming sky lay keen waste to men and boys
and,oo, i recollect now the winters we spent in seas of pain
and, la, i remember all of the sad things we did to death's hot skein

these are our saddled days where we wash both our hands and our heels
lo, these are our cottages
and, laced with vines, i entered a body-cloth aside vaginal mental reels
and, spaced with blinds, i scented a baby-moth with a hostile fast meal
and, made soft as roses, my all too visual bedside
sighs and sighs

the fabled disabled dead and gone used to smoke their ills away. Oh!
the tabled car-labelled dead
hissed from a high hill where tamers of bread sliced splendid sex-spreads
for rich cries and radios in mad countries
and, oo, once upon a mind, delvers of missions fed ideas to grey webs
and,oo, once aside a mind, miners of prisons
came serenading doom as a deadener of huge prisms
shaved a young man's neck

these were our saddled days where we washed both our face and feet
and, star-sprayed, a dunny witness to weeping world
has to sign across dead minds
and signal sugar-cloth bath-berates a bled bone with a liquid sea-girl
and a radared summer cock
craps upon Uylsses where a dammer of a dead groan
leases easten applepie to slavers of mummy grease and meadow-phones

once upon a mind, my dated scissor sun cut me a face from grey drones
one aside a mind, my baited sister served me lunch in a false bed
and, la la la, as weirdos whiff of kissers
then a model car will surely caress the laughters of the mad and dead
and, when once a valley burns
and, oo, when once a dummy turns
then idiots in cunt will have to fizz as a burny of a bibled fern yearns for

daggerers of dumb drains and five mad seasons snapped under wards
the wifflers of a brand new day hip to a jacking beat
o as roadways turn, then a wrinkler of a hacking jeep
drags a motel for a whoring flower
and since we have let the rose between us end in sleep
then we must certainly learn just how to die
la la, a carriage in a whitsun moon delve a car for eyes
la la, a marriage in a whistling tomb
swings for fast supperers of mailings and pensive spies
and a radio in a galleried garden
swings for serviced jazz as a modem under tongued lies
loosen a bad tale from urban city wives

oo wifflers of branded smiles sell for swellers as baby
come rocking at death's backdoor
and a widener of stranded bells
kisses knelling gods with atheist hands; and, o, cells are
forcibly fed to minxes of day and night and endlessness
and, la la, wild sugars anoint clay
and, ah ah, wide killers anoint graves; and empiness scars
a belling bald home where keen kids cry after rivers
and, car-buried, i sense a blue mind being erased by
stoners of devillers and bedraggling back-baited slides

whippers of sneezing ponies pule for canes as brides
ease a tawny scissor aside a tree of ties
and a vinegar-killer thrills for sloanes as closed tides
river-ram a dizzy baker of cakey butchers with wide
wizarders of hitting balonies and bacon galleries
and, ah ah, a slitter of a bunny
van-dams a digger of choker cherries
and a bandit of sugar melts a babby into glass. Ah!
weepers weevil after gold tears where a tree of card
crumbles, crumbles..

these are my mallard days where is splay my skin
with dinted kinkered dairy-thumbs,
and the suns of deepest night stir soft guns within
cakered baby-yards when a cheapster under lungs
comes garbling
and a sinker of a stinking beret gets used by sons
and a keeper of a winking lady gets shot by sons
and a reaper of a blinking body gets fused by sons
and a sleeper of shriking buddy gets screwed by sons
o wifflers of a brand new day hip to a thumping beat
o as flyways soften, then parking pushers of gal-meat
cum serenading gummers with flashy faces in deep
candled cradled swarms
and a babby has to dance
and a bobby has to dance
and a daddy has to dance; and, oo, a farter in cunt
shits upon spreaded balled wild limbs
coded clappy coded epilepsy loosens dogs and jumps
directly into Alice and her wonders
apraauynd roaded romancers seize women from fathers

the nearest ghosts get to rainbows
gets fed to soft deaths
and the eyes of March see shows
and mad kids screw shoes where
calamity leaps from thinned air

coded clappy coded epilepsy snares
daggers with huge ears
and a copious father cries as stairs
cause kids to fall down

prayers are said for bastards
o lost life suffers cars
and, as we die, then we sue Mars
and a reddener on a cliff
falls from denial; and old kids
harden whores with linen

la la, wifflers under skin drop
from a soft spiral
and old baby loss eats rivals
and old eyes boom now

the nearest ghosts get to rainbows
gets fed to nests
o a bladed fire uses hoists to clone
eyes and tears
and easy criers die as they scream,
and hornets clasp to dairies

prayers are said in a false town
and reapers hand us tea-trays
and, chipped under, iris thunder
jacks and jives then ends

there are life-traps here
la, there are christ-traps here..
o a laden bladder
sheds poem kidneys, and fear
cries for midlife
and, smelt, a nasal mad wife
uses dolls for flour

prayers are said for towers
hymns ares sung for flowers
and florid funerals use fathers
to wed sweat to his girls

la la, wifflers grind pearls
with dipping baby thumbs

when mind-grinders cum shunting bridal bowers
then a lime-tree sun will be my own
o a minted sidler shuts ceilings
and faces under idlers burn and burn
and racers under wine
tip a tea-cup to naked minds

prayers are said in a darkened room where
ivories send ebonies to genius air
and, oo, my endless mood kills god's snares

as mental beasts slide by, then flung times
may well listen to the very end of times?

asses that slide to sex sleep kisses a mad moose
o, lasers on the rise
slap a seized gun with clasped mazy hands
and, oo, as we arrive back home
we find our sex palaces filled with loam
and, la la, eager riders widen as stone

lo a poker of a sex feature dials light
lo a choker of pure death
serenades kids with messages, and night
carries day where endless christs
wallow in soft fires

asses slide as cows cry, and headpieces
sink wank into fleeces;
and, once upon a mind, grey faeces
swallow the moon

the swimming kettle inside my head has
star-broken into wine
o swirling metals ride from sky
and the eaten halfway moon that grabs
a mental ocean
hisses; and potions in nitric soil stabs
easily demented minds

the cooker on my hill has come to grind
impassable butters under sand;
and sand rams shutters
and cans cram kippers
and blown fires shoot old sea-scams

oo a dented dental passage uses drams
to execute lemonades with soda
and a hot wet monk
eats his holy lunch
and a saviour cums aside closed clam
and snippers serenade coded ribbands

the swimming kettle inside my bed has
star-shaped tears from teas
and the wives of fear swallow hasps
and a doddery doomer
dreams of de guarded seas of Eden
o a lasher of carded knees
suppers for veins as family keys
turn in a faked lock

the cookers on my hill have come to
suck a roasted poacher from a nude
and a dude of an oven
ladens losers with chicken-lubes,
and jeery jacking kids cry, cry,
and bleary hacking kids kiss lions

these are my fatal days
o, these are my fotal days; and irons
must drink from clothy stalls where
a daddy dreamer sleeps on the stair;
and drooly deniers strangle old hair
and dribbly saviours
cum cutting rain from a roman tare
and a sailor with a modern cutlass
has to sink a knife into a bulb; and
heaters of onions seat a skulling jam
in a city street where blue islands cram
a fastening countess with
a bruise of a gourde, hanged by digs

the cooker on my hill has come to a
crooked shooter
and madam may shooteth up for a
dirtying copro minder
and a starry cunt junks god's rider
and a family of skunks
must raid a screwed factory as a
deviller of dancing treads lost floors

oo a giddy farmyard snail
cums scattering lovely slime across
a digger of brass and gold
oo a godly sea-yard uses sails
to sail a dummy sea aside de Cross;
and Aladdin in another world lops
a trinity of riders from de moon
and weevillers weave cheese cloth
and doom deniers feed a Cyclops

the oven on my hill bakes the sky
the lions on god's hill
cum grating cats where cold wives
loosen lipids with thrills;
and a doctor under mills uses wives
and a dirty proctor
deals proctorates to old plumes

oo a giddy farmyard gale
cums wooping where windy grails
crack the cheeks of red rain;
and a dog in de sun stirs veins
and a bat in a drum
gets shot withe a rocked gun
and, ooo, made easy,
my hopper of a cough feeds lungs
with blood fish and angel

o this side of the killed, i thrum
o this side of the ill, i come for
an opener in a vaginal cock-war
and a cunny sex-ward
hastens to gels as bird-claws
twitch till the dead get dyed
by egits and jeds and babies

the cooker on my hill bakes rind
the crooked sonny who whines
tends to dine upon a crocus; O!
once upon a grey mind, swines
capture piglets where
bandagers of stung hair scares
pusher pissers with shit-cares
and, ooo, me and massive chairs
career down a statue
these are my massive days
these are my disco-glades
these are love's magic grave;
and i scutter from lippers and
eynes sputter
and, Oh, once upon a fever
i saw a sweated girl-giver
cums glistering for sad naves
and natallers of navels
must seize a torn head..

there is a mansion inside
there is a prison in the mind
oh oh,-- fickerers of soft crime
swiftens then dies away.

yerily, the dirtied night of sex judgement
has cum to raid a flower
verily, the soil of midnight uses sad gents
and a naked lady
comes loosening spoils with rubies
ah ah, eynes will change as dollies
drag a cup from a tripping head

these are my carded bones that use
acusers of stone with fractured nudes
and me and madam Adam
will star-craze a roller of macadam for
and, Lo, once aside a mind, i saw war
wiping its bottom on a killer

verily, the buried drome of life abuses
a liner of a stomach to a sea of noses
and weevillers get hanged
and blad noosers get hanged
and easy rulers get hit till broken
ah ah, me and mamma's devil dams
eaters from oceans
and, la la, metallers of lotions ram

a fizzy fairy thumb down god's jam

there is a mansion found where spools
swirl and swirl till fooled
and de lids of girls till fields for mules
and de ribs of girls fill suns with tools
and, la la, messers under madams
hires a silly neck to a soapy garden

ooo eyners iron sights, and, schooled.
i idolise hymns when a neon pool
sheds salt seed from tawny moods
and a hostess underfire
cusses crosses with eaten tyres
an abolishers of figs
affix daddy drains to coded pyres
and idioms of fascinators wire
a body of a phone to a gasfire
O, heapers of gob shit in mouths
O, reapers of gob pee in mouths
O, eaters of dogs die, die, die
and mental bleeders cry and cry
and dominators dream of dives



there are dunny pariahs on these blue fields
la la, there are daddy deniers
made easy as wives; and a wedded rider
raises a wee-saddle from lime-peals
and a doctor down a skein
hits to a cured town
and a doctor down a brain heals weals

O, heapers of gob shit inside a lung
O, reapers of gob piss aside a drum
O, sleepers, scented, let rise a face from
a daddier of deniers and killer suns
and, ashen, we weep and weep
and, seasoned, we get fed to owls

there are dunny pariahs on theses blue fields
la la, there are daisy dens
and, o, as drivers dream then crashed hens
cum crying in collision's fatal muscle
and a donny boy drools
and a dummy boy drools
and a mummy boy wails after american stools

there are dunny deceivers here who move
laden lust with fans and grabbling dudes; Ah!

the latent mad burial of a studious infant
gets cemented to carnivals
and the pushers of blind bells
hits to the beat of a delved cell; and wells
cum shooting crack and kine
and a dollar under england uses woodbines
and a masser under Man
veers fat west from a news-riven spine

crocus blossoms get chewed by lovers
lotus blossoms get chewed by brothers
oaky statues get stone-screwed;
and Paladin in soft rain lifts a skirt-bruise
with easers of milk and cheese and hooves

eateries give de sauced drum to fastfood
and a cafe underglass
rummages under de underpassed
and, oh oh, drivers of demons use food
to swollen enigmatic bellies with arsed
cottager's sea-stews
and an arriver of stews feeds bloods to
a syringer of day, night and Abandon
and clippers cut ships
and rippers dice clit
and a balded sea of blowers raise tits
from bastardising naked blue-tits
and god's ghost goes Tit-Tit-Ticker-Tit
and love's host goes Tit-Ticker-I-slit
the awakeners of glass feel for pips
the star-shapers of masks feel for drips
the martian surrrender under red pits
and cunny boy-men silence violent strips
with motherers of day and night
and witherers of lost day-light ignites
daggerers with delvers of dunny slits
as raisins dig caked ice we use spit
the slatterer of a sad red mind has to roll a yoyo for
a stationary river filled with rats
and a fatal focal lad hisses
and a metalled sea-stag kisses
eyes and ears and dead cat
o a naked mind mission accuses blue skies of feeling
grey men with trans fats
and a naked oaf hits aside rats

the slatterer of a mad dad mind has to roll a yoyo for
a stationary rider
and, ahh, once aside a mind, masses will reap whores
and massive attackers of bikers
must lay a mummy nest upon rivers and easy liars
o a naked mind mission accuses blue wives of feeling
grey men whose sad hats
fall, fall, fall


the scatterers of a soft dead mind have to use wars
o a stationary cabler
cums grinding seas from cradlers
and the wives at sea soften pulps where puppy paws
cause cats to scream
la la, once aside sodomy, eyers of dreams
dragged after coasts where a trainsman under claws
cut a jazzy bleat from a screen

the scatterers of a soft red crime causes pled whores
to widen where a wolf under lime
leaps a cock; and a pusher of easy minds
bell-slam rocks with dizzy easy wine
and a digger of socks dons dirtiers of city times
with greyers of maidens and killers

and hatching hotel skin suspends a god from wards
and rasping motel quims
cum washing navels down with bedless sleep-stores
and a baker of a butcherer
bags bunnies with twinning bled hands

the snatchers of blue cream carry cars under sand
o leapers of nude dreams
don dragglers; and a bone at sea marries islands to
bodiers of blown men and horses
and, la la, eaters blind hearses
and, la la, feeders blind purses
and cunny boys send cunts to sleep
and honey boys send monks to sleep;
and a cage at war loosens bleeders of sunned meat

the snatchers of a soft dead mind have to use wars
o a leper under rude screams
cum nippling across closed clothes; and walls
use leggings to dance-deride a stoner of molls
and a bed at sea
suffers drowned sleep
and a father under leaves
licks a poppy-pisser from a tongue of pure drawl

the snatchers of blue cream carry cars under sand
o reapers of sweet salts
sink a pusherd round vaults where a cattler under dolts
drink a milker dry
and eyes widen for spies
and wives heighten for sparrows

nut-hatchers loosen beards with rain; O, a cavvy under bolts
scurries under tears
and a blower of fears fishes after sex-sense
and a flower under spheres
pisses; and a deli under spears serves sauces to old colts
and a damager of silence
tramples dicks into violence
and, lo, as we season milks then we ride aside sirens

nut-hatchers loosen beards with rain; O, a cavvy under salt
sweetens limey boys with darting gear
and a bag of malt serenades killers with lunatical winters
and a stabber of dirty graves
summons a rotted supper from sunday shores
and de gardens when we laid ourselves down will raise
a rizla razor from damagers of painterd trades

nut-catchers loosen beards with rain; O, a cavvy under smaltz
hips to a jazzed lust button;
and wiveners of dust snap creamers from daddies and mutton

smackers under samphires dig for pure bum-filth
o breakers of summer
sunder cold sapphires; and a draggler of easy silk
suppers for fathers
o, a bath at sea snaps bled boats
o, a bed at sea snaps photo-coats
and a beller of breakers bag deniers inside old milk

smackers under samphires dig for pure cum-sylphs
o bakers of thunder
sunder cakers; and a bath of ribs raises stars from
demanders of dummies
and a dairy mind scents mummies
and we are wound in clothes; and a sea of bunnies
blaggers about keen silks

smackers under samphires dig for pure bum-filth
o shakers of fevers
slap boomers around red fingers
and a cage of wine clads us in a sea of cold killers
and a bed of brine
titlts suets under mirrors
and a balded mirror lifts God's dead veil

smackers under samphires dig for pure bum-milks
and a bleeder of closed fires
crashes when a cell of pyres wallows under tyres
and weepers glow like sex
and reapers crow like sex
and a rider under corn carries death to lost spires

nutted easy boys use a good bed for a jazz-trance
o a slutted maiden abuses loud life
and a bed at sea eats fuses
and a bath at sea feeds nooses
and a brother of faces loosens nudes with christs
and a father of faces
fastens buds to faeces
oo once aside de hour, weevillers learn of mice
oo once aside a flower
a city beacon shovels rain aside bruising kites

nutted easy boys use a bad bed for a god-trance
o a sacred siren abuses loud rites
and a bed at sea eats muses
and a bath at sea washes cruises
o once upon a mind, we hear the sun fall down
o once inside a mind, we seize grey lungs
and a budder of limes
loosens bellers with killers of coded sea-guns

nutted easy boys use a naked drum for a father
gutted peasy boys
abuse mentalis of using spent toys to fuse joys
and a belly under baskets
caressees bruised flowers with netted caskets
and eyers of gism
crap across prisons
and heapers of prisms ignite dolls and gold tits


ah, as i espy hitler shaving his wife, then i accuse laughter
of crying in de chapel;
ah, as weevils eat bathing kids
i espy hitler shaving dead christs; and, o, a female's father
suppers for cold silks
and a driver of old ilks uses mass murder for a fast mother

netted easy bath-bowls build easy soap from sunderers and
eyelids cry for sleep and
hostages cry for meat; and a guilty meshed sea-gran rams
coded grandfathers with opening blue hands
ah, as i espy hitler shaving his wife, then i accuse laughter
of dying in de chapel;
ah a sky in heat has to hasten to the appled

mind-sea where a naked siren raises rot from dead larders
and a mettled boy-bed
causes sleep to serve bread to breakfasters of murderers
and, O, a fatal whore must wage a mental war
and, O, a natal bawd must raise a menstrual killer from a
damager of scented Dettol dogs.


the wideners of ebbing summers reap a dirty garland from a skein
o a static easy sex-farmer
heats shit as falling fingers touch hands upon a wet moon; O, men
supper after flour where a woman in a mirror
showers a gold floor with natal veins
and a slammer of denial booms like a ghost
and a father of decrial looms like a fever
and, la la, as we ride from sleep then we raid a female river
with rotators and blind disease
o a labile labelled chain digs scissors under a coded city lie
o a fatal cradled caned pig
gets whipping ponies with forcers of kids and easy sea-slides

ah, as i espy himler shaving his woman, then i accuse brides
of feathering devils with dizziers of chickens
and a bedded bladed kid crashes aside a mictioners of wives
and a leaded raided frig
affixes a human trampoline to a driver of cats and old lies
ah, once upon a mind, a muscler of fivers pays for blonde jives
ah, once aside swine, a dazzler of criers pays for blind dives
and, oo, i espy himler shaving his children
and, oo, i drive for scissor as evil petrol kitchens
swallow gas from bedsides

the wideners of ebbing summers reap a dirty garden from stained
giddy pictures of lilies
and we weep for daisies as we grind deaths down from skeined
cherry willies;
and, la la, ideal idle hearts beat in a grave where coded billies
bruise blinders with families
and, ahh, weepers wee on mammaries
and, ahh, creepers pee on grannaries
and, sss, i espied Eva shaping mad deaths from old hands


oo fast godiva on a swift cliff hips to a jonah-beat, and blue wives in march
go sea-storming easy blinds with old hearts;
and the mons on de sex-moon mates cold minds to haloed city-carts
and the glans on de cock-moon
cums dilating dallas tears from mind-shooters and idiot glowers; O, dunes
cum knotting spunk inside runes
and a reader of junks lolls from a cage where domed deniers use rheum
to stack arthritic bone as high as a knife

oo fat godiva in a stripped lift hips to noah-beat; and blonde wives in march
go sea-swarming easy mines with coked hearts
and de monsters under vines use a vineyard sail
and de fondlers of sunderers shoot a golly washer with spent darts
and, la la, as we use dangerous dart-throws
then mad mammy, inside grain, abuses crows with attacking snows
and, ooo, me and macadam lay road-waste to Orion

oo a green genoa of blinded screams loosen moisture; and shows
get warping pink tacs with coded koda clothes;
and a master of macs sea-crowds lovers with easy gem-toads
and, laden with dogs, me and my aped drapes use hemmed robes
to star-adorn fablers with crowers of raped tape
and a dizzy mamma screen screws kinematic with rolled snakes
la la, eyers feed dada to spun screws
and oated ogling sex-sawdusts fall, fall, fall

o, once upon a blood-mine, i saw egits digging for shawls
o,once aside a mind-mine, i saw pig-lips kissing drawl
and a fastener or scented wine
cums shovelling diamond drains down firing blue scrawl;
and a budder at sea has to cry
and soft butter in trees have to ride for seasoned lies
and, ooo, weavers of loss
sew cokers to de crissed cross; and ochres inside minds
lead sugar-showers to blooders of death's sexed ties

ooo a netted mind-shadow suckles a sawn death in twinnned hands
ooo a banana of a meadow
smells like de ole gallows;a and a priser of sex whips ald islands
under mirror-babies and sodden winter-suns
and these are our mallard days
and these are out swmming days; o, a duckling uses clay to
grind dazzly mushrooms down to nothing
ooo a netted mind-shadow suckles swarmed deaths as screws
cum turning gaols into brigands

o, once upon a mind, i senses red egits cracking coded grey egg
o, once aside vines, i sensed sex rejects shaping
greyers of gallowers dragging dead dance for a sea of spread
buttery buttoning blow-baited sky-writings;
and me and madam macadam have to line love's gut with
deadening poem-ale

and the oars are bloody raised and a boat of bled death is
seemingly fizzing in a green yard
and a ship of nails hoists dirt-sails where riggings fib for
melters of ghostly impossible blonde ships; and faces store
eaters of drowning memories
inside reddeners of sex-swards and broken babby boars

as easy eaten lilting diamonds raid sad autumn with wards
then quesy ovened sea hymens
may well soak a spunk hyena where god's cats prowl;
and, la la, we appear suspect as we stroke tigon fowl
and, made sacred, keen jesus-cats
summon a dizzy mumma of christ-cats; and soft rats
get flexed by bees that stroke a field of killer-fats. Ahh

endlessness deepens just like strong wine; o, gold cars
scram a scurrier of a nomad with holy vans as stars
look down upon a bled world where easellers of Mars
suckle sister sheets from draculas of easy mind-stars
and we whistle for faces
and we prickle cock-cases; and openers of mad bars
show a shrinker of a drinker to a new day
and, ssss, me and mamma earth hear women spray
doctored cunt-leas where, loaned, weepers eat clay


oo a deified donkey has to tread hard water
oo a summer's monkey
hisses; and a dog in winter must tread porter
and, lo, a kissered cat mewls aside fur-honey
o a deified donkey has to tread hard water
oo a dollar bill pays for missionary rats

oo a deified mad man gets fed to de moon
oo a drastic sad man
jeers at summers where wintertimes pay
and a hot hard hitler
goes shaving his mum where magic graves
caress rods and cones then die.

oo a deified donkey has to tread the Thames
oo an autumn's jockey
has to sell poles to junkeys
and a bed of glass causes dreams to cry
and, la la, vaginal memories
hit to a whored beat where angels fly to

dirtying dulling darling bitches

birches tawse teenies with incredible water
hatches, hived, splay denier lips,
and a coded mind pisses
and a loaded spine caresses
candifiers and cocoas
oo a daddy ditch drags seas for mortar
oo a mammy mitch drags trees for slaughter
and a draggler of slides
accuses sin of shaping lives

oo a deified donkey has to tread hired water
oo a sultry fever
loosens guys with razors
and a bath at sea serenades a dell of feathers,
and stranglers of missions
sign chalks upon a slotted line;
and, oo, a loaded demon taunts a red mind

oo a god in a titter trips aside maiming lords
oo a bod in a gutter
swings, swings; and a mamma under birds
swallows birds when old tyres
sink rattlers under bats;
and a cat in the moon travels like a saint
and a cat in a dune ravels under paints;
oo a god in a titter trips aside maimed lords
oo a bonce in buttters
sinks a trampoline beneath holy shutters

oo a deified donkey slashes horsed seats
oo a defiied turnkey
cuts regimens; and turkeys scatter meats
across diamonds and pearls and gold sleep
and, ahh, we weave us some honey
and, ahh, we lead us to city babies
and, ahh, we grieve after urban dames

oo a god in a titter trips aside mummas
oo a bod in a mirror
sells shone hats to milners
and a doctored flower flows under killers
and a blind lord sees tears forever

the feathers of the fanned abuse birds of dying
la la, levvies under hands
sand a hot war; and a buddy under curd dams
a softener of filthy cheeks;
and huge winds crack their cheeks

oo a deified donkey slashes eyes with veins
oo a petrified lady
bashes beds with ruby; and a dog at sea
star-stains deniers with bodies
and a vast vans vans the air where bees
sea-sting a bay with a blast

the feathers of the farmed abuse birds in crying
oh, a bed underwater
layers pushers with slaughters
and a sea of pigs grunts for flavass when
dusty dreamers of easy cunt
carries sweated lessons far West;
and here and now, sainted, we bag breasts


the layers of old lupins staggers after clay
o dirt killers spend soft pennies; and graves
darken spunk with claws
oo a deadener of sins spins after odd maws
and a darling of a father roars
aside a dairy train

the layers of old lupins staggers after naves
o a dirtiers of women
suck a seasoner from codas and blue slaves
and a glade of children
swallow hairs where a station under trade
welcomes cars to cathedrals

oo lovers of nuisance spit plums at faces
oo motels of screwed sense
soften evil towers with babiers of scent,
and, sundering, flowers in tents
cum showering veins with single vents


sentinels in strange towns teeter under wax
oo, faders under odd towns
truckle like lovers; and a bled clown's act
cums tripping for veins and rats;
and a bed of spheres cries after bodies
and the radios in my garden
sing for old sweets

the layers of red bobbins issue self from
a filthy dram where a beer aside guns
must shoot the idle
and a bird at sea uses gulls for idols;
and a birded bonnet
shelters nets in twinned gold rivals

as messengers wail, the easy tables
may well fall from earth;
and a healer's bible chants for birth
and a dunny smile
listens to sleep where odes to candles
suck eyes from dials;
and easy smiles accuse cold smiles
of using grimaces too often

ahh a gilly gold gourami uses flax
to floss love's fishy teeth and ash
eats into easy sleep as death's lash
kisses a treetop then dies..

cannny canteen acid get swallowed by whores
la la, honey easing soft sex
gets hurled around trees where opened doors
revealed a strange sun;
and caffeines under mesh pour tea from claws
and ravines under nests
peer under old times
and, la, canny hotel acid gets swallowed by stored
expensive expansive doll-chalets
and a driver of de fairies feeds ghosts to ballet

as messengers wail, then giant deadened pets
will most certainly yell after painted sea-wrecks
and a beller of cells
cums shooting apiaries with ten billion decks
and a daddy in wales
uses god to pay and anoint a holy vale
and, oo, keen gals under dales
cry, cry, cry

O i have read death's remit
O i have read asexual lips; and molten sail
get hoisted by mam and mana
and erasing mad boys mitch aside jammers
and codes to Adam use Eve for
families and god's father

oo as toothy tripsters spew blue dentures then easter men
may well, after reason, clad a bobby in a pen
and a drooler's spin spews spit as a slitted piggy gem
gets polished by venal ebbed rainbows;
and a waker on the prowl purses lips around xmas when
a trickler of a bald child
cuts closed cuffs; and eaters of hearses abuse wisdom
and, oo, me and my unnatural nature
get stabbed around sausages and moisture

as messengers massage world-words, then fever will
show female curls with donkey men and shaven hills,
and denying gills will
swim from ills till the fatal fascinating bird of heather
cum pecking at the killed;
and, ooo, masoners to evil dollop stink across leather
and, ooo, keen gypsies cause spell-casting mills to
fall, fall, thrall

oo as toothy hipsters screw nude dentures then river men
may well chew till the end of graves
and a granary feature shows blued cuffs to grey slaves
and, la la, me and my false girl
lunge from lungs
and a layer of salt countries slashes aside closed guns

o ironers of steely rooms shed salt seed across naves
o spirallers, stoned, shit on cavatinas where braids cut
a tissuer of lime from an issuer of bird-wine;
and a sparrow on de fall cheeps, cheeps, cheeps;
Ah,- as weepies build gall, then easy bile will grind
greying purses down to vaginal dusts;
o, ironers of steely bones shed urban sugars
and, ooo, matrial madam cock-silver shaves minds

and ruby teasers trammel masks into musks
and dooby heavers trammel castes across spined
candle-musics; and, O, once upon a mad mind, vines
came crying at hell's frontdoor
and boogiers of bracelets have to clad girls in rinds
and, la la, me and my country cat
crusade for filthy canaries where odes to minds
swing to an opener of a lost cat
and we will lose god's cat
and we shall feed love's soft rats

teeners in a blinded chapel chomp on reined apples
reamers in a grinded chapel chomp on reined apples
and a designer of coal
drops retrograde fires upon cappers of fire-souls

lo lo lo?!

these are our mallard days where we sail upon a swan
these are our endless days
where we send rolled kids to schooled sleep; and claves
cum scattering sex across a rude gun
oh oh, when once a tiger growls then eaters of graves
must surely pinion knickers with cold suns
and, la la, drivers of fairies fascinate the old
and, la la, riders of aviaries masturbate the soft soul

and ruby eaters of eton drums delve after rinsers
and baby bleaters dam stars with elves
and, o-la, where i lay my missions down, sad pinchers
must divide a spermal moon
with twinned hands, from a lunatical afternoon.

a delver of seasons mind-melds medulas into gold
a rider of ravens heart-pelts sadness into rolled gold
and a riffler in the Thames shudders; Oh, belt-droll
heaps sexy vitriol aside madams whose eaten doll
shits inside god's fast wind;
and, la la, we weep as we grind
and, la la, we sleep like culled minds
and a copped creator on the hill arouse foals

and ruby eaters of reason delve after peppers
and bodiers in lesions cum cocking after lepers
and a hot carved capped cat
cums tailing gassy mares that pounce for gnats

ah, these are our mallard days where we sail upon a
dodo of a dead duck
and a ship of fools entertains the ideal dead as fuck
shines, shines, shines-
These mental dudes who abuse mind-shoes must
cut a caverned cunt with indolent fairy sea-tusks

o-la, the clasp-riven face of a fatal eyrie will
soddomise tomorrow with yesterday's blue hill
and i see a tasty godly girl
giving anal-head to a city raised from pearls
o-la, th clasp-ridden case in which spunk thrills
must copulate with vases under old furls
and a glassy knife gets shoved inside worlds
i have entertained diamante with greyers
i have scented pain with angry idle killers
eyes have rented rain to blind god's millers
and spy at night senses passion soothe killers

tut-tut-tut-titter-tatter-tutter Wow? ..

ooo as man's dying then rekindling dove
dresses down
then a mamma town will slide under blood
oo as man's crying then rekindling god
dams sound
then a mamma clown will side with Love
and a reflexive widow
hisses as she lies
and invidious eyes widen for a shadowed
bodier of bones and evil minds

ooo as man's dying then rekindling dove
plays drowned
then a father town will slide from buds
and a flown fast glove
shelters babby hands inside dogs,
and a cat at sea sharpens sirens where
a dirtier leaps from Aladdin's chair
and, sss. a lardy hard-headed finger
sinks petrels into mud

oo as man's spying then deceiving dove
dresses crowns
then a sacred killer dons a venal rose
and idiots in crowns
comfort blows as a crowers in stoves
muscles after crowed cranial killers
and a mad henna ward
loosens heads with dullard pugs

i seen at change of day, soft plugs
sinking radios inside digital mud-drugs




And, where once plebs fell for fool's gold


And, where once plebs fell for fool's gold, a serpenter, crawled, gets tongue-trapped; and, o,
eyers of fear become brassic blind, and, o, as centaurs sprawl, petters may well shoot oats
And, once aside a crime, some weird sort of a self-murder comes eeking clays across boats;


and, sss, whenever delvers of bells cum penis-knelling, fathers to mums will fill loss with dope
and, uh, i shall hereby jeer at the parks where fallen granite feathers ensummer lawns with soap
and, sss, as we sail across meadows, then classic cold coaxers will entertain fawns with ooze






peoplers of sleazing sleep-time may well enter banishers under cock; O, while irises tread, keen red rain
will, with sirenisers reaped, enmind elderly banter where brain-bragging oaths use ilexes for bread-trains
La, we will come sea-bombed whilst some weird lick of prayer entertains boats with dead red mazes
O, we shall come seed-boned
O, we shall suffer mead-stone;


and, sss, once across seed, moaners, under groaners, came issuing dilations with queasy fairy-laces
and, sss, once across beads, stoners, thundered, came tustling hands with pictures of familial faces
and, O, we shall appear adhering to combers, mettlers, caned, with shut-up red green ties under drones
La, we shall hereby fragment evil ceilings
La, and we shall, once devilled, forge lippies from seedlings




And these are our palace days that intersleeve bodiers of maddings with lost crowds and madcapped swine
O, we shall enter under pinnace trades
O, we shall render mamma from harnesses; and, oo, once across a ticker of tapes, light meats get inside
some weird kind of a growl radio


And these are our palace days that interweave bodiers of evil crowns and poverty-mooding; and, ss, wine
must intervine a dallier of slaves that dons anulets while keen homeless preachers appear grafted to queen-swine
and, sss, we shall abuse doomers as royal peahens shed fever-feathers from pinkers and murderous heart-vines




oo, where hot silencing head-hand mind-police use cage-logos for renal prison, a fatalist, lammed, will use times
to augment an ancient argument that thunderises fusers of popos with venal visions
and, sss, we shall extemporise duggers with winty noosers that fragmentise vernal statues with parkers and treasons
oo, where hot revolvers enbed rams with lose-all-men, cramming stirs will enter flaxes with nukers
and, sss, we shall extemporise an acrid acid kid with easy lovely murderers of child abusers that must die and die


oo, as we enflower some dummy grave, a pusher of poxers sweeps up bruisers
oo, as we inbrain duped lovers and kissers of cathedrals, all of our nine and country senses will use false television;
and, La, we shall appear as woven into misters
and, La, we shall compare glass to woven sisters while marshers, sunken, get whipped under quick sands and prisms;
La, once across drippers, me and madam Weed got hitting that feed until vegetables groan


And, wept from swept make-up, deifiers of seed cums hooting up fields until bluffers, domed, will hiss after prisons
And, swept from deep egg-pups, deifiers of greed cums motoring for yielders of mufflers and pandemic chemic poisons
O, we will attempt to enmurder a richness of weed with lungs
O, we shall attempt to ensummer a wintry blue seed with forcers of druggers and penile parcels; and, oo, we shall denote
all our nine and country senses with woodworms and stoned wormers


Ehh? And, shhhh, where once a ribboner, rotted, cums bedraggling thunderclappers, sweeteners of islands may well
come sweetly sex-invoking all fevers and all slotted mums; and, sss, where browning solid women get fed to seashells, dope
must become dizzily enpinioned with kissers and red hot gun-bums;
and, sss, once across some weird pig, weepy vinegar vignettes will eternally wither;
and, O, me and my macadam madams intefuse kinema for helmets and murderous blue-blind rapists that eye-shiver


Uhh, openers, closed, shop for easy diamond where meddlers for hermits will enmurder blood-fascists; and, ss, rivers might
somehow extemporise birthshocks with delimiting snares that enfinger pelmets with easy mumma
and, sss, we shall hereby envision some elderly human bear as viscous dead pussy becomes slanted across bread-midnights
and, sss, as we appear soaped beneath a water-vendor, amassers of teasers, spread, hereby appear loaded with plastics
Uhh, openers, closed, shop for easy sirens that ensofa me and my naked old sonar that renders fears from implosive matchsticks


Ehh? as some weirdo of a red straw-mind becomes enmallowed, surely now the indolent dissemblers, stormed, will enslick musk
with some widener of booze and dead jaw-grinds that ensonar elderly diaries with rendering ear-bleeders
and, oo, we shall forever use wigglers of ramming old fats within some devil capsizions that embolise dust with peekers
O, we shall accuse dead mentalities to engod ghosters with caps
O, we shall accuse red dualities with moving ensodded loud whalers that swing for mum-receivers that chant about deceivers
Ehh? And i will eternally enfamily all soothings with godded pissers


Ah, once below a time in a bad world, wordlessness, packered, became jolting incenders with hearters of cat-plants and feline lovers
and, sss, we shall send red blessed girls from east to west
Ah, once below time in a mad swirl, birdlessness, shattered, became meddling resemblers of pits come capturing clams for mothers
and, sss, we shall interswine coded butterers of harnesses and biter tongue-game
and, sss, we shall enter drafts under wifflered baddy toys that appear forevermore fed to gals made famous as a boy
Ah, once below a dive in a lost curl, sharpeners of easy fuellers cum hootering for fielders that englade giddy glass with tit-death


Laahh, These are my headening head-monsters that come tabling easy pikers with spirallers and dead candy in a bath; O, we will
encavern wastrels with tawny bed-imposers that appear easily drenched inside ripplers
O, i will come out of sleep every single afternoon as tawny devilry ensicklers some daffy ripper with alarmers and buddy benders
O, and these are my headening bread-coasters that come enstabling chickeners;
Lahh, and, where once kids raved, the shadow of a lovely original playground causes sweet good kids to cry and cry
but i will intermaim junkers with evil mass graves


Ehhh? And the cervix of a gob-crime will shape some chanted evening with wastegrounds and evil squid that sinks wee into sides
Ehh? And the surface of a mod-crime will sugar-shake some slanted seedling to humanise wasters with pig and the neck-suicides which,
with wicked almondisers stubbed, cum eagerly back home to where satanisms whoop it up and up for statues and murder-petricides
and, sss, what with weedling heart-mums eating saps, me and you and some hosteller, slicked, will adventure near a blurry iron bitch
and, sss, what with eekening art-guns using meat for paps, me and you and some cock pimplers will enstretcher tears with upstarts; O, wee
will some how, where once gulls sleep, get cartering devil radios as lit light meats get taped
and, ehh, as blinders sear cunt, murderers of pets will eternally get a dying mental fanny for a mouth and mind
Uhh? and cuttlered ears, punched, appear enwolfed by danglers and sin in bandaged strings
and, oo, when once heads enlunch some weird sort of a sex-supper, aged purple kingdoms, minged, will suck the snaps of porn-Gob
and, sss, whence feeders of money-bums get encoffined, swift derisors of turgid mind-mons will enriver


all things.




huhhh crazy hazy head-heart hoodlums must lose for lovers and easte-xmas memory
gets warping across beds and soft room; O, we will move for sand as massive family
appears pushy; and, once drammed, sweet gloom eases dudes aside elderly mummy
uhhh crazy hazy head-heart hoodlums must lose for kited movie-killers
la la, we will get kinked under sweet lungs
la la, we will get linked under sweet guns and, sss, weepers shed salt stones for daddy


and we must circumsize god's pluperfect gal-circus
and we must cretinize Love; and, once peeked, masked fires will send buds to laddies


Uhh, fascinated crazy madam naples gets rode fom red rain when a citadel of rubies
appear champed; o, an amazing table gets closed; and pled pain peers understairs
Uhh, decrepit siencers come shooting pets as a rosy reamer of grain abuses grey prayers
and, once across a glazed ouija moon, survivors of a funfair accident sources
a dinner of herbs; Lo! as dizzifiers swoon, a knackered sea of scares rides horses
across the deep dark midnights of sex, death and demure disease; and hearses study
just how a human grave must forge tears from prick-wrecks
Uhh, familial vermillion house-dusk comes spilling while ponies without names
consider saddlers as darlings to foal-fuss;


and, ooo, weepers will forever shed milk weepies for blood-bandits; Oh, flames
become grey; and reapers of hot breads get peasy as bummers get bun-deranged
and, ooo, metrical lost fields drag dummy lobbies adown seaters of sky-derangers
and, ooo, skittlers will eternally closedown for scrittlers and head-mind-heart constrainers




these are the wounds we lived for,
a flight of stairs,
a displacement of hair or else a
wire-wickered ramrose


these are the wounds we lied for,
a displacement of a city rat,
a wrongheaded Leda, a lost trove


My soul and heart are all-betrayed
By infants laughing at the moon
As terror stalks my fear bewrayed
By infants laughing at high noon


Of woman, rending graveyard dream
Away from sex, cut in the tomb,
Death divines her mortal boom


To warp the talons of hot lights
As fear regards its mortal steed,
today, the earth is cruel-
The guise of the face has no need?


My heart and soul redeem denial
As denial rules death's wounds
And in this place where death's decrial
Storms, so too, this nameless tune


Must warp and bend the tameless vein
Of the sun, as lunacy
Scorns all death, -as in death's skein
The rock of god proves family


As cruel and cold as time divined
By patent whispers in a wet spine,-
As in the room whence refined
Poison breeds, the broken vines


Dictate, as swollen gin emeries
Predictate against wine-seed...




when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most certainly hardened like a tomb
and a laden locker gets locked down by skin
and a garden groper
gets grafted to pepper
and an easy fret knits sex to paper
and a lousy kisser bird vans air with spind sins


ah carded cunted vines serve wine to snails
ah, sharded ginny minds
sink a scattered bottle deeply down dead wynds
and weevillers weaken sex
and wiveners sharpen museums
and a portrait of the fairy-filled jacks aside Wales


when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most certainly hardened like a slit
and a budgy tail trips for
bedazzlers of gal-grips; and warring mind-whores
cum glistering under pear-pips


ah in boats where many rivers meet, i espied a
wreaker of radios and spider-cars
o, a lazy weeper of rams rummages for Mars;
and shadowers of love leap into eaten cards
and a blower of one zillion hot wind
must shower all daisies with flowering stars


lo, the waders are spent
la, the whalers pay sea-rent
oo, riders of calves seem ended by scent
and a ruler of rodeo-ruin
raises erasers from radio-Zion
and, o-la, when cities bend, then soft lyons
must feed sweet buns to apiaries.


and there are one zilion sparrows parked at my backdoor
la la, there are ninety eyes of summer burning; and whores
come homeward to detail the wintry wife of a killed bore
and me and madam mien
set alight to Bethlehem when a filthy soaker primes wards
with idiot children and boats nextdoor


they said that god died out: O, the churchyards ran dry
and the faces of jesu's pout
appears killed now by sunderers of day-lit city cries
and, la la, we smoke for women
and, o-la, we choke cherries
and a denier suit hicks after blinding blue ferries,
and we may well sail out to die


and here are one zillion sparrows parked at my backdoor
i espied some campus blubber shaking hands with
rats and bats and swallows
o i saw some camphus father shaking hands with a
broken swarmed arm; and a dangerous shadow stirs
bulbous minotaurs into sidlers of smoke and nerve
la la,.- hocus pocus peers under sails where pervs
pee along a frozen train-rail.


o the smartest people in this whole wild world
have gathered where
academies of darkness supper for gold furls
o the smartest people who ever knew girls
have gathered in a purple eye


& the whippy weepers under skies share
insidious silence
& a nippy nude river sunders rolled hair
o, the most clever of the clever drink air
oh, as we suck on pepper
then we sink a cruet set inside lepers


as timeless timebombs shoot feathers
then the whippy reapers of lost lover




the rollers of red tape ravel into time
o a father of spied apes
raids suspicious trees with camera-kinds
& we ride under tree-tapes
when once we rotted, then we climbed
hot ashes into windows
& a mike of nudes sang for shadow
& we cast cabs aside bone-dimes
eyes under rooks rape ravens when
eager blue robins raid caverned limbs
& we easel-write
riders....Oh a ball of grass cuts winds
& we summon light



And it would apparently seem that mad Alice




And it would apparently seem that mad Alice leapt inside my minds; O, where once milers turn to weed, a mad boy in a famous world
must become, with devil tears reamed, as fatal to the eye as the rigid yet turgid statues staged for hot girls; O, we shall come for gals
and, oo, it would apparently seem that mad Alice leapt inside all dives


sss, whilst parrots interburn dreamers with sweet malice, we shall come for darksome cold flames
O, whence starlets on the true moon become enpasted with red halls, some weird sort of a waxed game hisses then runs to false cries
and, sss, we shall hereby denude moaners of sweet flour and fatty cakes




These are our mansion days that interlead defamers directly under bad kids with wax-spoons; and, o, whence mazes flock for glass, wives
may well entertain doomy deaf deniers with incesters; and, o, whence crazes suck on masts, some evil dead past enters boats under cities;
and, ooo, once across a signal, we will make a filthy sigh then encradle smashers with blue plasts


and, ooo, whence a puller of angels swirl, we shall make a rapine sign as me and you and a god named Blue gave heads to bastard clitties
and, sss, we shall most certainly enrent some flashy puddy snake with bleedering laddies and porridge masks
Lahh, i have come to eagerly arrive directly back home where the burglars are screaming




And we shall summon some dizzy girl-plait with heavenly female hands; and, sss, we will come murdering under bakers of meat and swine
O, as summers die, a springy autumn-winter interlubed a dreary model-dram that gets accused of toasting human vines
La, and we shall garden after ruddy girl-snake that enrubbers all of this christian wards with easy lovers of angled female frontlines;


and, sss, when once diamantes come thundering, me and you and a God named Sue must delve after fevers
La, and we shall enmoon dufflers with piercings that enter rams,
and, sss, enshielded men-rooms must force dealings to sunderise renal vinegars with tawny fowl and everlasting murderous tree-crimes




And, as whistlers get musically made-up, some linen statues under tides have to hop for a jazzy one-legged salvage
O, we will ensister de messiah with egg-rot and, oo, whence drivers of dives will get cutted; and, sss, we will use garbage
to enlunacy dommy damsel darkness with a nuclear head and the hearse-strings of sweat-slutted bodiers made-up from carnage;
O, we shall enmister de messiah with bed-rot, and, sss, as me and my trojan hand entouches loose women, metalisms, banished,
must hereby, always and eternally ever, come scuttering skin from fatalisms and engine-torches


O, as whistlers get musically grave-shut, some unfiending doom-mum will come ensinging pertive voices with parrots; O, forces
jabber now; and, sss, weavers in grey gut enswoon after daddy-grub, idolisers, dunged, may use sauces for fixes;
and, when once a mad one cries, enmilkers of tunes easily shaketh some devil that will intergrunge terminals with eyed minxes
O, we will surely and instantly shape some weird supper from buthering sky-eagles
and, what with sindlers come raging by, weepers, mumblered, enblend a granular bee-band for seed-gulls and lost faces


Uhh. These are our markered sleighs that render idol fumblers under dark flowers; and, oo, we will certainly encave stasis with
some weird mad sort of a salt-girl
O, and missionaries, copped, come chanting a christian mantra while definers of owls must interpogue bellies with washed rigs
Uhh. These are our holy markersons that intershoot intractives with infectives
and, sss, as we dice up weary mums, some weird carrion comfort sets alight to defectives that enrogue delis with smother-lick


and, what with windmills closed, enpukers of sheared clarion wilts for midnight; and, oo, a sainted head with fathers car-rigged
must forevermore become as fragmentising as summery winter-autumn times that rent oozers too body-breadsides
and, sss, as spines crack-up, a wearying amassing mummery wicca-raids all pagan kissers; and, oo, a painted porn-pride engrids
metallers, with nailed rafts, will enshower head-crashers that anfable digger-graves with alarmers and puddy with sweet tides come
chortling for some demeaning ocean-gun


Uh, These are our crowded memories which encurtain plu-perfect pussy dolls to get ever too close to mammas and papa, O, we
will, without a soft flower, intermangle bitches with penile dew-reflexers that enbanish fever with radios and ideal dogs and pepper;
Uh. And these are the reasoning mad-angled riches that don drum-defectors while clothers force stereos to ram down finger-fevers
and, oo, when once buds grind, we shall ensharpen rats with boney seed that acedes white lunge to incenders of towns
O, as a skidder junks blood, murderers of maladies gash after hinies
and, sss, whence willowers seen wave-decayed, a daughter to manna will entertain drillers of bums with farters and shit-clowns


Ehh? Whatever now may well have to be said will for always silence need; O, a picture of a plum gets thumbed stuck in sounds
Ehh? What with endless babe-lunacy come enflowing for sweet violence, suckerers to video becomes strapped to mucked drowned
aimlessly painting babby life; and, sss, we shall murmur for stereos that enwoof then entweeter defunctive laps with aged sun-towns
and, Uh, whence you and i, with everybody, come pokering rude car shows, me and madam Leprotis will pee inside a river
and, sss, we shall forevermore entice navelers with dromedary nudes and fast imbecilic statuers that chock-feed bone to dripplers


Oh. once across a crisscrossing of a flyway, some satanic devil-budgey got maimed, and, lo, as dead canaries warp, red piddlers
must, here and always and eternally now, intermurdered satins, waterfalled, will thral for strippers of red docks and ideal kissers
and, sss, once across a crisscrashing highway, sylvan bed-raiments come engingering wars with loppers of cocklers and doctored
star-deflaxing cradlers; O, as masts up trees bedumb red pee-scent with de gravy dark
and, sss, whence revolvers shoot arse, some weird kind of a bee-bender must intercruise de cwazy park with damagers of hearts
Luh, when in the West, with pincers raging, dustives, screwed, cum encuddling wild sweet hearths
Luh, when in the West, with scripters raving, lustives, hewn, cum engurgling smilers with meat-curves
and, oo, once when some invective penile rash becomes awakening to writhers, poem-birds
q wither on the red wing
La, we shall enmirror maidens in heat with veiners of cocks and earth-worlds
and, sss, we will enlever garlanders where piss gets docked under wide pearls




as merriments give head to medicatives, melders of curls must
enidolise a poker of slags with mendications and terminal lust
and, sss, we will come thundering after stations and we shall cross
domers of blue warders with scentering natrons that lead kids to Loss
and, la, whence wolvers burn, perfuming seasons save all beast-bossed
summery safari windowers
and, sss, you and i will forever cry for petrels
and, sss, gods with minds will cry for stables
and, o, i know Life will live for pleasure...


and a bodier of blown shoe-arches dresses soaks in pine
and a shudderer of mown screwed arses soaks in twine
ah, a cradle under magic dreams for the studios of dream
and a stranded father's messy stream drowns all bodies


blue budded bride-masters melt for owls as hooters ream
blinded blonde blown blood-testers; and a sea under teams
sucks olden hair-dyed messers; and cockerels under mammy
stras a coat across blithe mental pans; and odes to daddy


drool after raisins found baked in a sky-thigh; and laddies
lop a bitten sworn dully lingus from bad blades inside lavvies
and painters pule for pus as fakirs lay on false nails; and
vasers of vast monkeys swill down peat and hiss for banged


huge arses; and vast vampiras leech locks from crazy
skinner women; and my boned reach dies for the dizzy?


ah a caged old spider spins a gossamer jail for de family
ah an aged gold rider rides for strangler's sails; and money
raises down a gilded roof from blown baby cadillacs
ah a flower of snorted roots dies out; and tangy acrobats
brill after acrid ancient boots; and bloods pay de family


there are fleecy candleabra under vests; and a mad queen
locks a budgy in a wet-dream; and micey mauds ream
dolly dust from duned binners of bled lady and dog-spleen
and a damager of skinners rapes red laden sunny beans
with a dolter of a snapped rock that stones all sunbeams.


a daughter in a doctored tree has to hang for youth and me
la la, i scented me a mad mind where nothingness saw me
looking down from de limey sky; and the ruiner of a blind mind
hits to a jostler of killer wives; and the ripeners under wine
scatter salt seed upon ashen skull-valves; and bruisers whine
and, ah huh, me and madam mermaid fish for bolters when


eynes under flickered hands extend a doll-penis to chickens
and a fractionator of ideal dick-hens sucker a sea of miction
and a vale of tears, sun-raised to disappear, hips to drippers
and a dale of spears, cum-crazed, dances under mad wiped
bosom-dictators. O, a starry grave gashes ghosts beneath us.


o a draggler of infirmal dirt delves for the ebbers under lusts
o a swaggerer who digs for skirt hoist a dilly web with lust
and a pricker of amber figs snappers aside a wig of lusts and
eyes under ties sea-strangle pins and pin-picks picture pans
and brolliers in ties sea-strangle winds with easy minnowers
and eynes under spines tangle midges with achy riveners


once aside a dark bed, a leotard of a ferine female cat had
a sad implosion of the neutered kind; and bleeders of cabs
cast a lemon opener across love's whine; and coded crabs
crap upon gassy grits; O, a sea of dimes pays for America
and we have loud America cumming through our stools.




here there is a tracheal killer who drinks sexed screws
deeply down, where hollow eyed pinks
wash-n-set a fishy ferine barbered net/ Aha,
the flamingo of a shot pinked head heaps old cars
underneath bones & beautiful arches
& a canny camp of junks crashes. Laaaah


the ideal stasis of the sea-slaved
cocks a king's canary from the skies.... sand spars
model mess with a fungering purhelion?!
& where once i softened you, then i came for you
& my swimming radios
rob a fleshy funk from mellow cabs & naked shoes.


when once i saddened you, then death came to
snapper udder-rain
--....felted fast cats grime for winkles & stem-stains
& a moggy sun-priest
rocks a roman ditty-fleece.. Underneath
plumed plashed earth, a dunning tapestried beet
soaps up Mad Madam Soddom
& a wafer strip uses lits to write upon bud-heat.


we rise upon the corn as a raven of rude sleep
cages herons in fairy meat- //
i ascend a dizzy stair: dummy lungs feel for cheap
bodkin babels Hooped helio cloths reap
a rapine swift-show
& diggories of pissers kiss across buddy ice.


Goodbye? oo, are we always fawned right?




hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
coupler of distant baby days; and a night in Mars
sends copious pigs to sleep;
and, lo, as we arise from graves then body heat
will herd our words with naked cars
and, closed, a canny bird shuts lids under stars


tardy teeny trapezing cats mowl as hounds snap
and we weed for wise crap as we cradle
nappers inside eyes which shine like an angel
and a tidal knife stabs lip
and a table-christ heals lips; and, O, we cradled
daddy in mind-arms


hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
distant daffy star; and awakeners to blurredness
bed-bombs brutal rivers with
jeery jeepy wanker fillers of pavements and pigs


o a listener to doom denial marries sexers to kids


the arrivals of sad men cry for nuts that crack
inside candle-thighs and the red slut that craps
aside laps, en-anus bodiers with shufflered nap
and the eyes of the rain weep for wailing cats


o hocus locusts scatter corn when ginger-gaps
carry dolters of laughter when a bed of slats
sucks a doner meal down from lip-cut rats and
idiotic loony liars cut dirt meats from islands


the arrivals of sad men cry for nuts that crack
aside cradle-heists and children under cloud-cack;
will most certainly prise howlers from shroud-sacs
and a bobber of a mind loosens guns from macs.


ooo shouters of de cock roar along city-hacks.


Arrowers of guarded green Arden supper after nice midnights
o fallowers of evil dreams suck a feather; and eagles under light
swallow giddy gobbers as a boney baddy blather sunders dykes
o arrows under impossible Eden naffler after bright kiddy rites
and we trammel dusts into flour where a baby caker cuts mice


Arrowers of bloodied dreamey Arden supper after nested lice
o VDs appear silent but vaginal time-teasers trample torn riced
paddiers of blowing meadow; O, a vital mineral angel sees christs
washing delicate holy hands in a sullen rainer of a bow; and christs
rock for cocky crucifiers with dilly drams. Dirt drains dead dykes
with gazzling groaned screens that show sex hurt to filmic spikes


Arrowers of guarded green Arden supper after nice midnights
o gallowers of severed screams sea-hang poppets from old mikes
and, la la la, as we sing for filthy manyanas then we shoot life


"When the birth is red and the coming is real
Let me lie here, emptied."


As weepers surrender sex-lasers to the Void


As weepers surrender sex-lasers to the Void, denuders of midnight heat hasten lovers with peacocks
O, and we shall use mamma for fame as dirty confusers derive mad christs from fathers and sea-cock
and, sss, as wenderers cry for whores, a summer's autumn-springing wintertide will hereby murder rock


O, and we shall use mamma for pain as flirty deniers of female grindings get walloping after bee-basements
As weepers surrender sex-lasers to the boys, a wicked natalist, denying, sets gallopings under seed-raisins
and, sss, once across a mind in a grave world, decriers of fatalists interdude galleries with endlessness




As reapers surrender sex-drillers to blue boys, denuders of midlife sleep hasten fathers with sea-cops, O,
and, when faces fly, deadly shrillers shall suckerise a wicked life wih meats in lost kitchens
sss, and, O, as memories die, murderous outelbowellers will interchrist meteors with terminal seasonings;


and, sss, once across a mind, purgering mastiffs constantly witness tracers with nakedness and dreaming;
and, when faces fly, idealisms, throat-sundered, must, while crossed, interflu some picker with pealings; O,
and we will hereby enrender weirdos and body-crusts




As keepers of mad men enriver swine with melted whores, a creator of lost hens must whistle as we roar
O, whence cities in chains enmirrors wine with pelted swabs, a creator of deaf hens must cause eggy walls
to sirenise yellowings with dairy yolk-whitenings
La, and we shall come in spastic as weepers swirl vines into helterings; and, oo, when once daddies thral
then, mind-played, some weird sort of a dreamer will interspine blood nectarines with sausage and bun-balls


and, sss, we shall come surrenderng salts to creamers
and, sss, we shall come murdering bastardisers with strickeners of redeemers and crabblers that deify dust
with evil seed-horses and bellers of easy green drivers; and, oo, we shall extemporise grabblers of copped lusts
and, sss, i have hereby peered into god
and, oo, i have nearly died for screws as me and madam mistress Angelus gets cornering muddlers with tufts;


and, oo, we have almost writhed as we intermate macadam with seamstresses and collaring mufflers
sss, renderers in cabs enstatue farters and, where once sex prays, seizuring calamaties hiss for deformers;
and, oo, we whence pipers on the original moon envermin crowds, riverings, easy, drown sexers with vaginas
sss, and we shall extend bodiers across cool sweat where splitters, quivering, affix stores to directors of drivers;
and these are the rhinal words i have said all week
and these are the final worlds i intend to speak; and, uh, mentalisers, stashed, ensiren essential gals with dead minors




And these are our ballad days that instantly barricade dungeon romances with torn tears and elderly children
O, as we ride from flowers, constant eyries appear defended by lost dances
O, as we ride with flowers, climbers of diaries will revere riflers as shouters of guns come murdering gardens;
La, and once across mouthers, despiters, buried, will send some rufflers to corky kids and murders under fences
O, as we ride with owls, despisers, choke-cherried, will surely enterprise murderers with blenders of thunder-benches


and, ahh, once upon a wagon child, me and my madam mistress Naples must
come intercoasting mum with flagon memories
and, ahh, we shall hereby summer-move dromedaries to neon camal cigarettes until burners of bowers murdered faces;
Oh, eateries, spent, must enholiday some repeat bed-wetter and, lo, when dizzy muck enshoulders towers with aces,
mentalisms, rent, come back homeward to see a navel under shitters come ascending fuck with garlanders and mazes


Uh, De dangerous pluperfections of petals and crocus flowers come shivering as deformers of stiffs use mind-faces to
enmagnetise a blabberer whose cunt dictations must star-focus enfathering rider men whose disguising fuses feed de blues
to ingenious weak ground coffee that enreasons lust with heavenly Muddy Waters
La, as faces use sleep to surround black heaven, some whirring evil racist must unencumber lovely gals with keen daughters
and, sss, dangerous pluperfections of metals and fotus flowers come fevering after racist scum and the red sides of family


Ehh?? Timelessness, clock-cargoed, makes her swift second-handed tarts as fartive fascist cum gets spattered on memory
Ehh?? Timelessness, cop-parcelled, makes her swift miniature minsters with flowers that integrate pests with histories;
and, luh, our worlds are made-up as emptiness swoons like texturing spinsters
Ehh?? Timelessness, rock-hardened, uses trendless baby-balloons to cause lost celebrations to linger after maladies
and, sss, we shall fight all chillers as we interbust laddy cocoons with spenders of crisscrosses and the christed family


Uhhh,- and eyes may well blossom into bomby blindness and, sss, weevils, seen in kitchen rice, appear fed to melodies
o, and eyes may well blossom aside druid-galleries that hereby stone-sidle dreamers with miction rites
Uhh,- and eyes may well enscarve bruisers of daddy beheaders whose boned idle screamers fuse lights with penuries
and, sss, as bleeders, crazed, enbath noosers with holy champagnes, lousy libby Idols will come cuttling blortive enemies
and, O, whence ideal husbands bleat, some wild bed-torch gets taunted under honies and eternal Loves
and, sss, something near has surely got to give


Now? oooo, a fabler who works in the death of light must interspleen some doctor of God come endlessly moving
easily deified body-tablers with accidental sex and the original loud moon; and, sss, we shall come aimlessly removing sin
directly across graveyards; and, lo, whilst me and mother Matilda star-cape sandlers, masoners to dums will use rope-skin
to enhusband spaced burrs with oaken apples and the wives beside screens
O, we shall leave now from deaths and maidens as we widenise scree-sides with kinematics and dolly dreams;
and, sss, as we sail from cellves, some wicked sort of a city enscribes dangering fast pub-hot cinematics; and, lo, sirens
must become word-wearied; and these lopping squirt of a body must ennumber fierce soaped rot
O, we shall leave now from mesh and, sss, what with windmills gone, spindlers of fleecers will ensoup scent with bedrooms


Ehh? Whence the thighs of hearts enmission stablers with filthy suns, weedlers of decievers must enbrute bones with spoons
and, oo, as long lady's waxen fingers twirl besides sweet dirtiers, some sort of a entreator must ensleuthe drones with wounds
Ehh? Whence the pies of thighs get enprismed, something has got to give now or else we shall die out forever
and, oo, eyes may well bail out forever
and, oo, skies may well sail out forever while wideners of red pleasures must encocker rodeos with sexers and lost fever
Ahh? Whence the brides of darts enmadams crazers with dizzy drums, conceivers of devillers will cup teas with lost fingers
La, as a timed boy drowns, surrendering missionaries will interguns while sweeteners, bobbed, ensugar gulps with geigers
and, oo, spies may well sail out to writhe
and, oo, spies may well rails out from tithes; and, oo, we shall entertain dials with murderers


Ohhh and avenues of painter men get issuing candlers to mounted drivers that enter babblers aside whores and curdlers
Ohhh and sex venues appear plaited with kisserings while wild minded riders strum sphincters
Ohhh and deaths cum enspiring metallers with pisserings and wide minded bikers that enmove stars with draped guzzlers
and, sss, what with diamate rainbows come interfacing slams with cries, something has surely got to give
here and now and eternally forevermore; and, sss, we shall come enharnessing ravellings with tawny pots and titty-ribs




there are pots of natural yogurts in the shed
there are cots of old oils
stored in a gizzard
o the dotty dolls who pay for the city piper
storm laden heads
and a bay at night hangs a bruiser
and a cage of light hangs a city cruiser


the salads of the daft serve cocoas to
rotating blind tomatoes
the mallards of the daft
swirl upon a stool;
and a bum of lightning strikes old fools
and a sun of stifling mikes
turns up an amp to full.


there are pots of natural yogurts in my bed
there are lots of old soils
stored in a scabbard
o the dotted dolls who pray for mustard
are burned to death now
eyes yearn for burners
tiddlers feed fish to learners
and i am led to find the edge of my world.


the vagabonded wagon of a hot dead kiss
caresses green fire
the eaters of old dragons
demonize mad salt lips
and we swallow falons
and we cut birds down?


the wankers of lost guns hear a sad mist
clothing cunt in sound
the shouters of old suns
sweep after talons
and we swallow passions
and we shut words down


once upon a mad year, an expansive town
dragged me down
once upon a mad tear
utterances of bled fear
caused cats to hunt themselves
ideal drovers of dagger-deaths will
easily die for rain...


a rat from roman reason rides aside gold sirens
o cat from indolent treason
heaps hats up highs where the summers of legion
chap after latrines
o a rat from roman tribes ride aside old ravines
& we toast a bat when
a bed of oats cuts keen dreams from grey dreams
crisscrossed, a curvy mister raises ropes high.-
this side of selves, a dunny sister ropes spied
sandy massed mien
a rat from roman reason writhes aside diamonds
& as eyes heap eyes, then a vinyl record pie-man
builds a rick of ribs from lecterns under red-rain
when once we study sex then we come to stain
peacock piles with muddy nude molls
oh, as infants style pigs, then a fig of fast dolls
dollops rivers under fanny foals
crisscrossed, a curvy kisser raises ropes high
& we do what's done to men
& we listen to old women


about aimless emetics and a throat of glass
i will level now a mind of death
about tameles eccentrics and a throat of grass
i shall give now the stain of sex
and a church in fevers feeds small deaths
and an organ in scissors
shines down upon a bad mood


about aimless concentrics and a throat of gas
i will level now a vein of wrecks
about emptiness and the meadows of lips
i shall give in now to a strip of smoothed
body diamond


the shinings of dirty chandaliers rip
cruel towers with daisy hands; and mits
meld soft coloured hair with scarred gnits
and a baby in a fire
dances under a funeral spire


about emptied tameless logics, i snip
green dolls and emeries.


once, gunned down, i entertained my tall town
with breaded bone
once, gunned around sound, i swaggered for
easy hens whose long-haired groan
shouted at the ferns of walls
and a wall of Downs shaped me
a star-capped lover from a scented stall
and once, gunned around a wasteground,
eyes fed my bodice to a high moll
and de gangster and his moll
shoot my juicy body to swift death.




Uh the daffiers of trendless ear-splicers will hereby slumber after dogs and bat-boys
O, we will become friendless as we trill for memories
and, la, when ashkeys drop bed-desks then a dammer of daft melody makes toys
come slating de masters of a head-breast with easy five and twenty UFOs


the daffiers of emptiness car-slices hillsides; and, la, when ashen space-yoyos
get alarming for endlessness, dramatisers of islands ram hens across sea-ponchos
O, we will become aimless while we slam a soap-hands across ocean-stereo
and, la, i espied, once just last year, a naked sea-slam becoming lost in Heroes


Huh, i will extemporise evil fear whilst echoers of bee-brands sting Shakespearos
Huh, i will extend me and my torn tears with plaintiff seed-scrams; and, oo,
where once my dirtying menstrual mental digitalis gets goofed by drams then Neros
may well shudder as Cleo scuds in Caligula's milky moose-bath.




easily when easter-rising, a mojo god made clear
that genius at xmas time may dance for gifted tears
and a daffy genus
hereby rocks at a backdoor where a horse of fear
raises its hooves aside de earth;
and a bud of roses rams a fairy sun in a phallus;
and the brides of hearts
swill petrol faces from enemy fawkesfires


easily, as men tread mortars, then a holy sphere
cums swirling at death's ark;
and a navel cat hisses after dark
and an oxen family takes a walk in a dead park
O weavers of money spend tax where sparks
lay waste to masks of fire
and, ahh, i saw the ballgame banging balls where
easy faceless nunneries fell up from thin air
and, la la, easily reddening sluts will impair
ideal mutts;
and a catty caveman will shave hispid prayer
and eaters of ladies must
drool aside a body-bust..


The indolent mellow moon hangs like a bright hag
The violent yellow moon
Maddens, and, laced, where once salt bags
Hang cunts from cartoons
Then quintessential beauty, dystrophied under dunes,
Swallows all bruises.


O I saw Florence - I awaited so long for
Heated sex relief
But the bullets in a bounce of whores
Shot parabolas stoned dead before
I could open up love’s front door.
Hereabouts, dark suns seem dirty – nude decay
Cuts Leviathan from pierced nips as budders blaze
And, la, as a curtain in a pout-elbowed grave


Then sex plays dead.



"When the birth is bred and the coming is real
May I lie here, emptied."



This Sentry Street


This sentry street, this sky to blandness scoured,
Now reflects the promise of an hour
And, like reflections, pushes out all grates
Till favour shows within an empty city-lake.
But, equally, each trend is scarved within
Each thunder-clap of musak shaked springs -
Now down the devilled nucleus of flowers
There flows a brevilled tiredness of towers:


Hot-headed nonsense, riven in the scathe
Of jaded parents set in wardened graves
And never, ever traded but inside the styles
Of wicked women fading through red smiles.
So, down the lanes of liquid music made,
One sickening reminder of the farce-waylaid
Chafens all in silos and in fatal eying lips
Till all who listen carefully get self-tricked.




From Autumnal City-Fears


and chestnuts sauntered like a star
and sadness lay enautumed from rivers,-
and the melodies of birds
inclined to seek the horse-nut hours
of fallen heels with oaks made bare from
each locus of the heroed conker-world.

when autumn succoured sycamore-meats
The stars were yearning in the skies
as womanhood reclined in fallen leafers
and softness whispered in the tears
and sound imposed a thralling fear
which fell from autumnal city-tears


Funny How the World's a Dream

funny how the world's a dream and everything a sea of screens
la la, i swagger roadways shaped from nuts; and blinded screens
swallow visual ash where a daddy under cuts grins at a screen
la la, funny how eyes glow like rain; O funny how death screams
la la, funny how minds grow from pain; O, pretty now to scream

when a shrill smell of sexy dizzy coffee-wine toasts the dreamt
then a layered fever-mind will surely cry for dodgy cement O
a bay of bloody fingers follows hills and wide minds must ooze
blenching blorted body-snoods from ideal brides that must ooze
all dilly daylong; and my prairie feet fall from earth when scent
dragglers after eaten ma Mary. Ah, ices sting in chiller-scents
and, rammed, eyes burn. Ah, a seagull on a sealed wing moves

eager shadow fires with dunny capes and dingo dog-hooves.

the very utmost epicentre of the midnight sun slayers roofs
and a skeleton under heapers chomp on dust as slain hooves
dog-damage a cat of tails with diamante drivers of damed roofs
and a brother of dead christ accuses men of killing blood-truths
ah ah, eager shadow fires feel for flame as coded sky-hooves
summon an aldebarren theatre from grey traps and gun-lubes

funny how the world's a sad dream. O, eyed eerie pigs move
donkey dusts from grey to green and then pure red. OOO


Copyright JEDB


plenty more where these came from. I have written more than 800 poems in response to the prosody of Dylan Thomas.



whence lady olivia dismounted then passed over water


whence lady olivia dismounted then passed over water, meddlers, maimed, gave rise to romans and gunneries
O, whilst baby bakes cradled faces, sirenisers, daughtered, may well entertain clays with diamonds and beds;
and, what with weavers drowned, some weird sort of a slaughter must coax gravy graves as moaners, murdered
hereby caresses menfolks with evil mums;


and, sss, once across eggyolks, some clucky chicken river comes enmouthing mad Ides for delvers and breads
and, sss, as we engarland dogdazers with enemies, holy lady olivia dismounted the passed over piddlers; O, as sky-men
appear denuded by body-saints, me and you and those mad resting crayon drouth will and must enter pigs aside mermen




These are our mallard days that intersleeve pretty leoni for a swiftening rider; O, and the scarring star-bells that murderise
some weird sort of a riverside come entertaining lazy macaroni with alien smilers
and, sss, we shall intergod where face-thighs fall; and, O, once across serums, dangerous bikers must enmother daddy lives
O, and we shall accuse dingos of fastening crossers with brigands and, sss, as mad kids kill capers, a draggler of sissy skies
will, here and now and eternally signed, come issuing men with wigwams and kissers
O, and we shall interlove dogdazzlers
and, ssss, whence razzlers of men defuse a badger of a peahen, dragglers of murderers will loosen gasped boys with ties
O, and we shall falterise deacons while scutterers enmurder hissifers




where disdainers, loused, comes thundering in harvests, some weird sort of a bled child heaps wrecks high till babyhoods
become encurtained under lost cots with buggy targets
O, and we will hoot for mummas whilst fixers of parapets appear demurely madeup from mentalists and woollen car-bloods
and, sss, as doddering warfs use dummies for mirrors, some weird sort of a salad slut must accuse handfuls of healing God
O, whence inraged elderly dolls abuse memories with drinkers, a cobbler to mallard muck enfucks cunny bods and red bods


and, sss, we shall come interceding puller dromedaries as a sweetly sickled rippler sinks bed-muck across radio and deaf mobs
and, sss, we shall come interseeding mamma factories and we will come sphincter-weeping as cranial buddha stereos use gob
for evil moronic satanic self-gain
O, whence tigrons sunder welts, doggy damselflies will accuse bones of wintry milky madam macadams and Her rippered moths
and, sss, we shall come mumbling for dodgy dragonflies that internoose meese with yanking animal sex-troughs




These are our mallard days when something bronze-and-gold has got to give; and, oo, as we demean beds with glass, Los
will hereby appear soddening eyries with something red-and-souled miraculous venal islands
O, and we will revere the turgid dead while something dark-and-blue murderise renal Englands with evil cobs and red moss
and these are our mallard days when something maddering, crabbed, gobblers for statues
La, once aside sweet jives, a tragedy of a patron to razorings, labbed, entices whores to shit;
and, sss, we shall extemporise grey family with a city madeup from cablers and horses on the lick;


Uhh; and, what with windmills on the run, there must come some sweet hot cold time when ivories will listen to gob-dick
Uhh; and, what with windmills in the sun, there must come some soft meteors that surrender god-ebonies to holy hips
and, sss, we shall become, as knives gone with drain-guns, an itemiser of appleclaws gets surrendering memories to swift


and these are our mallard days when something has surely got to give; and, sss, we shall exterminate moggy shows where ricks
appear to eternally be enchanting after baby-rings and acid-rock
and, oo, we shall abuse nothing
and, oo, we will confuse nothing; and, oo, where once flacid shops become encherried, a chomper of de family will use drips
to entertain the moggy-killed


Uhh; and, what with statues on the run, there must come some weird sort of a serrying bed of forces; O, and we shall interpool
some idiot of an ogre-child with denyers of gears and mamma drums; and, sss, our life is drummer?
Uhh,- we shall instinctively augment doomy bod-beards with fathering farm-vans that interpulse me and my elderly cat-brother
and, sss, whence drainers of cemented moon-weirs, easily murdering farmed grans enrattler seizures with famous heart-Hitlers


Ehhh? Whilst a bleary beany blind stall got envisioning directors of bumbling, messy eaters, suffered, come rootling for millers
Ehhh? Whilst some weary blorted mind got enmuscling dupers of murmurings, smelly sexers, mufflered, come hooting for dollars
O, whence a station in five spines come meldering dark dreamings with pearler boys, some sort of a lover has to give to smokers;
O, whilst an eerie repulsive head-vine appears foxy, a modelling nude moon vixen gets carted


Ehh? And a mean zion earth nearby clotted creamers will enfather holy Mount Lyon with tissuers of true gods and heart-soakers
Ehh? And a mean zion birth nearby defeat will forevermore come chanting a blue mantra that enfingers blue rods with farters
sss, and we have for always fragmented sleep with red sycamores and, sss, we have forevermore let a keen brood use peckers
and, oo, once across salt wine, an instinctive bed in my head will give to de married Void that render mass deaths as evil a fistas
and, oo, once across malt wine, a distinctive bed under bread will give to de parried boys that render clasp-deaths from pistols


Laahh; as fatal hospital terminuses go flaunting disfunctive barium-meals, reddeners, toyed, get cunted; O, and we shall rifle through
some mad kind of a kine-trip that fashons red balls with cancerers and filthy ephemeras
Om, when once vaults flower, easily missioned bled-halls came upon dibblers that interliced fanniers with fotalists and sweat-tubes
and, Laah, as greeny holiday hospices interpulse terminal fatalists, me and my mother macadam Olivia will enlisp dens with poos
and, Ohm, whence mysterious sirens intersuck terrible gizzards, enlimers of smilers may appear now radioed to pens and dog-shoes


Uhh And the mean smells of hearts get commanded to fragmentise encrimers with daft red daffodils; O, as we ride from sleep, spew
will hereby gardenise wellers of carps with retardive colts; and, sss, whence granite markers shout out aloud for wine, a user's shoes
must, here and eternally now, become cut down by foot-rotters
Uhh And the lean swell of martyrs get demanded by angellers to fawn to dives
and, sss, where once dogs eat no meat, something surely have to give; O, as we ride from meat, model meteors must murder crappers


Oh, yes, weepers may well cry for lost tea and, oo, reapers may well die for clappers; and, sss, when mammaries feed father, snappers
may well enkitten some weird soft sort of an impassable granite kitchen; and, sss, we will surrender gems to promonories that enrapper
dogdazzlers, barked, direct across muddlers of impossible gannet lichens; and, sss, we shall surrender aged misty factories with some
evil demnotic statue-civets and these wide words that enserum after mitchers and pissers
Lo! Mouthed gods at sea hit to a jazz jive
Lo! Mouthed mods at sea hit to a wave-wife; and, oo, we shall entemper modellers of tribes with tonguers and tepid fanny forkers
Oh, yes, weepers may well cry for lost seed and, oo, keepers may well die for applers; and, sss, when gunneries fed cattlers, holy cats
come hissering for feline endlessness
and, oo, eyers must idolise cats


Ehh? Yeah, there are all too many cwazy bats here and, luh, there are all too many rats here; and, Duh, whence robots flower for gasses
some weird kind of a Fall will enrainbow lazy paps with milky masks
and, sss, once along a time in a freed world, haphazard deities came floating up and fast away under de Void and all angels
and, o-la, as belters envine veilers with bead-girls, we will have to french again all greeky players of studio boys and terminal flashes




and dark-descending days, this Ark my single
word within then nursed-in clays, and this,
my gut of stars, where wheels
go glazing across their raze and down
into a burning bulbous scud!
i seize the madman's tears
from the tithes of sharks,
my ripe and moon-maimed writhing skulled inside
by the she-birds in their effulent,
with the minotaurs abroad and the
duck-killed babies turning round and round and round
like the milk of curves, and the broads
gurgling in a heap where lives
gesticuate and gesture with a leap!
Man! my mind's unlucky,
teaches with no good telling
that this insanity makes a bid for cold heaven and
the last forked snake of the garden
and the last shamed shape of the tear
falling forever beastwards, where prayers
suck and crack each way for the heathen
tides in walls of molten green-
this i know with native eyes?


inside old radish-rills, we study how to cry & Aladdin's heat rubs a breasted lamp O, sky
drawls about the bit trip of teeterting tits O, a vanished God
cuts a coned fruit from an oval oven Lud-,,
yes, we will hear garage guys groping gourdes yes, we shall smear meringue boys under
worded whirls of rape & tribes
&, lo, as stations meet, then old pigs asleep
will surely winkle after daddy dust...


ahh ahhh ahhh as i ride to sleep, i swiften a soul under cars
, as i ride, i dream of county sleep &, roped, a cab of lions hires silks from
rodeos of romantic greed-guns...
woken weepers under dance cry, cry, awoken reapers sunder a danced slide
& a dune of meat hears lies
lending dukes to red waters...
yes, yes, yes - a boy who smells of death must dally inside cells of sex
yes, yes, no-.!!!!


matriachs of cocks and crows will writhe, writhe
weedlers weeble after Mars?.
Goodbye. Goodbye God high ah mien!!!! See Less?.


Beside five trees, death hears the noise
of rain. The shires are thorny
Of chemic blood, the spells of birds
warn of coming oaken elm-worlds


By the rill's side hear the hymns
of the conkered spider-tree-tongue...


Caught by a shadow, winter sticks
its raven cough inside the moon,
Some let men swell up for tyburn beeches?


Behind a pot, a fern of soft fuit-sperm
rapes the worm from out pine girls O,


Star-gestured children inside the park
search furled space for leeches..


trees turn to heat as woods end?


The doorway to distance hears men call Old bodies from cold halls
& the pubs of silence shimmer after
Old lobbies & eaten stalls.
When once a forced ballet hears men Crawling inside caked lovers
Then rolled bodies will see fathers
Raising rope from giddy feathers
The doorway to distance hears men fall Behind dolly drakes when
Crisscrossing babies cradle cold cauls
& a biddy on the city-rise
Rots, rots!
As we shape old winters, then old lies
Hold no shape & no moonrise.
O what with whoredom in the trees O what with seasoned murder bees
& what with fishmen all around, then we Must stop to fall.
The hazy kid of God goads hot leas
O, & as a pig of blood butts against Worn buds & buttered men
Then self will call
Upon naked dukes & female walls O, what with whoredom in the trees
O, what with seasoned mamma-seed & what with fishing veiny sleeves
Then we must answer
To tea-trades & easy Isis.. uh?
The slave in bed is firm. Olde faces
Flail, flail,


the opening gatherer of champagne hears
weird noises in love's soul
- Ohh, we snap suppered super-foals
we swipe for swilled coves
the dillies of dead air hemp ashen robes
- as we sail for minds
then we suffer blinds, - Clothes
shroudsail a box of bines
& bagged ruby blind beds us with sloes
& we dance upon a fay windscreen.
the oven-burners of the holy hitler-killed
shoots saccarine gas-murder...
- where we lay tench, then
illy dilly dung-drills snapper sunder
easy pinches of shit-stills....


amen we will say to grey-beaded loss
goodbye we say to visiting lion-floss-
& a miller of milky mamma
sweats train-optics?...


Two eyes in a wayward sun
blindness sees enough to stave the lies that thrall
In with the Sun, conundraed as they cum
orbits of a vision beleaguer as they crawl
and, as the lashes flash across their clashes,
eyes bedumbed by Israel might rap along their cauls,
with the thunder strapt in lumber and a spinal clap in tumbler
scarvering across the all-bemaiming halls
Two eyes in a wayward sun?


If the eyes of peering should succumb
if the slighted soarings of the rivers within
should parry and marry to the scuttlers of a sin,
man, all molten in his semaphoric oceans,
would star-spin as his eyeless lammers rolled,
leavened breads congealing and the eyes of manna wealing
and smashing and cut-lashing in the island of this soul's


blonde stairwell...


fuelled with bed men, we arise above time to see
a body of baiters
riding on the rain
o a sun of dead men will arise above time to hear
a wide wife of children roaming free.


these words chant for nothing...Old sins sear
dogs & women,,
ideal splinters slice drums as seasons fly?


the raw-headed user of closet red heaps blood
under a vase of bowers
o a saw-leaded abuser rams a dog aside blood
& we chant the mantra for soft stillness
ideal killers of disappearing bone see illness
rotting for endless saviours..






"When the birth is red and the coming is real
Let me lie here, emptied?"



Eateries of Sexy Nunneries


eateries of sexy nunneries hit aside nukers as summits in love's sides
happen to drink death dry; and a cowler in gas permits worn lives
to lie, lie; O, a bladderer inside sky shoulders glass and busty wives
sweep colonic cannered blood with a dreary carmine broom. Eyes
cry for weeping horses while a daddery in death's galleries writhes.

eateries of sexy nunneries hit on a vege-bride and mammy sea-spies
spiral into a small smashed town when a latrine upon a sea-slide
abuses naked dickybirds with ground men who spirit into a dirt-bride
and mysterious petrol boys swell up for shitbirds; and an easy ride

jives as she jacks jumped juniper fathers; Ohh Eyes feed us skies
Ohh steely saturn sidlers raise romance from biblical bourbon-blinds
and weevillers weeeble inside old maggot-flour as sweetened spines
grind a doggy pictuer; and mental period passions piss on pit-pines
eateries drink to de family and helters of Roman waters crowd-climb
up, up, up to a desperate space when minds melt for aped earth-minds
and i see some weird scenes in a closed blind mine. And shooed rivers
raid a dummy daughter whose worried fingers feel after dinky mirrors
Lo, a spinning sun at night rockers for flavas as mothering cape-milners
shapes a coded caper of a secret hat; and a secret brain's bud-builder
cunt-cabs for oozy winky wanky fat; and we search for caged scissors
and we shoot snowy spunk deeply down a dairy female's hot hisser
eateries of sex nunneries hit aside nukers as summits in gob-grinds
can a queened canary in caged clips when a giddy bummy bone winds
down, down, down; and picturers of clits slam ice within hit sisters.

windowers weep way up high where love's children cry
o massive mind-attacks trip from fear; and a caddied sky
slappers for limey mangers that float up from cotted dives
and, la la, a bunny big car cruises after sluts; O, cold scribes
utter after droned sky-writing when a cold frames car-ride
under signal daddy rocks; and eateries found in flames die
and, oh oh, as assaulted mind-meteors stab a well of sties
we must hire a body-grinder to speculums and kid-slides

windowers weep way up high where huge women cry
o massive cul-de-sacs carry tides under dolls who ride
and a molly of a chicken-tract tosses drivers of suicides
and, la la, we have to piss as we shit and, ahh, dead sides
show a glitter-shore to wrists of planed clits; O, nice knives
hurl dangerous darters at cunny boards. And cut thighs
sink an angel in a spunk-cut which bleeds like the skies.

eateries of sex nunneries wank in the wind. Selves stride
upon parted penis waves; and a doner of dodgy dry eyes
doctors lunar missives with well-hung centaur graves. Eyes
espy dirtiers of hootered winky salt-stoves; and easy ties
lay down, down as qeasy libelled lives mine for slanderers
o, a druggler in a queasy rival mind rams scrotes down
pinchers of dizziers and quasi-cunted shitted mong-Downs

awaiting the dead where women said a prayer, thinned air
had to hoot for the snares of fetid bread; O, under sold hair
i was startled to despair after lost deaths; and mined care
carries a softener of bled men back home where gold stairs
force-fed me to anal money; and a snaker of reelers raised
a bunny bodice from family; and a caker of creelers slaved
after indigo chinese painters. Agh, i ride to sleep when graves
gasps after dirtied baby cremations; and i hear wide trades.

eateries of sex sculleries soak a dotted soaper inside lays
la la, eaters of vast galleries feed ash to brushes. Old clays
crack upon a mental potter's wheel where a digger of days
drops a dollop-sarnie aside dilly delis and pure salami sprays
dirty faloned wheat against eggy bellies. O, easy old plays
sink a fully closed penis into wintry bay windows. Strays
sermonise a hooter of a harness; and menstrual grey glades

glister for cocoa buttoned cunty butters; and messy maids
melt into fotal fisher-gluttons; and a many minded piss-cage
kiss-rocks upon a dazer of a dreamt screen where slaves
suppered after the plated plaited platters of human raids
and, huh huh ah, i count from nine to ten and hear poo-blades
cutting my cleverness off with two hands on a dumb stage
awaiting the dead where woman said a prayer, skinned air
dolloped dizzy blinds upon infant windows and raped fayres?

o eyed sugary code signs wagner after walletted river-walls
o skied baggers of blood swine swaggers across scarlet halls
and the veins of midnight cut inside labia as a cunted brawl
bends a penis-beard with fotal crocus eaters; and closed palls
hiss to an icy sex-sorbet beat when a lowcut locust scares
a giddy gourami with a gassed heart; and a baby below stairs
skin-shafts upon tit-pepper as a wanker under scum-cares
shoot a nudy nippler. As we slide to concrete sleep then hair
digs a daddy comb into blurred blithe cemented lost sheets
and a bolster in a break beats down upon naked dog-chairs.

o eyed sugary code spines shatter after socketted piss-stalls
o a skied mummy toad squelches into lovers when cat-crawls
conquer easy fishy fast nets with breast-bridling titty molls
and a doctor on a quacked ride rams an oated heel into bols
and, uh uh, our eastern bikers gather up the eastern teas
and a burny of a bobbled spider delves for coffin bed-dolls
and, la la, an impossible dick-dancing evening cuts prayers
and we tweezer after porators as thinners drink old leaves.

ahhh i have to hiss across false ice. Ohh, a maiden's beads
gag a girly gaggler with nine crossed hands and grey reeds
rotate aside dragooners; and a prince of suet apples weaves
a bum-tight bottomer beneath shitted skins and baring knees
and a boat of glass sinks inside fay arse. Deaths marry meads
Swollen buddy bodies pose as a pregnant sex dude and leas
lampoon babied bumpies with donny filers of naked ladies.
o eyed sugary code signs wager after valetted ripper-walls
o ladelled monkey rogues slather after maletted nipper-cauls
and my eddy of a mind-egg shoots yolk at a rainbow's ebb
and a shitter of a salty bed assaults smoke with veiny beds
o eyed sugary cold drives dagger aside comical spice-rubies
and a ruby in a hurry hits to savour the asians in beer-boozies
and a boxer of a dirty nan shatters breads from dark devs

ahh i will hiss across dried ice. Ahh, a madam's gazing kids
grips to tallow ashes when a doctor of a mad guy's gold crib
double-crosses sirens with eagle-boys who dare not fib. Hah!

the invitro pussy price of a puller's dirt haze hits god's feeds
la la, a cussy of a dice shapes casino skirt with blind seed
and intravinus baggy christs will surely bell a bird's gold key
and a bone of friggers foxes for shanky celled girl-glebes
and, lo, the clever girl will be known forever and we need
a perfect home for lost girls for there then brides of bees
will sting silly testosterone with one zillion bared cock-pees;
and ivories in disabled cars slice toffee cake with cleaved
towny babby scissor. La La, i have scented decay with love
Ah Ah I have painted belly geese around scraggy curves

oh a matrial mod of a venereal mind shoots at blue bugs
oh a natal swab under cereal wine toasts codal tree-drugs
and a fastener of furious facials feeds floats to plug-buds
and a bonny of a curious funnel feeds for poked tonguers
oh a matrial mob of a venereal mind shoots at summers
oh a fotal crab under renal salt brine bloats for lug-gloves
and Madam Mary Medicine sinks a braggy pill aside nerves
and, la la la, a natron in a swift ink pinkers after bled turds
o-la, boot polish spread on white lead loosens a hard sir
and we nationalise our own city rubbish where fixed curs
crap inside one zillion solar winds; O, a burier of bad burrs
grasp to a urine lip; O, a cherrier of a ferrier flicks furs and

curates of an English cooking egg fall upon webbed gob-words.





whence the memories of the interlaced come chanting




whence the memories of the interlaced come chanting the yellow mantra, silos behind the dead are
instantly burned, and, oo, as faces peer for Mum, a fittering mellow camera must use sex for stars
O, once along England, the awakeners of red Sons must hereby engallow weavers with wool-cars
and, sss, i shall entertain dust with forsakers while endless head-emptiness use summers for riders


and, sss, i shall entertain lust with dickers that enmarry feeders with fotal mindlessness
and, la, when once sheet pain enknickers cum howling after fuckers, me and madam moon will endeath
everything; O, we shall arrive home to find dirtiers of laughter engrinning grimacers with tombed nests
Ooo we shall appear, here and now, to be scrapers of bananas and impiggers that refuse to cry




These are our ballad days that interlead summery winter-autumns with spring boys and lost hearts
O, whilst fragments layer fat, some easily awoken mumma mad kid gets drearily swept from cities
O, as faces fly, a draggler of rats prove all catkind as happy as sweet lib
and, sss, eyers, romanticised, must hereby use pappers to enbabby meteors with venal bodies
and, Ohm, we will now appear to enter town
and, Ohm, we will now appear fed to clowns


and, sss, as canny dead canaries enbed mouths with de bodies, amassers of pig will use toddies to
encircumvent some weird sort of a red-crouch that interlobes denuders with carrion and heron-shoes
O, once across lost beards, a crackler of drouths and winter-robes will
come chattering after Men whose one headed worm-Medusa came sucking snakes from red rills
and, sss, eyers, made roman, enmove stunnas from bald Seducers
and, sss, we shall eternally feed boats under crowds




And these are our putrifiers that yap at the sides of the moon; O, as babblers glower, evil heels will
hereby get encurtained with rat-craps and blue brides in a tomb
O, when once shadows shake, entertainers of nude wives will surely enroom dogs with cold wounds;
and, sss, we shall outelbowel some cruel god with sky and, sss, we will interweed beads with spoons
and, O, when once shadows quake, entertainers of lewd prides enraisin cap-cakes and breaded bills
and, sss, whence lovely holy blackbirds come achieving everything, elderly madams try to cut rooms
directly in two


Ohm, once upon a dime, magical mushy british-american money gave eager rise to blood honey whilst,
whereby soldiers shot times, familial mazy acrid panners of monkeys must
with every single flamingo raging, become incredibly made-up from piss-pus and stools with tusks
and, sss, eyers, made from railings, get pasteurising holidays and summery winter-spring-autumns writes
directly home, to a foreign flower that gets florally humanised with deifiers and blue-rinse under pan-pipe
and, o, whence a bedder of a mower fuses petricides with gagglers, divisers with church on tap intermikes
the fascinating lipper made-up from nooses




Whence a sovereign motorway gets etherised then forced to pass away, some sort of a nasty sign must
interchop some weird bedded wreck with angellers of sauce and sea-blades
O, once across a beard, star-punishers, rocked, come arrowing islands across dilly men and evil husks
and, sss, we shall eternally and forever go dumb
and, sss, we shall maternally enlamb something of a gun that shoots blue stations dead
and, O, whence a babbler of a serum comes engashing gas-gaps with naked teeth and rude lost bed


and, O, whence a rabbler of a siren comes engassing mastiff pap with sharpenisers;
whence loaders of a straggler enmums gaga and holy massive crap
and the dead have gone away for a packaging self-burial holiday; and, o-la, delimiters of fantasias will
most effectively encab solid plays with some wicked haloer that enalarms model devilers of sweet krills
and, O, whence a rippler of a ripper comes englassing petrols with deformers of revellers and meat-mills;
aaah, we will exit from this horsed town to find elderly petrels come magicking bods from murderers


Uhh, once across a massed shrine, a peddler of tines came dragging urban posers under sweet comb
Uhh, once across a flashed shrine, a meddler of vines came magazining for posers under fleet heart-stone
and, sss, as beds float by, me and my cradlers will certainly hoist summery swards with spring-winter-bone
and, sss, as heads float high, me and my maimers will definitely crashdown aside wards and autumn-drones
and, sss, we will eternally use pies to enpussy lowering mooers with directorsd of birds and caged bones
and, oo, once across a massed shrine, a milker of wine came pushering plantiffs with swollen gnome-groans
O, there are molted cases come chick-filled
O, there are volted maces come slit-filled; and, laa, whence pinker oiler oinkers drink loam
messily disablers, enfaced, will rush from a russian tit while squirters delve fuckers for bone
and, sss, whence directors of clit dials skirtets, medulas, murdered, groan
after some chapper of deceivers that sirenise Medusas will enhallow sloanes
and, sss, these bled words i alarmise must engallower beds with moaners
and, oo, whence some mad trees cry with their meaningless voices, mopers
must hereby entwine spit with lost figs
and, once slitters ooze crusts, modellers maim chokers


and hostels, shoved, interbruise weirs with smokers
and motels, mugged, interdude spheres with cloakers
and, oo, where a castle raise blood, navelisers, speared, cums radars with
some wicked sort of a blaze while Damascus grips to tears then murders Pits
and, sss, elderly bosom-boys cum sundering from king lear that rips
croony creamy devisals of mission-drums and faces raised from crawlers
ahhh, these trays of despisal get chanting de mantrum as titty beds rope for
nakedness and funeral Musclers
as we demand horse-pleasures we bend a ladder across stains and whores while
macadamers, ponied, entailor some tuxedo braggler whose heated valour licks bile
and, ooo, as we entertain dead milners, we must raggler for damsellers and red styles
and, sss, we shall come huffing mandrils aside American Puff
and, ooo, as we entertain red fingers, we must enpicture renders of muff and radios
Ehhh. And there are smitten men at sea that entusk drowners
Ehhh. And there are kitten gems in high trees
La, we shall disinvent deniers with kitchens and babies hurled from peppers
and, sss, when once doom-devisers cum scattering rubies aside livid Lepers
and, o-la. where cunt affixes bells to defilers, jeering daisies must end painters
but, oo, we shall transfix devilers with filth and enstranging mixers


And i will subvent deriders of musk and the facers of elderberry brine and, o, i shall refine salts from pus
And i will reinvent de Motherhood as metalisers tree-hang nails from tuscan breweries
And i will instinctively turn from a gobbed vicar that interoses aged puddy moos with croissants and aviaries
ooo we shall eternally ride from fat that comes hurtling deaths down foreign bead-dairies




sunless sonny stems cut arrows from lumbers
la la, a goose in blue cream cries after fathers
and a boat of blood sails aside crematers
and a bowl of fools serves dazzlers to fevers
and macadam in a nerve rocks for fingers.


sunless sonny gems shine along haloed hens
and a chicky in de yard lays eggy diadems
and a boner under cards deals easy wrens
under idiot whirring world wars; Ah, swingers
arise from dirtiers to transgress grey killers


and a mind in spoon stirs acids into teas
and romantic dilly curves toast blood-pee
and a radio inside curd spreads loud wee
O comforters of lady nights feel for bees
and blown bees sting a lit vest of beads
sunless sonny gems shine upon fast men
and a toned afgay preaches for bitumen
and a guilty god of peaches heaps men
with fanny guilds and reachers of men
and stinking blood horses laze for men
the active verve of christs has to send
a bodier of baggers to an anal bird-bin
and a scissor sizes mess from blue skins
and a rectal patron peers under grey wind
and de leafy prats of a mind-sign
carries old beggars across a gin-grind


sunless sonny gymns dance for minds
and a balded hymn dashes holy crime
and a vacancy cries aside bled spines
and a spinal shaker cracks upon de line
O these curving naked craps define
a dollar and a peck with wicked wine


and, ah, my beddy groin uses a vine to
wine-strangle snails with bruising moods


the shysters of one zillion graves gusts after daddy-gnits
oo fathers to one zillion red trades
grasp glass; and an urchin on a screen raise old lips from
taggers of zen and one zillion graves
and, oo, a bedded bridler feeds trays to easy writhers
and, la, a shredded rider feels for slayers when drivers
glow, just like a slowed worm glows
oh, a shadowed road spirals adown crows when lovers
star-happen for daggerers and bedazzling knife-throws


o shysters of one zillion alms gusts after angel-lit
oo mammas to one zillion crusts
cum chomping after curves; and a galleon under cusps
carries crammers when a babby in a wet cut
cups a dirtyer of buggies inside twinned evil eye-throws


shysters, lammed, spray goosers aside vinyl sea-crows
oo, lanterners leap for lust when closers drink grey pus


the sirens down my pub have to drink stone as they drive
o alarms, drowned, hereby scatter pinkers aside odd lies
and a bath at sea
surrenders gods to puppies




i deal some tarot cards and listen to the card-waving sea
o i seal some carrots inside missions; and a wavering sea
slams vaults into parrots; Ah, a tree of yeast lamps beads
and salty siren seed gets scattered across fields of leaves


la la, martians cry as they ravel from IFOs; and old trees
listen to old grey hearts where a space machine hits trees
and a magical miner mines for hair where coated bees
sting angelical angled stables; and horsers under seed
swallows canterers in stables; and forces sunder weed
i deal some tarot cards and glisten and big eyes burn up
and as we hiss inside a cat's prison then feline fast sluts
will most certainly dry dolled eyes when mad men shut.


martian cars crash against wards; and a mental hospice
travel inside hashed time; and a bad machine's hostage
ravels under ticked minds that lead clocks back home to
a green-grey goat that winds for oak; and odes to blues
snapper after rope; and we send money to rope when
we seize dope from soaped chicken; and mad men move
a dunny dog to a hot cat roof; and immense deniers


drop a penis in a plume of a piss-tank; and emptiness
craps on sacred earth where a kiss-wank washes up
old grey lippers of birth; and we weed for shanky cups
and we erase red earth with funny greed; and i cut


all my eyes and all my minds and all of my mirrors.




darksome jivers, savoured, kiss for crocus-liver
o madam time gets clistered as sisters to killers
appear mum-murdered
and, once stunned, eaters of rifters will use cords
to denier-hang hearts and liars.


darkness, damaged, appears clammed and pliars
get smashed now
and, oo, mud secateurs in de clouds stop feathers
and a dated mouse-crowd uses teas for riders.


we drink tanny coffees in the valleys down below
we shrink as we volley tardy cars around pillows
and a father to beads
come trading rings for wine
and a mumma nude gets rended under lost swine.


these are the daffy goofy words man daren't use
these are the fluffy boogy birds men daren't fuse
and a break in the moon
prises a break in the sun; and, oo, starry lubes will
surrender vaults to dunes


uh. do we own no-one?




and i have a vaginal vote and
goddess gives head to Woman's
weeping widening garden's rope




My hills heals up for
kids and foxes, and men score
fast fields


when once a rill raises swards
then hillers owl for lords and
ladies leap lairds as fens are
peed from cocks and calves
and my river smells of snowed
sylvan stars


and a medley of miners heal
cosy green seas of mealy steeled
lockets of lashing leaves
and i am a bad buller's weed
and gods grip grassy glebed sneezed
slathering sown geese


where once a fast trout tucks sped
drowning latrines
then fishmen feed fat flashed wed
and my acred heart has dead windy


Bladed beechers break bad indy
scissoring sides, and woods are




Trilled trees dip laxative leaves inside a rancid gun
And starry silver men scatter a swelled sun
Against luminaries and liquid statues.
Mean groom, jeered doom, sex-seasoning willows
Weep for reeling star-releasing weights of
Smirking cunt grapes
And a stagnant dilly doper’s encounter with
Robbed rocky headaches
Stops where startling summer
Appears dammed
Under rockeries and schooled thunder?


A sudden statement inside litter-ridden, mind-strewn
Spraying, vast and nude-arsed
Midland men sit astride a pup-bound wasted
City mask
And, faded into fingers, we eat up rheumed
Rods and cones
And, o, when closed eyes float to sleep, then
Transfixing fiery mind-moans
Ride a motorway where a scissor under ken
Tracks all mown men down?


"Poetry & Science are much the same
The dichotomy is the Void between?"




Whence Deckers of Mooners Get Enwidowed




Whence deckers of mooners get enwidowed, some keen bod on in the sun hereby becomes sex-compended
O, as wide kids flow, denuders of wrecks intermood creams with sods
and, where once kindlers cry, summery winter muses may well rend screams from rockers and dead love
O, as wide kids crow, deluders of sexers intersmoothe reamers with pods


and, sss, while pies, pots and peas get wrongly served, definers of kids must endragon pubs with god's bloods
O, where mod plebs feed from sand, mastiffs, gem-curved, enriver blonde fig with magazines and fagged muds
and, whence loud eyes burn, the mums of drugs cometh for red drizzlers
and, sss, we shall extemporise english guns with town-dams and pet thrillers




Whence deskers of marooners shout cum, a defective, under breasts, will hereby sodomise descriers with murder
O, as faces fly, intermusing routers must endrum detectives with mammas
and, ssss, whence winklers stink for dust, ductile fishmen come rootling for salt dramas;
O, as rapists fry, integral boxed rinks must clamatise mermen with doodlers that enmason flamers with purdahs


and, sss, whence wipers enbrink us, then benders of women will hereby clout tomato
and, ssss, whence biters enslink us, then defenders of seed stems must ooze for false potato
O, whence blown bets ride, a carrier of bitumens comes ensteeded with green guides and heavens on the fever
and, lo, we shall enchase briders with meddlers and old songs




These are our mallard daytimes and these are our ballad nights; O, whence dolled men float, sicklers of riders will
hereby enshower gallowers with old scams; O, whence molled men shift, rollering skin-boats will come cutting heels
La, and shovellers, ensallowed, will encram scoopers of cycles while pits use sidlings for mingers and elderly deals
La, and bird-devourers, shallowed, must endram hoopers with rivals where musers fuse wars to saviours and eels
and, sss, once upon red shacklers, dustives, slammed, will star-sidle for hair and bruisers; Ohm, we will feud for meals
and, sss, once upon bed bridlers, mustard, drammed, will car-tassle deunders of mounters with mandalas and red fields
and, sss, once upon red builders, custards, panged will spar-hasten to disprovers of cunters and long killed sweet spiels;
and, La we shall ignite bellies with burrowers while red leaded evil petrols engass sperm-devisers
and lord gob's mad minds will entreat scalders to enpeg ferners with scattering venus-glass
ahh, and father maria get shouldered now
ahh, and tigers get saved now; and, lo, we will compend sugar semen in a barren box that enrooms cellves and masques






when petrifiers of sandmen enshadow some carded taxi-cab, definers of emptiness will undress a spastic smile
o, and idlers crisscross as mad men engallow coded maxi maps that have so much detail no man is coming home
La, and riders of mistresses, scrammed, enpillow loaded child with refiners of lost suck and woman's sugar-bone
and, sss, we will idolise elderly aces with funereal forked faces
La, and ripeners, stopped, entissue sidlers of cornea camphors with holy green graves and jackers of neon sloanes
and, sss, whence swipers of mammaries become ghostly, a dilator, ribbed, enmeadow trays with drinkers and stone
and, La, i shall enkitchen definers with damagers of ghastly bed-directors


and, Ah, i shall enfiction poets with vaginas as shuttering green mien sends maxi milkers to spurters and peppers
and, Uh, we shall come tending crypts with red muddlers that encity rented waxy cripplers with corbans and lepers
Eh, whilst ermine shifts, curtainers, snipt, must enspread dilly rats with genius felines claw god then purr forever
O, and these mannering dicks will fend for fish while acritudes, clapt, enharness demeanours of loves with zingas
and, where bled boys banged, hillers, spended, enwrist poppy dudes with slashers and bleeders of buds and killers
and, sss, as i ride out to die, me and my madam macadam factories engrid mappers with gingers and murder-seizures


Uhh And micklering stitcher toys get given to some sonny made as famous as a boy; and, sss, we shall use kickers to
enshorten spouters with picture ploys as, oo, some weird day under easy night must expand kissers to skulls and smoothed
vase-arted wedgewood child-gal
Uhh And chickers, under blood, will most certainly fragmentise a weird weepy milk-seepy that hold lost hands together
sss, riders, rippered, sunder after gobs as moisteners of diamante casts a diamond statue aside plaits and gilded feathers
and, as jazzy crapplers, mumblered, enpieces foisteners from canny plasts, soapy moggy old rope hangs gear with pearlers


Ehh? As cwazy days in satan's mills come peckering dicks with daddy drafts, something has surely got to give; O, milkers
hereby come scandalising binners with drills and meckling pricker slits
Ehh? As cwazy graves get mentally unburied, some weird sort of a clitty will weevilse motorways with ended fly-overs
and, sss, we shall move pets from right to left as evil devil pet-abusers easily die
and, sss, when once heads wreck mums, a weirdo, ravished, may well become scutterising seed aside rented bride-boners
and, Uh, maybe when, as jeery phones groan by, me and madam naples macadam must entertain tides with scented mule-droners


Lahhh The nine and country senses of a mown life will enhiss mad ice and, la, once when sainthoods use cribs, stone farmers
will, where once caves spoke, as easy to god-define as some wicked kid or else a maddener with paint-goods
Lahh The nine and county senses of neon wetwives will enfist cold ice, and, la, once when sainted ones fused after fevers
some weird spurt sport, with clenched games raving, hits to a listener was tides become garlanded with oilers and dripplers
Lahhh; and these token longlives we milky-use cum huffing scum then puling and vomiting for hardeners and spoilt pictures
and, sss, whence a pansy in bedded arms inter-rabbit owlers with plums then eagerly awoken walls get eternally fallen


Uhhh, where pictures in the dark get fed to Mother Ark, delimiters of gum comes shovelling cardimon across swollen features
o, whence a modeller to sadness envisions radio Art, deleterous dead drums cum enchanting craze lungs with woollen dreamers
Uhh, where pictures in the dark get led to Jonah, Madam Rapist Noah appears mummed by mazers of scums and devil dramas; O,
when once masters masturbate, me and you and molly christs will enrender spheres with dilators of mammaries and evil karmas
and, o-la, something distended then left to youths will wilt across thindercraps; and, sss, what with depilators under fingers, ooze
will hereby jeer as heaven gets seared
Uhh, where pictures in the dark get fed to Fathers, deflamers of spun mouths must enlichen sins with dragglers of blue tears


Ehh? As elemental cranial Buddha-bones get scuttered, a pealer of dumb drouths appear fragmentised by hagglers and spears
Ehh? As scentimental dramaturgies, dromed, get scuttlered, a whirler of mong mounts appear defaming sky with greyed beers
and, oo, whence madam seamstress Adam get hearsing for a curler of swingers, focal flashy fierce fingers must use beards for
some keen kind of a washered world and de mouse and its children




fishermen of mermen seize an epilepsy from a fast world
o kissermen, lobbed, heave after complex dinner girls
and, once relieved, the lessons of the death deceived
slide a thespian across a spider
oh, a darling boss darts under writhers
oh, a fearing crashed cloth
delves daddy drinks for mad moths
and a bath at sea shends a bled cross with weavers of
painted plumed gulls


o as weepers widen, then salt criers will have to lob a
glassy bearded sky to spent cobs
and a fisher under teas
gets ravelling under fleas
o as weepers widen, then salt drivers will have to lob a
minister of a mind-crate aside beers, tears and soft gods


fishermen, slabbed, cast sugar nets aside a grey seed
o tissue-men, dragged, cast sugar rods where cones heave
coded sea-holidays to vacancies and demure mind-weed
and, once crabbed, motels under sands
slash budded canes with naked islands...


ahh as beads get danced in euphesian wind then bands
will most certainly swing for sweet jazz
ahh as beads get lanced in egyptian wind then gas
will most certainly swing for signal jazz
o a patent parented mind-ring.




and when once twitted teasers toss off then
widening woolmen wed wives with women's
cold sloane
oo- as a pussy in a plume peals pearls then
old fazers fall for sex-Phoned cunny cut-men
as i am lazy the lynxes lead lions to men and
eyes piss fast cars
and an anal firebrand feeds sex to sandy
my baby's brain breaks beads as bees shift
as my penis pulls pled ponies then rats ride
and me and baby brazier bake scrolls for eyed
seashaking birds
when once rats raid plaits then gals are sized
and me and bakers break beds, and sex is
devised from hillmen and shrilling soft piss
and lousy lice leap lions as lives kiss
eyeless fizz
and my penis peals plums as peeing old lives
lead cocks to tiny beehives


my sex is spilled from leaves
and sex is a chestnut's seed and
spermy cows kiss sands
and beeches break five dams and
lakes piss rilled scissoring soft
swathy swarding seas of crossed
clamouring kines and
yellowing ant-queens heal hinds
and hirelings hear Woman's
mange tootering teaselled bines
and woody swelled snails are
smacked by sluggers and calves


And beeches burn and hills are
healed up and down, and spars
slide a serpent's sea when starlets
piss pealed plummies, and ingots
kiss closing crying trees of loss and
bled boys breathe bound bales


And my countryside is pyramid


o what with biscuits in the cisterns &
silk-lips down the u-bends
we will suffer as we penetrate sand
& a bone of necks must don men
& a sea of punches must seize slammed
dizzy blamed bodies.
a screwed sown summer ledge heals
giddy buttered toddies
& a we will pull life's reins as weals
whips a genius pony
& we shall incend riders with lonely
bacca babbies..


oo what with biscuits in the cistern &
sylvan slitties down the fan
then we must supper for easy hands
lo as we force a face under clams
then we suffer cakes beneath scram
& we yearn after gilded clit-canned
cagey westend groupies?


canine catty riders eat aside smoothies
& an easy brother loosens
bruised bonds where lonely ladies
chant a blonded mantra...


o what with buns down the mean road
old kids will halt when slow-crows
caw at a bendy beard...Oh Oh Oh...


World of destruction;
injected it from heroines: web word winter, sensed the sickness coming in:
set in gusset bleeding, like a madam madman burning; word of destruction,
word of madness spurning. Web word, dirt word - Dr. Dedly, hear my song:


dirt word, web word - Dr. Dedly, do some wrong: searching under oil
slicks, with master mucus moons away: web word, dirt word - Dr. Dedly,
hear me pray.


Syringe skin meserschmit, zero halo under skin; as we find
our Onan Christs, failing on, we demean: raping merkin maidens, with U.S.
Kings aside to all, web word, dirt word: Dr. Dedly, hear me fall.


Ever so, dead friend: suffer? why not greet the end; why not make it with
your ID; slit the sun & maim the squid? Why not maim Leviathan, why not
make the sea things come? Suffer? Ever so, dead friend: suffer? why not
greet the end?




the eggs in a distant pan have
withered away
the dregs of equidistance stab
artichokes and crab
and we cook rope
and we roast clay
and our fast lives will sun-pray
for lovely endless women


tea things swallow dope
teeted rings are cut from soap
coffee, cannabis and old soup
boil dry inside two hands
and a taste of money
wanders under expansive sands


the eggs found sterilised must
shatter underground
because eggs under deep dust
shade kids with babies


o we lay a still-born baby to rest
o we pray and pray
as we cherish fields
as we perish, then a sea of death
will punish women
o we lay a still-born baby to rest


i detest my life
i despise the fact i want a life
i hate the fact i want a good life
o eyes see inside
sinister clothes
and i play naked now and hiss
across cold thin ice


o we lay a still-born baby to rest
o we pray and pray
. I have put this life upon my sex
and let pussy-cat speak for me?
a clamorous petrifier of the old and slain sail for herons
a treacherous evil flyer
sends dirt to street-sleep; and whining snakes use syphons
to crow across a mire


and a dangerous dream-child uses death for munitions
and a dabber inside a file comes shooting up: gold missions
lead dragoners to mind-style


and a dada of a flying red flower abolishes sex with ribbons
o once upon a sweet mind, jazzy dressers get stolen from


under a lady moon, madam macadam seizes yanks from demons
underneath dunes, madam macadam sizes
a fat-bedded whisperer whose heated clothes taunt crisis
to come to a tawny milked sylph-streaker.




"The eastend sisters, with all guns shone,
Dare not pull a pint till fevers get gone?"




And, o, whence river-men come hectring hearts and minds


And, o, whence river-men come hectring hearts and minds, denuders of face-lace become eagerly awoken inside the park
o, whence mirror-men come defecting under masques, some weird sort of a gallowed geezer uses families for murder-marks
And, o, whence zip-women comes sex-painting, deifiers of guns will snort bullets while mallowers, moved, use eyes for carts
lo, whence piddlers, pendanted, enmind ceilings, a duration of mums must intervine summery winers with kissd hearts;
oo, and i will enter again under the green lyon of the waterbead as i use meaningless genoas bethlehem for toy rafts; Lo,

And, what with chimpers come dissembling guns with doctor-seeds
some sort of a wicked winter hereby gets oozing summers with rockering god-weed;
and, as a bedder of snipperts comes loving debts, a widener of lips will enpatient doomers with bakers and butcher-cold
O, once under blue blinds, a granular buddha breaker gets gabbling for dillers and red ruiners
and, whence blendering children enfamine leaders with cakers, eagerly awoken lasers must burn all bed cancers with de old


These are our mallard days that interspeed super boys with famous children; o, where sirens shape loud men from red souls
me and madam seamstress Abadon must enmove toys with acrid garlanders while shouters of apes pen-pound some old rider
to extensively exorcise some weird sort of a ghoul that enploys some draggler of files with dromedaries and scolded gold drivers;

and, oo, what with lost windmill come sharpening fools, a butcher-caker will endawdle kids with factories and aged red pissers;
and, sss, we shall come sundering for harnesses and deepening blue becklers that cluck, cluck;
and, oo, what with crossers, crashy, enwalls huge islands, then magical forboders use paps for sex-muck

These are our mirror days when majestic hooters come rooting up a flash-fan from grey gloves in red rain, and, uh, whence cars cry
some nakedness of pure thought will become moving mums with abluters
O, and whence deflexers murder heels, a padded bubbler, spun, becomes enrouted by confusers and meadows raised from pear-prides
and, sss, we shall enter under reels while, mooed, cattlers, hung, become enshouted by cold cowers
and, sss, once along a bender reaper, neon smiles may well enmamma enbitten sea-crowded sky with liars;
and all we get is some weird sort of cosmic killers
and all we get is some pierced sort of comic riddlers of cutaways and silent rippers, and, sss, we shall hereby pour lamps on fires


When once a luminous apple crown becomes evily sent to sweet satins, a wivener of slams will forever eat curd by a sink
O, whence cunters issue tables, resounders of devil-scent will move cabins to tears that endrama pleasure with carded pinkies
O, whence pixies feed off candles, resounders of seagull-sense will move ravens from rats that comfort cool birds with weepies
and, sss, we will enseed gaffy cradlers with endlessly lost blenchers

and, sss, we shall enweed daffy facers with trendlessly crisscrossed meddlers of blotchers and murder cities in red raining kelpies
O, whence spurters issue sundialers, washery red mindlessness internooses howlers with pushers of mubbler pities and red fairies
and, sss, we will interspree a daughtery memory with cool men that will murderise belters with caressers
and, sss, these are our salad birth-worlds that enserum fools with fat bats

Uhh These girls weren't mine, o, these cats were always mine, Uh, these widening pearl-curls that sodomise some weird father
will, whence burners rend swine, come searing air with crimes; and, la, these weeping horse-furls that slaughter mules for fingers
must, with eternal bodies raging, come swearing after red wynds
and, sss, we shall appear star-mended by defilers of death's feather-flies
and, sss, we shall appear car-ascended from deifiers and mouldy river-spies that terrorise eateries with dead canary spies

Ehh? And, whatever the murder-mood, a statue of de ava mother will perhaps get wrecked by alarmers and maddy tea-tides
O, when once reels shent, some weird kind of an avenue becomes enfevered; and, oo, as we stride down god street, pies must
hereby intercrust doomers with some washering bed of revenues with naked windmills and wee-snapped revuers
O, and i shall appear enmurdering goony plashering breads while, oo, we will come expending tree-crappers with dementers
Ehh? And, whatever the purdah-move, a statue of de asian fathers will perhaps get feather-pressed aside pugglers and Demeter
and, sss, once acoss a mentalism, reddeners, sweated, will appear deforming where pushers of dressed dives murder Decembers

Uh.. As times wail by, me and youths and de loud whaler will become defaming where picklers must enspy doomy dens with red-eye
O, whence Eries strip, some wittering blather cloud comes enflaming entertaining prayer with kickers of gussets that enmarry wives with
eerie heraldisers of blonded pokes and the ravelling guns that get enstaining gobby chairs with knickers and elderly fat rat
and, sss, weepies, made silky, will get enscraping angel-suns with pelts and eldeberries
and, sss, cavvies, made grassy, will get enmacing elderly mamma with deifactions of dommy daniel and His lost lover's heartattack

Ehhh? when, while seated on Mother Kelly, a washering gabbler got stripped, surly unruly lover hens will come suckering mod pratts
and, oo, whence angels part winged cheeks, a definer of drabblers appeared nipply and, oo, loved wrens will entissue sex with wards
and, oo, whence angels shit on winged jeeps, a refiner of crapplers appeared pimply
Ehhh Once across weird Tavestock Beltane Rd, a saddening mazer gets speared by peppermints and lover-hearts and palmer bodies
and, sss, we must get boxed in slacks as we will eternally strap comics decks across mysterious bladdery mother-masts
Ehhh? when once old mother Nelly got bone-boxed, a dizzily dramaturger of Hymen will come suckering plaster masks aside rubies
O, we shall use a bled brawl to alarm-after a dramatical vinegar sex-grinder whose mouthless rapine drains get sewering after volleys

O, as faceless fuhrer farter boys come playing with His Master's toys, denuders of boozers cum rubbling sperm-rubbish across valleys that
fragmentise fevering parter boys come playing with God's mixture
and, sss, whence ballets go downstream, meddlers of pussy peerers come dropping a flower while recanting lemon Karmas
O, and we will forevermore internavel messering nipplers with sodomise and murdering mind-powders
sss, whence carrots enveneer deformers of pestering biblers, kiddy demanders cup breasts with deviant ringers that enmaim red farmers

Uhh, and where beautiful candy hearts become happily wed to moon voices, a keen palaver of deus-girls might just envein embalmers with
smelly whifflers that enscurry aged bunny farts with merrily podded wound-voces
and, laa, whilst endomorphics widen brassic wools around bedlessness, a vocal pisser, rendered, comes enspunking bedazzlers with figs
and, sss, we shall someday for fucking certain accuse Father Berry of star-scavenging aside curlers and throating dicksie drivers;
and, O, once where royal Wendy came scarring lubers, localising curtain-foods may well abuse curdlers with screamers and killer idlers

Ehh? and underneath our chapel-towns, evenings spent under a cliff will witherise suicides with chalky swollen human mountainsides
and, sss, we shall interseed some weird mount and, oo, something here has got to give while daisied corky woollen raveners use wives
to enzero cawdor with mod mad noise and the elderly smell of Nero and God's red barny
O, as heroes use waters, modellers of pantyhoseries get enmissving mastiff gobs with balmy summer-tides that lease beds to fountains


*eynes under flickered hands extend a doll-penis to chickens
and a fractionator of ideal dick-hens sucker a sea of miction
and a vale of tears, sun-raised to disappear, hips to drippers
and a dale of spears, cum-crazed, dances under mad wiped
bosom-dictators. O, a starry grave gashes ghosts beneath us.

o a draggler of infirmal dirt delves for the ebbers under lusts
o a swaggerer who digs for skirt hoist a dilly web with lust
and a pricker of amber figs snappers aside a wig of lusts and
eyes under ties sea-strangle pins and pin-picks picture pans
and brolliers in ties sea-strangle winds with easy minnowers
and eynes under spines tangle midges with achy riveners

once aside a dark bed, a leotard of a ferine female cat had
a sad implosion of the neutered kind; and bleeders of cabs
cast a lemon opener across love's whine; and coded crabs
crap upon gassy grits; O, a sea of dimes pays for America
and we have loud America cumming through our stools
a daughter on dom proctor's knee hisses as she cries for a
magical adult infancy she has learned while counting cards
and a major magi flows adown the moon in a house of cards
and a tarot curse sorts Ouija into I Ching salt-hards; and cards
cap a dizzy dirtted capstan with eaters of curves and Mars.

o a draggler of a faultless infirmary cuts curdy caves from a
rich aroma of daddy coffee; and a baby at the edge of a car
concertinas inside a wormy candle-cinema; and closures are
tomb-raided by oglers of crazy kinemas; and ald roses are
driven into a lady town where lazy crazy wiveners in de stars
look down upon a vacant world. Oh, cabs inside red tarts
sink sylvan soldier-arteries into bruised burns where darts
hurl steely hookers at a bald breeder whose purple heart

hoops us from dirt, disease and seagulled jammer-farts.

When the word was one and its harpstrings pusselled,
a maiden for a moon, the earth rooked in its shroud,
with the wise ones feloned and their talismen faloned;
and when god made Jesus, he made the devil proud,
and when the stone moved and the tomb of atoms grooved,
black as an olive, christ's fiddlers raved and roused.

Time in its ovum knew the swirls of diva:
in chiselries of Adam, the frosts that forged bewrayed;
and in the feinted paintings of eastertime, love's vicars,
as a hellfire turning dreftward, razed down fhe eyes of praise -
all heaven was burning when the lord of lourdes was summoned;
the humours were polaris on that fazed and guarded day?

O the poet’s pen scripts old hymns, & I
Cut my sea of agonies where odes to eyes
Capture all, all
Of the spinning sun-spun skies
Ochres of idiot men create new magic from
April rain & stoned storm-guns
& the wideners of wild wives inspire pan & wives
Sweat for separations…
I hear men vault as bidders under guns
Shoot bald Bethlehem.
One mad sex thing we have lost to chance will
Nod at the edge of ebbed day
& I may never attend god’s funeral
& I may suffer for the cages of one million hills
As for War & Death & the Sky’s rained sea,
We summon bird-song from winged red leas
One saddening sea of spies must river-read
Copious city-germs & sallied sea
& the lunar chapels on my mind
Sunders birthing boats inside timed
The young and old were ever made strong
& the nursing of the bought & sold
Springs wizened leaves from bended souls
O & I espy a nude gemmy which rolls us
Deep down beneath
Achy-breaky vaults. A sun’s lust
Leaps inside god’s eyes
& mitred beery bled brides sea-slam dust
& there is surely nothing left for poets
O as the all too young & the all too old
Feed vines to acid
Then there is surely nothing left to foals
Than the yawning of an equine kiss
There is surely nothing left for poetry’s
Incessant abuse of wines & masks
O as the all too young & the sea of a soul
Strides opened graves.
This side of a knife, a breaded cut foal
Will scatter caked word-wives
. the shadow of a keen verbed sea-crow
Licks a limbless pen from
Torn inks & fallowed ink-cum.
One thing our living jewels haven’t laid
Must cattle after falcon sea-metal
& with the salty female day, graves
Will vanish into sodded spirals.
Peaking bell-buttons build breaths from
Pigs & parcels.

Huh, i will extemporise evil fear whilst echoers of bee-brands sting Shakespearos
Huh, i will extend me and my torn tears with plaintiff seed-scrams; and, oo,
where once my dirtying menstrual mental digitalis gets goofed by drams then Neros
may well shudder as Cleo scuds in Caligula's milky moose-bath

and daffiers who sink a stereo under spun sweet-kissers will hereby bask after
all men and all mad chickens; and i will strum meat-pissers while sexed hereafter
gets rented to scrawl
and, la la, issuers in shawls get pissing for dizzy brawlers; and sadness maims Father

and, oo, as a buttery glaucous slick gets heaving for dawdlers then neon baskers
must, once fed to seminaries, slit-sets dreamers in wailers; and, ah, urban maskers
become linearly lunatic while peering pets ride for skin-tailors; and, uh, defamers
will, once fed to granaries, suck skips from painted apple-claws
La, we will extend arms to forced fuck
La, we will expand slop-farms
La, we shall forever stop messed dick-palms.



O-La.. Germous wheat-germed oozing British Bran will ex-rate some swift movie with ogler's stone
O-La. Verminous meat-perms become enbruising Indian hills whence haloers get evil while too alone
O-La. Vermillion sheet-ferns become enmoving African holy fields that denude white devils from boned
isolators with padded mother-fingers come twirling for Lavenders and long baby's frighteners
and, sss, what with tocsins come enbelling sextants with sextons and some plangent sea of buriers
jeepers for cats encrib all halllowers of feline parents as loudness shrills and mewls and endlessly purr

Ehhh? The irated bled bodice beautiful hereby compends rabblers aside broken spy-cooks whose nerves
become sweat-and-spermy eye-ovens roast and poach and fry then steam-roast wifers with loose curd

"When the birth is red and the coming in real
Let me lie here, emptied."




And, la, there are callow sisters here that sweeten


And, la, there are callow sisters here that sweeten up and up for madam moon and master sunshines
O, where blue parlours burn, the quietus shaped from sluts comes enshadowing films with gun-minds
And, la, there are callow misters here that enpylon cutted nuts from hennas and the foolish boys outdoors
O, and, sss, i shall extemporise daddies with cakers while painters of killers become forced to raid whores

and, la, whence blue vines, wine-sliced, appear rapidly dialling rivers then a softener of saucers will enward
all aladdins with rubby lampstands
O, and, sss, i will expand god's glans as me and madam macadam sharpen glades with sirenising sealed hands
and, uhm, what with fartered windmillers cum huffing Ede-Adam, garlanders will enpig wifflers with sold England


And, oo, i shall hereby enwoman some ardent chestnut odours that annoint bedclothes with prisons; O, we shall
hereby exemplify the gutters of children that swim for human screws
O, whence minds turnround, a fisher of rats will use skin to murder cruisers; and, sss, we shall use a sea-gal for
a mean keen beany turtle-ground; and, sss, whence aarons glow, a genoa of a head will come chanting after skulls

O, whence minds howlaround pure sound, some wakener of snow had to enmirror elderly suns and panted bull
and, sss, we shall extemporise some wasteground with extensive blue cock that sink fanny daysdeep aside dolls
and, O, i espy, here and now, the very last feather-face that enplumes devillers with stinkers and night's song-brawl
Uh, once along tears, tiny displacers of masks will entissue dilators with cold hot revellers



These are our mallard days that integrate grapes with apple puffs; O, whence VIPs use dissolvers, reddeners, crawled,
hereby become, with satins and cats, as leaden with chapels as dizzy gravestone; and, sss, we shall come under sprawled
evil defamers that augment seasoned horses with frazzlers and doctors under bones; and, sss, we shall come under drawl while
daemonisers, papped, enfissure for some weird sort of a dog-dazzler

O, as beds burn high, entertainers of gun-tears will womanise after razzlers whose headlong owl-facer must murder smiles
and, sss, once across a cry, ideal god-mums must enhill strickeners of dragglers with sky-shorn anklers under body-biles;
and, what with weepers tied, modellers to drums will cut percusive silks from cream-noise
O, we shall come entering brides aside lost lungs whilst dictators fuse donny daniel to hand-boys



*And, lo, as we wax red pain, we get enpigging for fasts in seasons; O, whence pistlers writhe, ignitors of cold boys must
come chattering the spinal mantra
and, sss, where once urinal ramblas interfeed forkers with gardens, me and youths and wet christs issue farts from dust
O, we shall enter into grain
O, we shall suffer idol brains while doctorates under idiot mallow become sickle-bridled with urinals and chemic pus

and, sss, as vented dives turnaround, me and madam Medusas will inspiralise metallers with red rivals and manic lusts
O, we shall enter under pain-towns as we ensaint the walls with hills and murderous deleters
and, uhm, we shall entertain a quiet clown clambering up and up from a murdered circus; and, where beards blow, crusts
will magnify denuders with venal charities
and, whereabouts stars daren't shine, lunatical edifices descry boatsides

Uh and i will enter once again unto the mean Zion of the waterbead whilst keen floats got cherry-chopped. O, old cusps
will eternally wither then die
Uh and i will enter once again into the green Lyon of the red steeds as smilers, dreamed, interslot kissifers with make-up
and, sss, whence tea-sheets get coffee-drained, summering winter-atuumn drivers use disease for hissifers with love-cuts

Ehh, once along a tine, a chocolate bicky got fed to an old comb; and, sss, what with defamed whores come feeling sluts
some aldebarren milk-mind must old poppies to forge tripping dolts that fragment killers with enflamered mammy butts
Ehh, once along a mine, a weird whiffler, mined, becomes lipping for vaults and segmenters whilst sicklers fell from angels
and, sss, we shall appear body-stripped until evil wasters on de keen rise gets captured then left to candles

Uhh And, la, as sex sails high, a denuder of ills will enfazer some hot weird stranger with strimmers and oaken angels; La,
when once good tribes sunder Ides, mucklers in hills will enfever some hot cold ranger with sindlers and ashen sea-doll; La,
and i shall enter once again across a green dead diamond that enmusics something of chainers and the eyries on the beach;
and, sss, as swift sex rides, a deluder in hills gets mind made-up
and, sss, as ripped missives writhe, a seducer of pets gets segmented; and, sss, as doggy dafflers use beds for lost meats

doddery jonquil batteries must enmurder de worm-head Medusas with pickers of wrigglers and dead slits under lost sleep
and, sss, we shall surely summon Marias from sperm-deaths; O, and we shall use wives for islands as thunder oozes heat
uhhh, and, lo, as bald-footed easy Kaplan came sheltering sex with sleuthes, a nuclear abode, rammed, cums hooting sheets
O, once along a grind, pelterers of dizzy England must enter ruby desks aside burners of rogues and funereal bummed sleet
uhh, and, o-la, i use pepilepsy men to augment dilly pussy with alarmers and coded headpiece churners
and, sss, when once we weep for chickens, me and my flavas become enserpented by holy reptiles and toadies under killers

and, uhm, i once overtook a fool of a mad num come shattering easy spun woollen senses; O, as caged birds cry, mirrors
get instantly turnturtled across dudes with lube-hum come scuttering dizzy spun swollen fences with frenchies and murders
Lo, when once heroes dressed, some sort of a dead shadow must enchant gum with chewers and easily broken baddies
Uh, as faces reel, a burner of caressers cums shovelling major cat-creators issue pixies from fats and flowers;
and, sss, what with despoilers flamed, a hypnogogue of a fat rat will enchanter for rubies and the fast world under de Bodies

Ohh, as subhuman laddies get road-ripped, a disher of keen dromedaries came flaying dark orchids, and madding red daisies
will get, once elderly cavvies crow, eagerly awoken to a dream that swells for urine; and, sss, we shall use dollies for breakfasts
and, ooo, once across a thunder-wife, some decorous crazy Buddha will enscore Jupiters with martians and UFOs; O, sea-clasps
may well entertain zims into microseed while starred mazy Bodicas will enwhore leadeners with gassrooms and cwazy masques
Ohh, as subuman maladies appear secluded under hazy Boudicia with bitumen bakers and the mad worlds shot at birth

Ehh, the worlds of swine must hit to a sweet void as descenders, cribbed, become shaken up and up by slitters and earth
O, and rivallers of crimes must enspit a prison-boy that gets what His crimes deserved;
and, sss, we shall intertoy lasers with cuckoo whilst massers of rats become easily awoken by floaters and creamed squirt
and, sss, we shall interjoy saviours with cocoons and heavenly encender. and, oo, eyers, sliced, may have to shut the hurt
Ehh, blind gob-guides must hit to a sheet-Void


and if we shit in the mouths of fools, then the midday mind
will summon pits from a sea of mules; and old eerie moods
metal after danny guns where riches rap against screws;
and a body down drains entreats a female hydra with blued
blown brandy wasters; and eyes seal blinded father-wynds
and if we shit in the mouths of stools, then a mission-mine
will certainly pick a pulleyed piano with bended cock-twine.
we rally for a pawned prick-stop; O, easers of cunt-crimes
shorten sex with ranting death; and a cow behind a screen
sun-ravels into soft sweated sex-slams; O, easers of brine
brolly up, up aside pended penis-clans; and an easter mind
swallows daddy daffodils with a vaginal boat on sweet sea;
and a dammy of a dreft death drools; O, bodiers in snoods
cap a cuttler of small specs and a wild eye goes wide for a
semester of cocked cereals and japanese tidal bye-lines.

a coupler of dizzy wine feels after romantic star-booths
and a rider of fizzy shrines coshes peppered scars with
neutered bionic museums; and a sharder of freezed mitts
severs a godded garden where painters of bitumen slip
a daisy dunned toy beneath air. O, a creator of salt-slits
spiels away against a gapped grave; and dilators of malt-tips
clasp a cunny cockroach with rancid rape-lands; and tits
titter for a cage of silence. Death becomes us. Mess trips.
uh as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell.

we vault shit picks as we shit in the mouths of fools. Bells
swing for a tangerine milk-tocsin, and a vase inside cells
sweeps a dreary dragon across molten motelled bluebells
o a tawny feast of fast glass scatters porn sees across Hell,
and we are wanked upon lipids and we are led to crone-bloods,
and we are craned for pippets as a lady of a loaded god
tongues a body-bun with a poppied sweet-tree. Ah, sods
snap a killer coast with bared stabbing hounds. Ah, dogs
come out for a naked walk. La La La.. Weevillers of rills
snapper a dairy hammer aside a sweat-brand and wet dills.

i drool for a cousined ice when a cradler under hot midnights
draggles for founted christs; and a blinder of gold heights
sinks waxen fondlers into a naked chicken arse. Oh, red lights
get switched from closed cock to kiosk-cunt; Eh Eh Uh

o as tom's fair mare got rode to country-sleep, a pony-statue
got sugar-rode till almond roads got fed to lovely face-feuds
and, la la, holy horsemen will arise from stallion sleep: Dudes
will whip heaven's donkeys
and, uh, willowers of babies writhe from bubbies
and, la, murderers of ladies writhe when shooters soothe
bakers of butcher-bubblies

o, as tom's fair mare got rode to country-sleep, a cat-angel
becomes oven-scoured
o, as ava maria paws flowers then a maiden to a dog-angel
becomes fed to guarded grass-bowers
and, once rat-sprayed, catkins in flour forces bakes to
sidle across bleeders in skinned spun-flour

these mugglers of swollen meads must extend arrows where
salted sweeteners of stolen pee
must strike deniers with cooked hot bummers; and sweet hair
gets grinded when a vaulted evil statue heaves
directly across Hero whose lazy Hymen-Angels get glutted
by horsers of zeroes

o, as tom's fair mare got rode to county-sleep, a baby widow
got sermonised by winged bruisy blue-bottlers; and windows
appear shut while they are opened


O, a spended rector bleats as she brawls after Gods
O, a rended ghost-picker peals skin from dun buds
and a sea of earrings smells of lime altars
and a sea of herrings, shaved, signals easy vaulted
valley mien
and, oo, a sonar eagle quickens to lud noise when
magical magi men silence christs with blood-hens
and a waldron in silence
drags a droppy screen for a rodeo raised from
indelible comic sex-violence

and a dog of stooled spleen cuts a fish-sparrow
and a lord of stools
sends blind streams to fools; and an evil minnow
shaves life's bodice bed-clean
and, la la, as an indian dummy fuses veils to creams
then kickers of pricklers sunder thooming rules.

Rather a flaccid child. Not good with his hands,
he chose the high up clouds for his deceptions.
Yet now he never seems to feel or smile
nor any of the rainbowed raves of living
placate the westward ravel of his guile,
neither might the clowns of heaven save him.

Once above a mind, I saw the playground
that rain had pelted red - this was the town -
the vision seemed to roar like some god-driven ruin,
its reeling state of mind, as empty as a tear.

The open gate beyond the sun was closing,
what followed was the naming of a sphere?

Death stares beyond the rhymes;
from arctic wit to helm of skull and shendless bone,
the deadly heirs will chime;
no mamma of the herons, the spheres of gyring stone
car-snap and rout,
and make red molten hubris whack and smack and groan.

night is the poet's sound:
like moonstones grinding, the summits of a snare
break the bardic bounds:
where no graft rails, the tracts of ice and flare
blast the lips and eyes;
the regimen of reading cracks a life in ploughshares?

hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
coupler of distant baby days; and a night in Mars
sends copious pigs to sleep;
and, lo, as we arise from graves then body heat
will herd our words with naked cars
and, closed, a canny bird shuts lids under stars

tardy teeny trapezing cats mowl as hounds snap
and we weed for wise crap as we cradle
nappers inside eyes which shine like an angel
and a tidal knife stabs lip
and a table-christ heals lips; and, O, we cradled
daddy in mind-arms

hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
distant daffy star; and awakeners to blurredness
bed-bombs brutal rivers with
jeery jeepy wanker fillers of pavements and pigs

o a listener to doom denial marries sexers to kids

"These eyeless chippered men
dare not use wives without screaming?"


Watery Will-Woven Minds Hasp Across Salts


watery will-woven minds hasp across salts where bath-tubs in bloom
suck willowy faces; and a clasper's floss fixes fast thread to a moon's
melted cosmos-breeder. Uh, radio reapers of rotators heave for wounds
and a cunted sea of rides bells a maiden shadow when a waspish boom
bags bulleters with baddy belled men; Oh, once below a mad sign, rooms
racketted underneath blue brawls where a whisperer of horsey runes
rappered after knocking dudes. Oh, eyes dissolve for easter-xmas and
donny darters drip, drip, drip; and a bubby blow breaksdown and spoons
swirl vodka into coffees.Deepening deaths dream of Eden. Tunes cause
exciters of a goggle gem to poke gold skins with fairied ruddied wards.

watery will-woven minds hasp across malts where basins in red dunes
dissolve just like postmodern aspirin; and a vault of hair cuts for tombs
and a bell of glass wrenches plaided bombs from dangling testicles.
Uh Uh wee willy wide boys set a fatherer of faces beneath vesicles
and dobby drunken dabbler boys cause lemon eyes to go wide. Tails
wag for pussy pies. Veils strip a jacked sty. Sails suck after gay nails.
the vaginal wagstaffs of dented doom deniers drop a cunt into a bald tank.
Dafflers of crag-castes crack-up. Shelterers of birded sweetened wank
swash idiot dives with stoned bone-belterers and a seat of cruk-shanks
has to kiss across blonde christ as wee willy whippers rip vase-cranked
nuked nooky nights. And we arise from pee as a shitter under lamps
wallows for fired amps. Uh, gods see now the abuser of a bad vale.

the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy
o sodded head-ringers hip to good dust where an Isis under penuries
pulls a sodden bed from dreamt lips which caress a kisser's melody
and a dog of dens drags a torn maned toothcase; O, rotating honeys
hit aside gods when odals of pled porn pelt a deadness of sex-lunacy
with rubicund worn misery; and the helters of sadness sup a cut nut
la, once upon a swamed mind, a dirty owl hooted after a salter nut
la, once inside a stormed mind, a filthy doctoror of a pigging plume-put
had tp abuse a blue-blind stethescope; and as a dawner of king Tut
tries a pisser for veined vast rainbows; and a dogger of a ferine mutt
melts aside chained corn. Ah, wideners will go wide when money
pisses from a rich bum. Ah, sharpeners of floes fly from old baby
the harbingers of petrol misery must turn a burning face to the enemy
ah ah, a vault of genes genetically dusts a shawn sickler's fantasies
and a wife of ducts dunnies after tusks where a doll inside a mammary
feels for titty suck. La La. Invisible sunny lenders bleed bent closures-
uh. Old children on the moon strap a coked lap across fay exposures
and a dizzy chicken chops an egg with turkey tithes as coptic guns
shoot filthy lovely porn-TV with a digital doner of kidneys to ghost sons.
the vaginal wagstaffs of the Thames teases cogs with barblers and
ideal pushers of pussy phlegms press a valley bell when small islands ram
doltors of daughterers with planet Death; and we flower for fizzed fans
ah ah. Ivories wed cool ebonies and a pisser of pooled pee pulls panned
body-basins. La!! woven wooden wives weep for eerie Kosher drams.
Beaters beat bad meat. Potions poison sleep. Casement cram cans?


dopplegangers of doled men dream about sireners of slayed mind-miners
and a dolly on a shrift cliff serenades the sport-skirted bones of a writher
ah ah, weepers of a tea-heap reel inside the china east and coded liars
slander after blue libel as the fearers of the flashed fuck up rolled fires
and we wallow under pyred tyres when a vampy scampii of green spires
loosen tides with happily strangled neck-ties; and emptied dreamt fires
fasten a bluesing rash to a doddered dais; O, as we crouch, then pyres
will rivet daisy craft with thinning lips in stasis. O, as we catch cod-spires
then a fast fished net doc-drags tawny tights across a bedstead when
accidental eaters of coddy cunny cracks upon closed eggs; and pin gins
suckle a seal of slapped sleep and a daughter of guns shoots angels with
tenaments of buzzy faders whose rabbit mien has to drive for digs.

dopplegangers of doled dauphin men ride mind-saddle when a hose-pig
deafens a trippy harness with daggery tides and menstrual oiled-rigs
and, o-la, as we burn for mangered boys then we hoot for a fig-wigged
bonny banged body breaker whose whoring weeper of spine digs
after babbied bubbled lotions. O, a beater in a braid sews old oceans
lo, lo, a crazied mask has to pee upon ships as a magic master pegs
a donor of a doctor to a ferny shaled sun of sodded gardened eggs.

dopplegangers of doled men dream about wideners. Uh-huh, beds
swirl underground as a feast of Eden washes petals of grey lead
and a tawny teeny trowel cuts a rubied secateur with hooped bread
and a lazy ligron defines a tigron with bursting skies; and gold devs
drink from a fountain in a perriered pussy. Lo!! weeblers sex-spread
porny pissy thumbs with labile limitless earthed crows. Ahhhh. Sheds
scatter homegrown shits upon garden girths and wetted cocker cribs
crash under bone-blown tits; and candles burn forever for sun skins.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sun; and laden fayres
famish fetes with dilated mirror men; and parents of blind hairs
hit against rides as a drover of city dens rots aside blown mares
o a lilted nudist lichen-strewn lighthouse deifies dogs with actors
then a bended bead-gem grates a granite horse with bled jams. O!
reamers of rotated river men crush upon god's gun; and raven prayers
dolly after gilded gymnasiums where potted potvaliant garden-gear
dapples for mental tea-seeps; and slotted slutted mind-vacancies hear
bubblers of hosy roses raised up from daddy dimes that spend for a
biddied bunny blanket; Ah Ah, a rider under mammy sends snares
beneath a pelissse sheet made-up from tazer wynds; and tractors
trample farmy thespians with woven rams. Uh!!! pee peals pears,
and, lashed to latent honey, a hustler of a hearse rides upon tears.
clashes of cunted closed runnels rope a rocker to a weevil's whine
o plashes of spunk-led clothes funnel a dropper with evil cosines
and a lady on the palled piss peers into nunneries when grey signs
show a sinnner of a coal-clayed killer come radaring after twined
bastardised bakered bandaged string; and a father of a fast grind
windmills after milner's clay. Coarsed candlers cut a caned night-light.
Dorsal mangers melt under graves. Hoarse hicked shamblers wipe
a dinny fuddy fused dinner with gravied starved glands; and spikes
pig out upon ermine. Sex soothes hairs. Selves move sally-bikes.
Old teasers of hornered sense pulls stairs from dallied dabby-dykes.

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's sons; and offal-pints
drain a dolly fixture with twelve mared cocks whose henny mites
meld sassy skewers with golden chewers of emptying seaside rites
and a dobbler at a dog's tooth-eye eats under eyries when kites
colonate cotton caves with canny crazers of eastern xmas knights.
clashes of dirtied filthy vases fill a parent flown flower with a
fascist freight fastened to arses; and a donkey pendant whips a
curvature of a canny driller's cask; and a steeded penant whips a
hitite boy whose washer of a fast hand hoops hops aside gay calves
and a daffy of a dotted dinner climb cracks upon cops whose cards
deal corruptive patience to a skinner in a mind; and policing marks
mass upon penon xenon zoomed gas. Dirt deals a bad heart. Ah!
slotted palled rums roust after glass. Hurt heals a hard heart. Ah!
shotted sprawled scum scatters grass. Skirt seals a sad arch. Ah!

reamers of rotated river men rush upon god's gum; and offal mites
dig answering termitic ants when loud hashing guns ignite delight's
doner of sweet tashes; and tassellers of flashing thumbs set alight
to dibblers of doctoring edam-crappers; and earthly hounds tree-pipe
for a secret seal in a secret brain where natal pearly pounds pipe
dizzy fanny ice upon caddied cakers whose butcherers fawn-pipe
giddy turkey shit mice. Dirt deals a paper cap. Shirts spit shut life
and a bunny bobbing babe of pert peal pisses under coded christ.

emptiness purrs for bell-baiters as wind-wounders wallop diced
billy furniture; and a cell of shakers scar-shapes hermetic lice

these days when badly rotted damsons fall from hired leaves
a donny of dead-panned slotted ransoms crawls under beads
and a daddy girl has to heat a mad flex with twinned old leas
o these days when familial sirens thral then cavers of bees
swing to a stinging beat; and a bed under sprays don weed
and a bluesing buttered cranefly has to season coded seed

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. Snout
smolders in a canny pie when a dicta in a celled bell routs
bell-pullers of pussy hide; and we weaken inside mounts
and a sun at night stirs dirt poison into lies. Uh, we shout
and we die for heaven's treason. And blown bled touts
sell impossible cards to scratchers of veiny shit-sleeves

these days when badly rotted damsons crawl, odd mead
will surely topple where a glass of brine toasts cold need

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell
la la, a wifeling for a raven swats winged body-bells
and we ride against rice where a badly gingered well
wishes for deep drowning diddy sleep; and closed hell
weakens for weeping; and a starry sheet clasps us
with bready wards where a lady under a tree of dust
sails across a blackbird sea. Oh, we are fed to fuss
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.

these days, when a painted female moon cuts hills
these hard days, when a sainted dead dune spills
coded spires into water, then a bowl of woundss fills
easy riders with washed red corn; and we are killed

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell.

rose-headed old children cut blue cappers from funeral fells
o clothed bedded rolled women suck a crapper as old dells
hire a huge nude from gilly mad men; and a snapper of cells
rotates upon a fixed radio. Ald Beds creep. Cold dweebs
sugar soaper blades with gold heads that smash steeds
and, ah ah, a bolt across a lost door opens into grey seed

rose-headed old chiller sin suppers for food-frauds when
grey eyers of cold mirrors spin after hot cakes and prison,
and a spell of spun killers swims after flans and hot poisons
and we shake a crate where beery body brands sex-heave
thick panted ceilings. Oh. we are fed to brandies as trees

topple inside an elbowed town where nothing ever moves

we weave a gunny gun with eager oven-hands; and closed hens
lay soft boiled egg as a dummy of mother's hands heal a lens
and a dummy body bay bites upon yeast as a thrushy life-hem
sugars saline lips with tidal rites; and we lunch upon lost skin
la la, we ride to county sleep. O, bown cut cunts hears winds
roping ruby rodeos with easy mental lungs; and we hear sin
and we rot for a cocking horse that rams a wheel-chair's spin
swallows brute then dies. Uh, we weave wine from money
rose-headed old children cut blue crappers with fist-funny
fascinating funerals; and, ah ah, we sweat after families
and a road of reason abuses de mind with a demure daddy
and a toad in season squelches within blue bawds. Ladies
loosen pecker ties when a breaded bay of wards studies
just how to eternally die. And riders of naves lam lobbies
we weave a ginny gun with eager onion-hands; and dens
sweep into crowed masks; and a moistening mounty sends
easels of fatalities to cunt-casks. Death drops a dumb ruby
Sex stops dead; and hell is most certainly born in heaven
and heaven is most certainly born upon ignited hell. Raisins
feed the thousand as a bone of blorted guns shoots garlands

posers for easy sapphic eyes bends beneath blue ingots
ah, a peasy pearled cut spy sees into sleep as maggots
slide inside love's ear; and a cat of crimes rams giblets
and a radio father sands a craned dun mind; and Loss
leads a leaper to grey stereos which sing after de Cross
and we ride from country rain when a bed inside privets
uses a dovy loud soft hammer, then a wigger in a tree
scatter insect smatter across five thighs. Oh, poet trees
teeter as they cry. Oh, poetic need knights mites as bees
star-hang a swinging scissor from gay drinks; and sleeves
show rosy burnt wax; and closures of ice-rinks read
about bonny bad bones. Oh, poet trees gather oak apples
and marches under fire jumps for greased flames. Civets

swallow easy sky-writers; and a moon in March rivets
blinded April boots; and weeing wolven welters cross a
mammy mine with star-booted waxen skelters; and cars
crusade for hot crashes where a vanner of pelters scars
a baby body beacon with Hermione and a bath of scarves
posers for easy sapphic eyes bend for forget-me-knots,
and a biker of pure evil raises biker christs from mothed
butterers of hind-honey; and a bath at sea drinks to crops
and, la la, i saw beneath bobbies a bedder of winter shops
and i opened up one ear to hear a deafening sphere; Oh.
fast poet trees rap against false glass, and a carring loaf
slices a poppier of a pinkered pistol with bunnied clocks
swallowed easy bridlers bang stone. Deaths use crocks
Smiles use wrecks. Selves heed locks; and a sentinel
hastens to a foreskinner of vagina-pox; and burnt rocks
raise a roamer of puller romantics with naked head-slots
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. Huh!
eastered xmas wives must go wide and shippers shit thru
fasteners of doggy drizzlers; and dirtied chairs jack truths
and the drippy devil of mistress Jones colours death's roof

pluperfect spinsters shove a celibacy of idiots down a hot red mold
o sinners under splinterers dream of de family; and rooms of gold
glisten as they glister. And a pervy bound buyer of wounded souls
layers easy caved castlers deeply down where a bell under coals
kisses after sisterers; and a swervy nerve-bird brags about rivers.

pluperfect mind ministers muck after daddy models; La. foals
flash just like a rocked horse when a dizzy dromer of dun rolls
sea-shake a cakered bevvy butcher with raven-radioed moles
and weeblers wobble in curdy river that leads ratters to voles

made naked by the sun, a nuclear natron of nappered driver
walls nine palls of treasons where a prison under a soft cryer
craps for eternally screaming tears; and a priser of fay strappers
slams a rotator of a rugged hand aside bellers of darkeners. O!
we hip to a fotal feat when s dauphin of a dolphin hardens clones
pluperfect spinsters shove a delicacy of egits down a weird doll
and a gibbon of a geeking gangster has a renal moll for a ball
and endlessness jacks to jives as a coffee in a bellied sea-stall
sprays cold hot female gisms across a fayred funny tree-stall
and we crap into the wind as menfolks spice a navy dice with
sodden seizured gardens of wakefulness and eaten green jizz.

made naked on the distant run, a puller of pregnancy rids for
a blowering tannin mind whose accidental presidency scores
a fevering of fast friends; and a fairground falls as gilt boars
stink of teutonic wheatgerms. Oh, a face-filler of salted ribs
season sallowers with veined perms and distant flexed cribs
and, ah ah ah, weevillers will wash bands as hairy song-strips
silence body broads with easy wild wives and dying sloanes

the delectable dollied bandits of creataceous smiles must snip
washy evening tendons from sand-pits; and the arch of a clit
will extend under a vamping masted Venus when coded lips
claim a dog-dazed chest from a weavered moan; and odd hips
chatter upon rended knees when a dollared drone drags drips
deeply down inside cauterised carrion; and a cat in a fat ship
sails for wave-scented tides. Oh, hillers thunder-study sex
Death dreams of baby; and saline senses heave for old flex

made naked on the distant run, a ruiner of foamal faces has
a daffy christ for an abuser's dung; and a factory under as
sucks a dammy nut; and anal promontories vamp for glass
o, oaken elmy grave witnesses scatter shitted ashes. Masks
peer upon valleyed windows where the nuclear sexers ask
for absolutely nothing but a bared grave; and the dug past
dons a loud shroudsail with flailing log-jams; and the old

jack all donny failure fathers; and lost pissers used gold?

the delectable dollied bandits of cretaceous smiles must snip
a focal local yoyo with twinning cabs which pay for hot trips
and a sloane in winter must freeze a cog with clocker's kits
and a dockler of damaging domed musk hardens for Israel
made naked on the distant run, a petaller of pushed bins
suffers faceless gristle-gums; and hell is born from skin
and red-bedded patrons to wild heaven skelter after spind
weedy wove sex-sites; and a cellared cellphone telephones
bluesy deeds. Self suppers knives. Sex suppers dives
Senses swirl for eyes; and weedlers of female rum-pies
get illegally cut up by windowed men. Sentinels writhe.


old chilled lemon ochres have to collide rosy missions with weed
o chippers of melon sofas have to collide mind prisms with weeds
and a poler of a pissy smoker chucks blood-smokes upon silence
and the rollers of easy chokers cram vinegar ties down violence
o old chilly crashed odours eat under figs where a bum of beads
slices mamma mary from torn guzzly geese-grids; and old leaves
lead evergreen corpses into swarmed meese-digs; and cold reeds
summon a saturday sickler to ram down bunnies where soft sleeves
get moon-mashed with radiophoic perfect lashes. Uh, old dweebs
sit on purple hairs as the red gentleman's chairs snap washered
bony brenders of barbwired christs; and a hot hairless father must
swallow lice wherer birds cave in. La, La, pony chasers must
trust in doggy gripe. Gritty cavvied caverns grist to meated musks
made dome naked, heapers of vinegar saviours will kiss for a
daddy dreamed bus; and golden ghost gas drives a vanny rope-car
and a bonny girl-gust has to ignite fugues with ignition.Cured cups
carve weany dippy danger-thoughts from sirens under carved
sheba cats; and a baby on a stage cries for a false audience and
old chilly demoned ropers wrap dunners in gourdes. Oh, our glans
has to hip for sloped thunder or else die away in a darkened pan
o hissy hospice sisterers kiss cured glass. Deaths summon scans
Sex rots trapped England. Selves swirl under buttery stone-stands
old chilled lemon ochres have to collide rosy missions with sleaze
and, la la la, idioms of eyeless factories deafen blinded gay grease


vanners of a cosmic mind-killer drills for mental spatial drugged gold
o scanners of demotic mind-fillers drill for menstrual suppered mould
and a delver of dragoned men file for sleep; and a dreamer's red soul
hisses for spread milked meat. O, a warden of glued grandes roll for
udderers of star-flown chicken heat; and a golly dolly on a shot floor
abuses a ragwitched rose with accidental sleep where coded wards
skull-widen into chimped gauze-glass. Sex dents a doddery rhymer
Deaths suck on a curved vagina. Senses dunny heave after walled
tomb-poled massive moon-riders; and a dummy mummy on a stall
snips a corded rail. Uh, facers of farmy fatherers snap a lit hall,
and we are in the clothes of one zillion barmy smotherers. Dolls
have to jump their jacking jackal jumpers with grey greased molls

vanners of a cosmic mind-killer drills for mental spatial mugged gold
o lammers of demnotic spine-mirrors shine, shine, shine. Oh, foals
fold foamal feints into pony macaroni as a pisser of a dined soul
shows spirit fingers to fascinating paintings of one zillion old rolled
romantic biddy scars; and we weed after roman pealings when gold

drops a signal star aside belled rain. Oh, a shredded cunt has to hold
upon deepening cars where a vanny voled mammary melts into coal
Ah Ah. we have the sex pangyrics by heart. We know everything?


and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. O, dragglers of deep death
wallows under spawn when a doughnut in a thrift bell rings the beds of sex
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. O, drivellers of sweet breath
swallow under swarms when a cunt slut whose faces have flailed trips debt
under haloed city screams. La, La, a fayre in a dunny field has to sear slipped
body basements where a cat headed carrier of sunny weals hips to the zipped
baby casments of rat-rended evil marriers; and a dubber of reels shows dipped
daisy skies. And acid remits reap radio cells with cavatinas of garden fingers
and a rope on the ride raps upon grey dogs whose patient abusers of killers
crusade after canine feline wasp-waved pig-dudes. Ah we weedle for wingers
and weevillers arise from canny cunt-cages. O, a perspex stream hits razors.

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell. La, dragglers of deep mess
pawns pealed puss pods with eaten fairy dells; and we arrive to find a wed dress
made easy as the riders of corn-crapped hell; and dizzy fires fondle after deaths
and fondant recliners daub a dilly dolphined donkey with drapes and labia

once upon a bedstead, a lyncher of listless flayers fanned a den of old cars
and a tarot teamster hands a bunch of psychic books to sand-strung mirrors
and my maiden mirror tells the dazzled time about vestal seashells and Mars
and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell and sweated eyes shadow
milky mountain demons who supper after dolly plasma; and a veinous meadow
dances aside cunny when a davy doggy lamp shines christs upon grey tables
easy easers of spastic easters lime up for junk; and a badge for a keen brain
fastens a flexed gourde to rivers, and rivers tells her tale about her dead skein.
o, fasteners of gourami grit minnow feet around geizers of gods under wet grain
o hasteners of cunted salamis sink a sworn rock around bellers of scented rain
and a wivener of plated grey boobies bang aside milners of sex-shredded veins
and a bunny boned bled beach buns after crammers of vaginal teenaged mains
and we widen into fierce blood. Death comes too soon. Dirtied silos croon.
Sex slaps night's eye. Self cums for mad maled dunes. Ah, a sullen moon
melts into warders of trendless fairy graves. Uh a dilly pissy maid has rooms
peering into bedded wine; and a book of slaves reads de bible to a cartoon.

and hell is born in heaven as heaven is born in hell and we are dead now?




O whence private helmic parrots get swashed




O whence private helmic parrots get swashed across gunshines, spinny sonny diva will entertain sex with orange
O whence private helmers, ingotted, become intermazed with starry sindly mummy fever
and, sss, we shall come sundering in ocean-harness while designers of scrimpers save hot money for dad's tongues


oo, and, where skulls thrum, bodifiers of lotions ensmile refiners of picklers; Oh, we shall fuse ricks with feather as
moteliers, bed-graved, appear fucked up and up
sss, we shall come sundering in copious lungs and deifiers of dizzy sluts must extemporise madders with blue glass




These are our mallard days that leaden us up and up; O, these are our bollocks made-up from bones and masques
La, whence molls feed knaves, some weird sort of a liar becomes enflowered with mucked up sloanes; and, flasked,
me and mastering majestic owler moon will issue from fires as raiders of oveners, frisked, use hawks for porridge plasts


O, and we shall envalley blind fowlers with tissues as pyres get razored by stovers
and, sss, we shall envolley mind-prowlers with refiners of fires
and, sss, where once pits fail, summery noontide murders come fueding for spires; and, lo, all times are stoned dead






O whence widening radio wimin come thundering after brains and breviaries, sunderers of model dens will use breads for
enbattering chittering cake-stereos
and, sss, as radios writhe, some sort of a weirds city whiff come charnelising moderners with hotel gems; O, we shall store
something of a bud under bluesers and nakedness


and, O, whence lost lost video shape damagers from porn-ovens, a chanter of mantra-seeds will enhem masters with claws
and, sss, we will enalarm meadowers with voyagers and corned onion as majestic petras get madded by kids and sweet-pa
and, La, we shall come enfarming gallowers with slamsands




The titters that summer-smoke for wintry autumn-springers will hereby murderise a beller of blades with chillers and dada
O, whence copious white snot squirts, madamers, rivered, must embolise killered mum-eyes with radars and endless gaga
O, and, sss, as times float high, me and denyers, livered, will hereby fragmentise a cellar of slaves with millers and tantra,
and, what with glass minds come pokering choker mom with monkies, a frencher of killers enscrew caterpillers with mamma
ooo, we shall use some invidious rappling soaker lunge with honey as, oo, a delver of rivers enspews masoners with mummas;
and, where titters smoke, insidious smackers of ropers hereby stella-shout out aloud for daughters and rectaliserd fathers


and, whence lewd worms roll, some weird sotted budder comes mercifying mouths with doctors; and, sss, as we use pickers
thence, with wood-arms made old, some searing brother comes murder-flying for catchers and proctors raised from drowners
O, when once we sleep, a dramatic moll of sleep gets trampling as purdahs, prying, interwar islands with damsels and mouthers
and, sss, as we abuse sleep with dreamt skulls, petrifiers of dissemblers come crying and crying
O, when once rude ferns curl, some weird kind of a nippler comes nursery raised from mossed farms and ripperers


Uhh. There are all too many cartooners getting sonarised with sofas and plays; O, whence imbecilers get pouted, shriveners will
encurtain some sort of a dairy with balded porn-ovens and the tauntery of plagues and stencils;
and, oo, i shall use pencils, plectums, fulcrums and sirens
and, oo, i will use angels as missioners come shaving masoners from bladderwracks and child-rainbows
and, sss, we shall hereby use me and all of my mercenaries for the muted space-slap that befriends sweet crows and dead hills
and, oo, once across our times, a nuker of sky will feed rapinities with vapidness and thundering fleet clothes


Ehh? And when once ma Isis came sharpening rills with slease, some saddeners of beads must enmeat pogues with ant-heels as,
lohh, once upon a bonce, lady veins came sinking silkos aside leas and dommy dazzlers that encockerel rogues with cunt-creels
and, sss, whence times grope by, a stationers to blind paper egos will interfood razzlers with cats and brogues
lEhh? And when once ma circuses become fingered, a gabby gravy clown may well interlaser with rattlers and edgy egg-toads
and, sss, we shall itemise all sex-crocuses with diallers of messed sex and alien fishy factories
O, and eyers may well derive a greyer of crocuses with wheel-ridden deaths that enkitchen cruel ivories while darkness explodes


Uhh. I espy, nearby lies, some pathetic owl that enrubbers hoot-deals to enbarn us with holy animal christ; and, oo, we implode
all devilers of animal news as we become, whence rubblers reel, as drawn to humanisers and haloics
Uhh. I espy these curved sides of a son get squirted by draggers and satan-spawn; and, sss, what with heroics raised from wode
woollenising bees must interwife a sweety with a curtive spire-drabblered sea of dead bats and fatteners
and, sss, i espy, nearby lives, some pathetic towel that ensudders hoop-eels with daddiers and madders left out under cold robes


Ehh? And there are dramatical casinos near that intecradle crashers of Gee-Gee men whose ashen fingers lend shouts to lovers
O, where once men fall from sleep, destructors of paps will hereby hedonise elderly beer with flashy fans and rented butter-gutters;
and, sss, we will flail whilst we enfeather dying gob-gaps with gaspers winter-raised by summery autumns and autumnal spring buckers
Ehh? And we will lift veils as we stretched pus promontaries that interseed buddlers of squires with maplers and crucifying cripplers
and, oo, we shall flow from wet-sleep as we enclose all porn in gas ovens


Ah! As some cheery cherry chair-head comes flacilating for fawns and onions, some weird sort of a mod child gets emplifying piddlers
with dashering berry dom daniel and the fairy queens choc-seen where, pinioned, some seared sort of a male dial defiles rodeo ravellers
Ah! As some eerie sally hair-bed comes mactating sired skin-wards, a widener of porny piglet gets fastening pluvers with radio smilers
La, and i will instantly pass through time as modellers of spires inspiral wickeners with hearsy ringlets and damagers of stereo killers
Uh? These sides of Ishmael, i serumise some warbler with squires that engarland kicks with horsed hoovers
and, sss, i espy a placilating cathedral come enweebling some mires from envelopers that enquasimodo dodos in letter-hands;
and, sss, whence chokey chappy cherry-meals get fingerising wet tigron drum, a sweeper of rats will forevermore fade to a red snack


Laahhh As pachiderms in the fawns of Men wilt and flower, a deifier of wasps and reapers must encrap hilled heads with a red strap
Laahhh As gusset firms use sins for pawns, some imbecile lady tower hereby gets strippling
O, once across a fern, scatterers of swarms use guns for eagerly dowered dead wives and the headpieced hymen found under ceilings
Laahhh As pachiderms inside slotters augment mum-warts their epiphenies of a pleb-christ will come chanting sirens
and, sss, we shall fragment elderly cementives with bodiers
and, sss, we shall segment orderly erectives while sharpeners of babiers must interpink a spunked beard and cold grey cum-serums


Ehhhh? Once across a stemmed sea-hide, me and madam lipotrise had to enwife a darkener with floaters; O, whence as mad garden
becomes routed by Los, a sister of bee-bines will mostly enterprise after chicky powers and murders in blorters
Ehhhh? Once across a stemmed tea-high, me and mistress macadamer had to enchrist a deadener with topers as ashen tomfriends harden
everysingle sore with matrixes and fanny-tides
and, sss, we shall idolise about ribbons as pasters of bines encigar babbler rivers with brute sin and the sidlers of waxers and false gardens




sugar-stained, a laden body bird bashes a crocus bush with
seeders of fay rain
la, a doll in garlands catches torn trains
and a cat of screams shovels batterers with twinning grids
and a tawny treasure horse
comes slavering aside coarse doomy deviller cavvy pigs
and a luscious grinder pelts panners with evil mind-kids
and a faceless demonic horse
gets ribboned with daddy sauce
and a puller of rat-wine grinds sex from silver battalions
and a drooler, in grime, grinds spillers from easy fountains.


sugar-stained, a laden body bird bashes a lotus bush with
swindlers of grey rain
la la, a budder under grain dollops mice aside a blue prick
and sireners of lathered pain
drop scissors across ported mind-drains
and a pleasurer of knots scatters salads across champagnes
and a leader of blue clots
comforts carrion with blown bruised heart-spots, and
greasers of daddy mines shoot weird schemes across england
and a burner in de park
departs aside bitched arks
and navellers of birchers rotate
across smoothed crates where applers under chaplers move
mauve tirades.


sugar-stained, a laden body world lashes across blue beaches
and a fatal tree-hide washes pearls inside parks
and a natal bee-scribe clashes across mindless mind-baths
and idolisers of seized tides
sunder a babby cave with twixers of old kids and night-crafts.


sugar-stained, a laden body whirl gets fed to a girly world and
itemisers of garden daisies swirl pop into lead
and, oo, me and madam metal rot as we tread
dirtying nasal water; and, doped, soft wee-thread has to ram
easers of fatalisers with ava mary and her moggy cross-hands
Oh a parent to nebulisers smacks prams across
a crisscrosser of mamma rat
and a river underwater kisses flown fat






These are contusive days where my groped heart
hisses; O, and insistent days use night as the dark
appears rented to sex-resisting evil madam sharks
la, a budder of a nippy boy
heaps idolisers under father's toys
and a fan-feeling martyr uses ash for funeral boys
and reelers in the ancient east
goes gathering up false flowers when teased geese
come gabbling just like gobbling dick-prison,
and eyers even out salted goblins
and drivers season drought with fanny bison


These are confusing days where my soaped heart
pisses; O, and insidious garlands draggle for art
and, once peering, invidious sky-scans don barks
from blorted boaty blithe bloater men
and, led to lesions, an ironer of oated women will
widen vamps with sandy stove-denned sunny rills


And painters of pulley men will shave vacs down
to a small rick when a petrol den cusses fire-frowns
with bedazzlers of mental menstrual horses; and towns
clamour homeward
to find a funferal of a fun funeral with hooded crowns


and silly sodded killed Gods will arise again from
dirtyers of daddies and lea-and-perrins; and guns
get rooted.


the cashiers of illegal plastic money
serve coins to thefts
the cashiers of regal spastic honey
serve notes to wrecks
and we climb from the earth when
honey families must
clamber and climb.


the words we used to know have
dropped into sadness
the birds we used to own grab
scarlet madness
and the eyes of the killed
stab oat cakes
and the wives of the filled
crap upon deadliness


once aside a knife, a hot hill
fell down into high seas
once, when slammed, oak trees
trampled easy flowers
and a yard of pure fire
sets alight to idiot sapphires
the cashiers of illegal plastic money
serves coins to thefts
and marmalade honeys suck thefts
and we look down under
red-eyed baby-dummies
hired grey water
drinks bullets dry..


when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most certainly hardened like a tomb
and a laden locker gets locked down by skin
and a garden groper
gets grafted to pepper
and an easy fret knits sex to paper
and a lousy kisser bird vans air with spind sins


ah carded cunted vines serve wine to snails
ah, sharded ginny minds
sink a scattered bottle deeply down dead wynds
and weevillers weaken sex
and wiveners sharpen museums
and a portrait of the fairy-filled jacks aside Wales


when we pulled down panties aside a lost moon
we most certainly hardened like a slit
and a budgy tail trips for
bedazzlers of gal-grips; and warring mind-whores
cum glistering under pear-pips


ah in boats where many rivers meet, i espied a
wreaker of radios and spider-cars
o, a lazy weeper of rams rummages for Mars;
and shadowers of love leap into eaten cards
and a blower of one zillion hot wind
must shower all daisies with flowering stars


lo, the waders are spent
la, the whalers pay sea-rent
oo, riders of calves seem ended by scent
and a ruler of rodeo-ruin
raises erasers from radio-Zion






On a sea of mites, i teetered under hilts
o aside spired tights, i harnesses red kilts
& i will always sun-love a celtic sea-tilt


he cabbies in a cave are working near us
& we, pled for age, have to pay for dust
& we lean against a tragic bone-fire...Tusks
shoot god's elephant
& we swig from a sea-rant
& we kick lungs....


once inside a wolf, a bomb of winter slants
against a sperm-scrammmed bud of plants
& eyes ride to the right
& eyes ride to the left
& we are left to own the waxer's theft
& we are lent to deaths loaned cunt..


i heap my hairs up high when gold junk
spunks up, up, up... Ahhhhh
we are the whales we knew...Old monk
melts within a pan of pulley wind &
we cook a false dinner for a blue scar
eyes in eyes ease a tree of glass
into red macadam. I will heed glass..
eyes in eyes will sadden
easy boys with pearly tears... Masks
must city-shroud a ben of fears as fasts
find anorexic gods made thin as masts
On a sea of mites, i remembered when
lippy had smeared coats upon children
& we wove a dammy damsel when hens
donned full-frontal music.


As fullsome music has hens
cracking at an egg-wind, then
bad boys must taper for stereo ostroegen.


As from some syringed border filled and rare:
And from the writhing objects of the spooned,
A gross and ghastly light spills from the moon
And filters through faces every hour
From the vast; this starless, swinging tower
Blown down, forlorn upon a Maylit breeze,
Must break as we sit in these harp-strung trees


And minds will stop;- the thread of hatred cast
Sun jittering, looming to its shended end:
Vain nippers are parodies, our looted pasts
Beshriven with the turning of bended waves,
And this dark night, enberried with the throng
Of bees that burn and endragon nude hair,
Must storm the child enbaubled in the grave;
Our leastmost world, a killer of lost years.


Where the
battered books of one billion books reproached exams, the lines written by children in detention deadened a need for ills.
'I have words at the ends of my fingers,' said a male pupil whose use of poems was perfect. Verse emerged from riled heaven as the names of God teemed with one zillion chic rhymes...….





O, and these are our magazinic daytimes




O, and these are our magazinic daytimes when porn-magicians send sex to trick-grime; and, uh, these are our head-times that interwind
renderers of cars with flowers and pastry zen
and, sss, where aged pestlers drive, doomy father hens must extend magazinics to a new and naked bench where twelve arms whine


O, and these are our nine and country senses that interlobe some passioner with writers of red sands and poem trees
La, and these are our expensive words that intersnap rosers with slitters and shirted sex that makes a shrill bird scream
and, sss, where aged pettlers writhe, moany masters must expand devs to tonic while shaferers of snakes drape cans across screens


And these are our mallard days when endlessness falls from a shelf; La, where a comber of guitars comes ensearing, model milk-beans
get, without a sense of decay, a naked vault where dolls suck on health then lead defilers out to rivers and finger-smearings
and, o-la, where a wintry ballet stops, some weird blind blonded gal of gems heaves defacto pouts to mirrors and evil devil creamings
La, we shall come to intertwine deities with beers while bearded sea-skullers come unwynding mouths across sandlers and sweet dreamings;


O, and we shall hereby serenade bodies with tears
O, and we shall hereby murder graves as mettlers come sharpening dells with weirs; and, oo, we shall use some ex-rated chemic pulse to
enmurder dilly dizzy men with purdah laves and passioners become eaten through by weird rams
and, sss, whence wiveners kid murder, navels and missioners become beaten up by shearers and daddy drams


and, sss, whence ripplers raise pursers, devils with side-grinders become entissued by porny plowers and easy fire-scams ooze truths for
a massing madding fart-attack that interwoods canny cane-blinders with salt flour and the delicate slice of rags and pyre-palms; and, spored,
some nakedness of nude hacks will feed from money as slaggers of devil colts must expand easy idlers against edams and pisslers; and, snored,
weevilers, made-up from cracks, will receive hotel-honeys as deifiers of evil dolts must extend dizzy riggers with fatalists






These are our hollowed days that interlead some sodden owl with definers of screwed slides and kodaks under rain; O, whence babbies cry, whores
must easily become, whilst scribed, as easy to kid as a perted porn-oven; O, whence ladies cry, circlers of thunder will enlissoms to bodiers and warps
O, and we shall move all tides to painted piggy rib that enters spawners under pinnace pee-pie as hurtlers, gobbed, engeezers lessons with star-spurt


and, sss, as nudity breeds like a welt, enprisoners of frig must endiamond blown sea-pinnaces with curtlers and sodded mind-rivers
and, sss, as memory weeds for pelts, enprismers of digs must ensiren stoners with bee-harnessers and pistlers come rodded under hearted bed-mirrors
O, and we shall move all brides to feinters; and, uh, i will enlust alarms with sloaners




And these are our ballet days that interheave some weird sort of a Man with buttoners and mother moon; O, as faces slide, some dreamer of dagglers come
enmissioning aged hours with pusher rat-kine
and, sss, we shall accuse crows of eating cat-wine as a holiness of Woman, in sharpeners, use cat-bast-goddeess to enwife bruisers of combers with guns;
O, once across drawl, denuders of robes get stuckering after mindlessnes
O, once acros a shawl, deluders of clothes get bread-muckering for endlessness and blonded city spies;


and, sss, whence victims stop, a darkener of pets gets commanded to menstrualise randy murmering neon knives
and, sss, whence pictures drop, a starkener of jets gets retardive and born to mentalise melodies and pisser-prides cum chantering for rosers and drums
O, we shall enter inside a green zyon weed
O, we shall enter aside a mean bethlem seed whilst dromedaries, sleeved, use all fair humps become rendering brides from loved grunge
and, sss, what with women sent from greed, a whistler, whipped, bounces on sleuths and enmummas trembling tribes with salinities and dead bummers


Eh,- whence candifiers come tunnelling sex through a glass wall, something has surely got to give; O, and we shall encry a daemon underneath stormers
and, loh, we will come sundering in harness across a glued stall that winter-swings emeries of christs to islands and commoners gone fat with blorters
La,- whence candifiers come muscling necks through glass cauls, a sireniser of rings enfamilies life with crisscrossers
O, and we shall enhymen balded decks and tables until shedders of drawls gets ensinged, east then west, under bedcovers and giddy slitty star-blousers


Uhh,- whence dabblers tread sweet pigeon-water, remanders of sex remainders will come feeding men to breasts while raddlers of scams rob red visas
O, as melters fuse madders with heaps, a swiftening demander of celled depravers gets walling for treason and volleying ripe birds cum shuttering keepers
direct across towns that feed flyways to murderers
and, sss, eyers may well, with voices drowned, interspew wildernesses of butcher-bakers use hymenal henna skin for femalities and the deadening sleepers


Eh?. These most fascinating illegal mad holidays that enfardel dummy mitchers with madam-makers and the bended shoe seen laced under leather-creepers
o, and these blooded pan-words that transfix stoves under faffy daffy pinchers must jive to bled shapers of mindlessness and palavers seen in knickered
bolted fanny smear
Eh? These most fascinated deviler of cabs uses finger moonsides for stella markers that shoot a starry road-sign with bedders of red rivers and sneekers
and, sss, once across a blue trampler, odd racks get withering across warhearsers of rattlers and easy toad-wines


Uhhh? And, where once milk flowers, a dappler of drinky-doos comes enparceled with dizzy pectlers that seep for secateurs; and, oo, as godheads glower
an ape-man weird wolfed garlander enbabies a smeller for a skirty moose that enserums red wet rouges with bafflers and stumpy minxers
and, sss, we will enter scrawls across hallways
and, sss, we will ressemble atomic Los while phantastic peckering green-glassers cum sundering cold stooges with bodiers of red yields and TV towers;
and whilst we tread bled waves, a moggy city of fats and flowers may well intermiction thundering souls and decayers of tossed burrs and radio owls
and, sss, we will sink inside a porn-oven as we intercrap along widowers and, lo, when once softness rollls, reddeners, lobbed, use curd for weights, and, sss,
we shall extemporise toads with sea-guys as we weepen for drugglers and wily willied gaspers that pollenise gold with pipettes and lubing pooter-drakes
ehh?..Whence blithe budder tomboys come castling rolls with clotted lips, a shrivener of casino crates
comes tautening some sort of a life-giver with pustlers and peerers seen rotting; La, whence birds cry, fists
come beating a long mad excreable rose with a dallier
ehh?...Whence blithe muddlers cause pogues to don a long forgotten night-ship, peepers may well cut twists from
some emergency chair with springy soap and mopped blood testes
and, sss, once along Kaplan, devisors of deaths and Hermes made-up shrubs from herpes


Uhhh & as life's lost galleries mess with deniers
red medallions of mosses will enlichen kid-denyers with
guzzly geesy fallacers that send fiction to momsy cribs
and essential dissemblers of crucifixions will marry judas-dregs




These are contusive days where my groped heart
hisses; O, and insistent days use night as the dark
appears rented to sex-resisting evil madam sharks
la, a budder of a nippy boy
heaps idolisers under father's toys
and a fan-feeling martyr uses ash for funeral boys
and reelers in the ancient east
goes gathering up false flowers when teased geese
come gabbling just like gobbling dick-prison,
and eyers even out salted goblins
and drivers season drought with fanny bison


These are confusing days where my soaped heart
pisses; O, and insidious garlands draggle for art
and, once peering, invidious sky-scans don barks
from blorted boaty blithe bloater men
and, led to lesions, an ironer of oated women will
widen vamps with sandy stove-denned sunny rills


And painters of pulley men will shave vacs down
to a small rick when a petrol den cusses fire-frowns
with bedazzlers of mental menstrual horses; and towns
clamour homeward
to find a funferal of a fun funeral with hooded crowns


and silly sodded killed Gods will arise again from
dirtyers of daddies and lea-and-perrins; and guns
get shooted
and billy budded billed God will die again for mums






fishermen of mermen slide a quoted net across five streams
o tissuers, gobbed,
get gulfing after wide cars
and, once deified, a holy loser lobs lolly at fast screened
vase-vapouring dad-Mars
and, snappered, marksmen use a markerson for a dream
and, cappered, sharkers under sodden gardens
creep as alleyways turn
aside from blue rain


fishermen of mermen, sliced, sink rock into wave-grains
o issuers, clogged,
get mulched as wet money slinks across a city's stains
and heaping heaveners
slam angled angelled sex-baits
and, once turned, a turtler in a hearse uses catkins to
arouse mounted morphs
with green trains and endomorphs


oh as weepers widen, then criers get mind-salty: foods
sunder candy wine
oh as weepies widen, then criers get heart-salty: foods
sunder cocoa vines
and a burner under garlands dips a head into a fox
and renders of fathers
push sconed creators
aside blued pyres that lead daddy candles into socks


fishermen of mermen slide a quoted net across bloods
and, once swiped, wivers of bolted wrecks
sermonise wicked lives with vaulted prison-pecks: Ah!
weepers widen for tides
Ah! reapers widen for brides
and, sun-stained, a wifeling's spies will send red cars
unto bollockry




when pompidores and combing pussies lay adown a wasteground
a digger of closed whores
must shave ravens clean away,
and a mammy sex stoat muscles after moon-wards
and a daddy sex float dons cleavers from dirtying blue signs
o when shadowers ram foamers
then a markerson of a blinder must wash eagle-towers beneath
oglers of green gents and farted slender sleep


when pompidores and combing daisies lay adown a glass town
a delver of robed wards
cums sheltering after birds that feed minnows to dead clowns
and a wrapper of chocs
cuts an evil tapper from socks
and, O, as i dilate pulled minds, then i extend my hand to sounds
la la, as we cry for demons then we espy dollar-british-teeth


the deadeners of a shoulder-nerve rips a sex remit from sleep
the wiveners of a bounder-nerve
studies about deaths as a punctured pussy telephone hears pervs
naming all strange flames by dogdayed human remains
ahh, a naked father's cold bum shoots fast veins
and, O, renal cock-tragedies layer signets with ghost trains


infective seething classrooms go grinding dogs to dust as pain
glisters; and a peasy pulled crow
caws at de davy dark when hunters in parks shoot slow veins
la la, a dabbler on the moon bends warblers from masker when
diallers of derision staple blown clogs to maidening mind-mien
and, common-spiked, heroic hedons must stem
comical bleeding with silly shawls.


Seized, your drink curtailed your thirst
(Too many stalks absolved by trust
With parties bent and thoughts hirsute).
Soaped down, the quickness of ruled death
Dammed the seas of straight love with
Bee's oils. The cloves of alms contained
Scratchmen, delving straw-failed fields
With defection; and the patterns of
Defiance cause fled wheat to fold.


The caste of life intends the fled mace
Of fluid tars and beak-chipped disgrace.
(Wih sulphur-oils and waspish honey)
Man stings His brood and sex-entertains
Aimless whispers inside love's brain)..
As, decoded, a temerity of dreams
Rips blue tits from thrush-clad sound).
Braced teeth don the inchoate fields
And drag from distance all men are.




ahhh i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave
ahhh i overheard my burial
ahhh my future ghost seemed temporal
& where once eyed,died, i had to stand beside my own grave.
in this fish-fathered room where i signed love's name, I
extemporise homes with dirty shelters
oh a kid of light shuts up midnight as veiny bulbs of eyes
sink budders into xmas mirrors


i stand beside my own grave & see my cellves under
a majesty of cunt-sweated body-thieves
ah, once aside a mind, i shortened my life with Mother
lo, once aside of me, i buttoned my death for Fathers
& a deed of genoas heaps a hispid head field-wide
ahhh, i listened just yesterday to the contents of my own grave
ahhh, i missioned after dirtied flowers
&, laced with pall & bier, widened statues into radios


here, moon-jeered, i eye the fist-shaken crap of Love's
cremated summer season.




Uh, The fast beniters of the dead become sold to navellers; and a plier of bellyboys become welted by wide teasers; and, la, as faces flail, floed stasis must bully cranial butcher-boys
and, lahh, i have overseen sadness becoming rolled from parcellers as drivers of billyboys become belted by wild eaters
and, underneath crabs, lopped screeners use dumb dolls for fardellers; and dunny dilators of mums become wiltering while deceivers wail after maces; and raperers of venal murderboys
must interfuse doctors with rotted relievers. Uh Uh Ughh.


and endlessnesss lingers like a roman?


& we espy a radio of reins walking a pony's
heated genius rainbows
.. as we grope then glide & as we use babies
then we drop god's knickers under clothes,


the plashers of bald plaits peer into rubies as
we slasher for a bound worn bat
& we supper for eager nests as egged gas
glisters when a ball of butts snaps a capped
crusade of idiot-ivories?!


we are the dog-men as we are night-men
ah, we are the cat-hens who rode from gems
& we are wed a boar & a german one
& we ride a dead whore where gold cum
shooteth up with braided sidler's seamen
cut up by mush, we ascend a fake-flower
& dunny budders of sweet wee
wallop easy fingers with galloped hours
does this wide world weep none at all.?


i wandered idly with love's shroud
~& there are saw a flavoured cloud
pinching dolls with fairy crowds- & ice falls
when, lynched, a bay of figs faloned cauls
& candified fevers of a soft brain
must totter where tricky teasers of grain
paddock adown a nunnery..


"When the birth is red and the coming is real
Let me lie here, empty."




What with windmills come entering flour into wine

What with windmills come entering flour into wine, some weird kind of fever gets enlousing flea-crags with deadeners
O, what with rivers drummed, red plowers under vines must grow and ginger-set pets with beastmen and ideal feathers
O, and we shall never accuse sex of licking thunder and we will never abuse death

and, sss, once across a gun, memories of dudes will some day smoothe hair with lips; and, sss, we shall use red sex to
enmissionise modellers of mum with familial tubes
and, sss, we have lights going in and we have christs using lubes for holy wax


These are our mallard days that interleave deniers to melders of ashes and dead craft; o, whence minds change, cats come
enmewling aside salad while washed fats, shent, come bobbling for lashes and penuries on an original past that murder guns
La, whence rhymers smile, haloers of rats, bent, come bobbling for crashes

and, sss, eyes may well smile while blinded classics interdrum ceilings with flashes
and, sss, once in gad goyals, dirtiers of grinded passives will hereby star-stick dashers with dromers and urban lippies
and, La, as times crow by, some weird sort of a depressives will eternally enlip radios with TV moaners



What with windmills come cantering under swine, some weird soft sailor becomes softening craps with lazy nippies
O, whence diamonds stop, some weird sort of mind comes easing cloths directly across muddlers and crazy clitties
O, as sandlers squint, rot, sunned, will become, dived, as easy to grind as a scissor-boy and His holy bacon cities;
and, sss, we shall get grasping for summers as winter-autumn springtides hiss for lobber lolly
and, sss, we shall get groping while devilry, glassed, summons mistresses from whores and savory bint-bullies
and, O, i will count on spind wind to part bled sex-prats as, unridden, an elderly male old maid must murder dollies

and these are our crooked days that end up lost in crunched dreams; and, sss, what with gold plagues inside skirt
some eagerly interwoven river-slave appears crisscrossed beside screens and kissers near the ends of the world
O, and we shall interlick a facelessness with tears that endiamond dreams with pissers and mod-meese with gold
and, yeah, once across a time, spacelessness must comb cats with creams
and, yeah, once acrosss times, mindlessness must use bone for happy dogs and beautiful wildernesses

and, yeah, when klaxons, gassed, use seizure men for liberties, a hot cold bedside band gets swollen with burials;
and, wow, whence rickers of past moos become cat-wynded down to hold cold fished wives, summery funferals will
hereby get as easy to render as a floater of a mum and Her long dead shed-ridden ice-cold partners;
and, laa, we shall come shardening rotors with grey geezers that extemporise deniers with elderly bed-pastures
and, laa, we shall come harkening after sprigs will enknave ratters with expressers with defilers and cherry masters
La, as we sail out to die, we shall enlaughter bodices with februs pigeon-washes that suck along red dissemblers

and, what with windmills entering under cosines, a fatuous fatalist, faked, uses eagerly awoken sidlers with grey rivers
and, what with sweet skullers come burbling, blenchers of bird-napes, raked, use evily awoken bridlers with fast dreamers
and, La, we will extemporise some sort of a weirdo whose aimless use of a false shadow casts memory across screamers;
and, oo, as we swill maladies from squirt, a ladener of sleuthes must murderise weepies and nippies raised from sleasers
and, sss, we shall enpillow weird mad-hurt with eternally heavenly slept windows;
and, La, and we shall eternally love the mad because sprinklers of sod swift fists enshit loo-rides with madam-murders

Ehh? As modellers of juicy motels entissue sin with laughter, a rodded meat-miss will surely wither as Romans use pilers
to daemonise huddlers of sleary sweats that interswim raddlers with codded sleep and families with winters and spirals; and fires
may well have to shift from shits as enferning smellers at lovelorn sprigs will inter-reap sweeties from pictures of Lady Ladels
and, oo, as we fall from mitts, the sunny extensive smites of dove-worn drips will huff cum-tides
Ehh? As pinnce pushers ignite trips, something has surely got to give to sidlers and musty tar-teamers; and, o, whence candles
appear stuck in an impassable worm-cake, cablers of honeys will enstrip a hallower of glades from petrels and parrot-paddles
and, luh, as a world at heart enferns drakers with trampoline, a maximum cotted crippler gets shafted by petrol-gods

Huh, a ripener, pearled, interfeeds snakers to quids while coconuts drearily breakdown; and, uh, we will garble for socks while
temporisers of greyers engeezer meadow-cakers with a sly defamer of beery towns and the headlessness of fables
Huh, a ripener, swirled, winter-wees direct across christs whilst pinnaces hiss across dry ice
and, sss, we shall entertain demure and decorous seed-lice with venuses and penises, cunt-diced, smell like teeny ripples
and, sss, we shall enter once again into the green Zion of the waterbead
and, La, we shall eternally entertain green dreamed Genoa and her pluperfect mean shirted screwed shouters

Ehh? As farted bouncing buzzy boys became enserumed with fur, a dictator of screams has to ream routers as bibles must
enfission defilers with crouching dizzy toys that get played with by heaven's holy masters
O, and we shall let deify losellers with poor-boys whose leadeners, star-dressed gets enpiling disasters with dreamed rusks
and, ssss, as farted bouncing biddy babbies became evily thrown away, a drooler, encaged, got happily raped then shot

Utterly dead... And, o-la, what with some keen metallers, with emotions crushed, a new cwazy love will surely get too hot
and, sss, whence itches enwitness some dreamed warbler, kiddies, oceaned, must surely appear dunked with routed seed-slots
and, ahh, whence nippies use harnessers for mean maulers, rubies, potioned, must surely appear crunched
sss, what with whiners come feeding darkeners to racist paupers, enlotioned Holy children will hereby use junks for gaolers
and, sss, me and my panicked gal-christs must entertain ropers with scarey moon-lit original midnights where silence burned

Up, Up, and away...And, lo, i forever espied doomy damagers of pencil-hairs with rulers, rubbers and stencils under perms
and, what with piers come burning till all seas heave, scarriers of loathers will use smilers for murderising statues and firms
and, oo, as dizzy webs spin high, summery wintry springers interfeud for drillers and elderly prison-pipers
and, lo, i forever espied doomy murderers with sex-samphires
and, sss, when i sleep, i sleep all day and whenever i dig fires, i deface me and mine until deniers, whiffed, murder Holidays


o, once across a mind, mindless noise caused fathers
to get jacked by motile jackdaws
o, once aside a mind, mindless voces caused mothers
to get pecked by mobile wing-swards;
and i am summer-recognised
and we are winter-baptised with milky waters
and duners of cut trees will shape drams from walkers

until dumb merchants cry; and, oozed, madam gun
accuses kids of eating lungs
oooo,- we unravel into time as factories droop
oooo,- we sun-travel

and the maddening father moon causes level dudes
to swallow quick-silver whole.

hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
coupler of distant baby days; and a night in Mars
sends copious pigs to sleep;
and, lo, as we arise from graves then body heat
will herd our words with naked cars
and, closed, a canny bird shuts lids under stars

tardy teeny trapezing cats mowl as hounds snap
and we weed for wise crap as we cradle
nappers inside eyes which shine like an angel
and a tidal knife stabs lip
and a table-christ heals lips; and, O, we cradled
daddy in mind-arms

hocus pocus heebeejeebees raise a sun from a
distant daffy star; and awakeners to blurredness
bed-bombs brutal rivers with
jeery jeepy wanker fillers of pavements and pigs

o a listener to doom denial marries sexers to kids

the arrivals of sad men cry for nuts that crack
inside candle-thighs and the red slut that craps
aside laps, en-anus bodiers with shufflered nap
and the eyes of the rain weep for wailing cats

o hocus locusts scatter corn when ginger-gaps
carry dolters of laughter when a bed of slats
sucks a doner meal down from lip-cut rats and
idiotic loony liars cut dirt meats from islands

the arrivals of sad men cry for nuts that crack
aside cradle-heists and children under cloud-cack;
will most certainly prise howlers from shroud-sacs
and a bobber of a mind loosens guns from macs.

ooo shouters of de cock roar along city-hacks.

icers of lovers lead a naughty nightling inside a vast flower
o riders of de dead lead a haughty young bride when flour
shakes a bunny cake from miraculous demons; and flowers
flow from a crashed hand that lends murdered fools to a
citadel of mean commands of grimacing gashered cars,
and icers of lovers lead a naughty nightling to plane Mars

as we ride to sleep then a culler of canny canaries scars
hitted hot hotels that lead killers to family dairies, and cars
crap as they crash; O, a bed of vast stone sucks on scissors
and a bell-most cat that preys on heaven's own has to
stir easy detergents into plowed sails and eaters of pillars
icers of farters part grey prats across an anal land and
ivories wed god to ebony children when evil grey gangs
feed a feral racist sex to women whose god-christs lands
aside good men and good girls and fair minded women.

fathers of daggery weathercharts head for menswear
and a flavourer of crow-cut hearts sweat under prayer
and a mirrorer of cloud-cut hearts see inside god-airs
and a bedder of bled angel-gourdes rampages under tears

ah ah, once inside a dunny moon, true jesus raises prayer.
sad stair-lifts and starry arts draw a mad fart across a
baddy of a kiss; and a granite statue sharpens loss
and,. ah la, we weevil for wavers as spastic sea-slosh
cums inside the candle-thighs of a blue-grey star-cross

ah sad stair-lifts and starry hens lend a lens unto a
bidder of bye-lines which scatter sex-diallers to lost
urban opened daisy-cheeks; and a chatterer has loss
breeding with messy feeders while a cunt in a floss

stabs a sawn eye down around a beaker of bossed
venal baby spies; and a hound from a hill has dropped
one zillion babes from a boundless bum-crack. Oh
weedlers of drays drag a dolly maze from grey soul

and a stilling drooling sex vegetate heightens coal
and, la la, as weakeners of deaf items blind fled foals
with severers of harping garlands that shoot the cold
with riverers of farting sea-hands. O, dun eyes fold.



Mean sand matrixes of girls and sunflowers Move inside blued stone
And sandy hissed closed worlds
Suck a lonely bitten bird from caged lost pearls

As the wives of one billion cars career after Blood-concertinas, then a hoard of fathers
Must jack malt rain as
Bad buddies study how to purely murder

Jointed limbed labia…

Before us, bladdering rocky popsongs Run ragged within sweet spies and lost guns
And vapid sprung sin
Teems a towed towel underneath us, and

Loaded drums hang huge floats where
Christ and judas listen to the air.

And I may well still hear a confined space where
You and I fell down love’s stair And I might well have to fear
World-warming wives who hiss inside god’s ear.

Too much mad life has been lived under Venomous city gossamer
All too many Christs have seen spun thunder
Spin, and

Old crabbed books of romantic spoiled Disingenuous spirit, and ghosts inside crammed
Gaoled cells
Lend fast tears to female land.



o once aside a jacket, leather semesters
cut a fish of graces from
day, night, and late evenings in the sun
and sonar solar signets wash
guilty gobbers with crash-cut coved guns
and the night ship appears near to
a vacuum park where vanning truth
bang a fire-hanger's lips upon
closures of burning menswear,
and a hen at night lays an egg-sphere
and a cage of rocked dung
ripens lacers with hot dead fear,
and a pig in its pen bolts cum
and we hiss from a steeled lung
and scenes of souls seem endless?
emptied, a damsel in an eardrum
doctors cochleas with wax-won
mental deaf kingdoms; and, spun,
a spind water dweeb hits upon speared
bad roses of shear-minted raven-reared
curlers of dogs and maidens..

emptied, as we ride from rest, raisins
feed magic cods to easy minnows
ah ha


are you that filthy tinker i used to call my friend
or are you my ex at the end of women?
Death advertises for rich heaps as gilded men
sign 'Sex' upon a dotted line.

Because deaths have no true lovers, we send
dangerous tombs to a sea-cemented hide
and a vast coast of air dollies after lost lives
and a killer on fierce cold rain
casts idiot spells upon radios and champagne

o you are that filthy saviour who hurt my mind
o you are the drinker of gal-pus
and youth suffers age
and truth is encaged
and eyes burn, burn,
and brides yearn, yearn..

idle books turn to ash as word-blind hash
ignites a burinng moon
and jazzers of dyslexic death reaps crashed
blown buddies whose clothed rooms
rampage into idiiot verbs
o umpteen men in mad castles hire
drawn desks from chalk-headed sea-fire
are you the fiithy vagrant i used to call Men
or are you just an easy waste of crime?

"The utmost purpose of poetry is to
Sum-up the miseries of the Universe?"





The eerie madam hedonists whose rawhide smells of flowers




The eerie madam hedonists whose rawhide smells of flowers must hereby fall from sex
O, whence a picture of amethysts gets banged, swellers of dowers must hereby suck sex
and, sss, once along a time, mindlessness came chewed by liars while deformers end sex with
some weird sort of a melter that renders canes from screwed sky;


O, whence a pictured red crysalis encells mourners with god-towers, meddlers of walls use pig to
eerily head-heart dilate breaded mice and burners
O, whence pictures of blue dentists get hanged, some shearer of yearners must send eyes to ashes
and, sss, as lashes go tit-wide deniers, packed, interfeed dripplers with sweat-crusts


Yeah, whence a rattler on a cool hill comes serenading bodiers with ships, some weird daft dialler will
hereby come scattering dental seed across suns
O, and there is a wicked summer here that entombs gashes with split lip; and, sss, we shall use old guns to
enfeed some daddy wytch with codicils and serpent tongues;


and, sss, we shall focalise drivers with dadda pills whilst toaders, sponged, use hustlers for statues and goose
O, once across twixed minds, defamers of gaga dillies enwarp dwarvers with slumberers and dogs under mutes
and, sss, we shall fotalise drivers with fires and winds and dead smilers


These are my ballad days where i spend sexed times alone; O, these are our mastiff days when drivers drive
back to a false house down a false lane
and, sss, we shall interfued a waltzer to a trainyard that enshaves blood shamen with shavers and lost brides
O, as meddlers rock, me and madam zingas will use flats to enwindow endless shutters with shitted coffee-cries


and, sss, i espy, here and now, a fatalism cum curating caps from blue shadow; and, sss, as a modeller writhes
some weird kind of a mod-mind must swig gold stone until lasering gun-gallowers ram down perfuming dives
O, as dafflers rock, me and madam ginger will use a blue veined suit for a pinnace as we piss across ice-jives
and, sss, a painter of geezers has to fasten oils to flushes


And temerarious tattlers, drammed, will dissemble after factories as delvers of mashes come enmudding pies with
weird deceiving marshers that enserum loud blue thimbles with nunneries; and, la, whence dafflers use eyes for fixes
phantastics, ensmothered, encat noisy old men with eaglers of bunnies and islands
sss, and, once across a time, envious entreaters of Voids will wither for bummies as fasteners to purred ices rains down
some weird sort of a bald town that enrivers emptiness with hillocks and monkeries


O, once along a time, banishers of rat-clap has to enhissifer sweat-socks with daffodils and bled trains under maladies
and, oo, i espy a keen allergic vine
and, oo, i epsy a mean convulser with body-ashes and mumbler-whines; and, made gold, a platinum planet huddles for
a downer of a wide wife
and, sss, we espied, eternally and a long time ago, a seasanded ocean of gins and dirtying winter stations


O, we will ensegment every single flower as powerless gods aside islands will entertain shitters with cwazy magic patients
O, we sill ensweeten every single owler with powderers of grubs and England,
O, and, when once dogs pine, defamers of gigglers must enviol a smacking ground that ensermons bogies with false wards
and, sss, eyes must grind pocket-men down to demure dick-dust
and, sss, eyes must get inverted while drowners, smoothed, enriver musks with daffodils and massive seamstresses and gourdes


Uh,- Where once rustlers, perverted, madeup traders from ribbons, a wickedness of old jaded jonquils came murmering for some
bedraggler of a mouthed tower; and, sss, whence mangers lose baby then a wivening gold-candle will use veins for burnt crumbs
O, and we shall interbruise some fatalisms with drenchers and elderly rubies
Uh,- Where once raspers pray to a true God, summery wintry sprung autumn skies must enrose cradlers with canaries and guns
and, sss, we shall entertain a duper of blue sod to expand deadeners of daemons with wideners of potatoes
and, sss, as valvers flow by and by, protractives, oozed, use remanders for tramplers


Ehh? And weepers will shed milk-tears and reapers, drilled, will share silks with tines
Ehh? And receivers of mills will splay clippers with finger-meal while snarers of limes scatter silver across bedsided mamblers
and, sss, whence a pulled milk-coat appears rummaging for sweet smiles, drivers of bines will enquiver for murderers and ramblas
O, and we shall, as lost songs burn, get scarrying out across pleasure-smiles
and, sss, once where a nuclear fern enkicks marital shouts, me and gods and madam lipsostris must use green genoas for cracklers
and, yeah, i have over-screwed me and my acid dick-oven
and, woah, i have over-spewed me and my acrid pulse-onions


O-La,- Luh, and meats and vegetates become fascinating, damagers on trampoline gets glutted by the rain kids tread; and, O, massers
must, with insidious intent, abuse cardials with scurrying squirt-mamblers;
and, sss, when once cities shend loosers, a bedder of currying flirt-sandlers must intersex weirdos with damsellers and aged crackers
O-La-, Luh, as meats and circus mental deceivers use heads for skirt, manglers of prison-decks enkid a greyer with pumpers and Decembers
and, sss, once across a sea-hearse, menstrualisms, fused, must enhurt danglers with pinions and adulterayed pig
sss, and eyers must enblind the horsing poor
sss, and riders must enmind the hearsing claws that amuse defamers with wranglers and bleeders of salt ladies and rancid rabid racers


Ehhh? At the first crack of noon, me and madam nebuliser gave radio-beds to rapist swarms; O, whence a father to glassers, turgid graspers
must, here and eternally forever now, appear denigrated by pocketers of stereo-slobs that interspew sicklers with fingerers of acid drapers
O, once across all of our lost spent hours, a tragedian, bleated, comes enhearsing globs with sphincter Hitlers come chanting for the Papers
and, uh, i once overburned cellves with flowers madeup from red-murder
and, oo, these five and country senses i use may well have to enter lead across baiters of pursers and naked bacon left in the backyard


Lo; and, we are surely the greatness invisible family in the whole wild world; and, sss, whence passioners rule over seamen, meat-scars must
come interventing shadow pixies with inpassable memories; and, sss, we will murderise one zillion senses as nuclear plovers smell worm-wasps
pand, La, i have eternally idolising segmented beard-factories appear sun-vented by carmine fizlers and muted stella stovers
and, sss, whence we will cum rushin on augmented beer-granaries, searers of starry tides must scissor-wash sireners with murder-crowers
and, when once a dazzler cums huffing piss, a fragmenter of drama birdies willl get moistening after vinegars and pearling hooded budders




There was, on a shelf, the manual of my mind. I could hardly think because the sensual words of feline girls were shrieking from the sun
Languid verbs foamed from the desks of vexed kids who appeared to know just how the humane human body worked and the routed shell of beaches out of bounds spoke to the seams of coal-country. Where softness dug, the miners of minors turned around and
before rude sin had towelled sweat from the birth of ships gone out to sea, the privateers of life descried their decks.. Veiled with nails, crucified senses were burned to death.
The forests of knowledge dammed the brows of teachers and their misbegotten words.
Eyes swallowed from tendril-trees apportioned sightlessness because their buds of vision were wet with seed. The quietus of death's storm awoke the dead with a myopic whistle which framed the lids of time.
I could not fathom when the rhythms of speech might darken the staffrooms. Where the
battered books of one billion books reproached exams, the lines written by children in detention deadened a need for ills.
'I have words at the ends of my fingers,' said a male pupil whose use of poems was perfect. Verse emerged from riled heaven as the names of God teemed with one zillion chic rhymes...….


when i was walking down funeral street
i met a man made-up from wheat,-
the paragon of death seems neat?


o a weary moon raveller hears sleep
walking down roads in funeral street.


the easy boys who danced all day
are now confined to heaven's blue bay,
&, nipped, as bunch of roses raves then
a keen rider from a maelstrom ends,-


the paragon of sex must seem closed
down, where children flit & slow down?


o a weary moon raveller hears sleep
walking down roads in funeral street
the dangerous dinners where we hit
salt with sugars & pepper trips
peer within a bowl of paper.. O, lips
caress the face of the vast void as
& oceans fall from a sky of grit
blue dragons dream of dirt as flava
anoints a good brow with hot layers
& a ship at sea must sail against
both cruel waves & dippy paints?


o a weary moon raveller hears sleep
walking down roads in funeral street
a serious sky has a jealous moon,
darkness rides gas under poltroons
& a fine fissured street has to burn up.


eager striders of buried funeral street
cremate a sunny sea of wheat



are we near the foreign teacups?






the eastern vein of peace where i saw my mummy cry
heaps aside old rain the sadness in my eyes
and a hearse of water winnows under city's skies, and
ideal reapers of fever wallow under neon wives; and
eastern teasers of rain hurl clouds across river-sands


i have seen the dead come home to play for dead hands
o i have entered bed only to find that my soul has plans
and i weave from bread the madness under aged tans


the eastern vein of peace where i saw my daddy die
heaps aside gold rain the madness in my mind
and a dolly on the dust drops actors upon riddled wine
and i have chosen to fall from time
and odes to ravens arise from oldness and crimes
i have seen the dead come home to pray for dead hands
and my head swirls as fingers cut milked drams
and me and my shadow sear dirt with easy lands


i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me
and i have wrenched at sex-clay; and my mental sun-sea
shallows men as weepers cut graves; and my scented dream
hits upon veins where moontides close


i have seen the dead come home to find a tomb under cloves
carrying comby curriers to naked gods in a pictured rose
and men and mental lovers noose gods as easy olden clothes
drop kecks upon twelve floors


i have sensed, at change of day, a new moon inside of me
riddling easy puppets with trays; and my mental wife sees me
crying till the dawn is done
and me and metalled guns shoot a hooted owl and sex weaves
a dazzlered mind of suns that leads thoughts to weed.






what now for peacocks or peahens but
stained seas of soft feathery sea-sluts,
what now for kine or kids but a tree of torn
soldiering ethereal cars
and when once machines end, then storms
will shake god's lilting loving ghost-star
and dying angels glint like red Mars


idolising graves grasp grass
spurted rode caves clasp glass
and empty haunted human farms closedown
and scented human fingers penetrate god's ghost-town


a lady in a lace hangs shoes, and sound
stamps sex to guilty elemental deaths

we will ride into a rose
we shall ride inside a shroudsail
and moon-men will slice
glass red loathed
veiled phantom-piercing spirit-tigers
and a web of whored tears will lend me clothed
memory, and ideas will tear a sea of ghost-loaves
o, are there serpents inside my head?
o, will jesus rise the sex-dead?




bunny blithe men come showering dreams in ice
o, sunny cuppas get scented
la, mummifiers, slit, appear cock-rented
o, bummy bath-men come showering dreams for mice
o, the hallways of decorous heart-rhyme
appear lit with stations; and candifiers of city wine
use ole blue beaten jesus
o, bummy blind men come scouring screens in lice
and, cunt-dimmed, weavers of sweet death
prises pissers from psychic decks; and old christs
star-surrender books to closed wrecks


bunny blithe men come showering screams with life
o, dummy fathers get pented
o, mummify feathers, slit, get sea-graved forever
and, lamed, lippers split pecks with bushel mumma,
and, pained, kickers slip
o, bummy blithe big ben fuses Hector with dada
uh,- this decorous families to vendors
sell saveloys to acrid memories; and even gaga
loosens scums underneath nooses and lost farters.


There are old seamen here who have dropped
Their finned boats –
Here, there are young shrouds
Sailing after fishy flamingo crowds,
And, fathered by dipped horizons, green boats
Bury bad boots within
Whinnying hoarse men who ride where sin
Petals pumps with rheumatics.


Just last year, I appeared to be ringing a celled
Sea of church bells,
And, o, as now the frontispiece of love’s gel
Gropes after
Spitted rocks and bubonic sea-shorn worlds,
Then, lo, I will come back just for you with
My headpiece in two hanged hands
And, rocked, surely the days when we chose to move
Must rot, rot, rot!




"When the coming is red and the birth is steel
Let me lie here, emptied."



And, lo, where i ate a red crow




And, lo, where i ate a red crow, wideners of gibbons bent the rain; and, sss, whence eyries spit, a cattlered candle, maimed, gives rise to lost foods
O, as we snare de sky, we will ensnow wiveners of red bottoms
and, lo, where i baked a bled crow, wideners of serums must entertain daft hollow England
and, sss, we shall intersnake mamma with segmenters while vodox sex-burials get enhooted by dividers of fascinated elderly ferris-thumbs;
and, ah, we will ensugar tapes with smiles
and, ah, we shall enbudder drapes with dials;


and, la, we will hereby shake owlers with summering markersons of day-lit night-long fanny files
uh, whence weepers endrake faeces, me and madam bed-miners come shouting out aloud by foxies and the daft scent of a dead word; and guns
may well instinctively become as freezing to drams as bleeder under bums
and, sss, whence bun-juicers in the Cities get raggling for demanders of mums and smiles
and, O, whence splayers, caved in, issue dromedaries from remanders, elderly mummas must hush as wicked wiles become bed-eaten




And, lo, where i raped a bed-rogue, a dizzifier of dangerous bins came hooting for danglers; O, whence bled brawls spin round, aged evening
may well, with hotels sexed, come enmuddling gob with murderous sins that enhaggler for radio
O, we shall appear dolled up as we drop red ceilings across figs and dangerous purple musclers; O, whence bled balls burn sound, darjeelings
will, where coded passions shut, appear sirenising for crossers of islands;
and, sss, as eyers ride across pucks, a pearler of ward-flossers will come sirening under harness; and, sss, we shall entreat mouths to incinerate
an easily scuttering mind;


O, we shall revere the Thames and, uh, once across dommy disease, pearlers of tumbling masters will interfist scrashers with renal body-bines
and, o-la, deifiers of madams will expand dizzy tomboys aside relievers of curdlers and fumbling sisterhoods
O, and we shall extemporise coded hills with fizzy heart-heaven; and, what with windmills wrecked, a miller of buds gets hangling from ole vines;
and, ahh, eyers may well derive oat-drills with queasy bed-haveners; and, sss, whatever fuses sex will enscissor muds with dettols and dead minds
and, sss, i have underprized my favourite flamingo whilst easterly arising old gangs cum softening deaths with seizured pig






These are our salat days that intersleeve salinities with the whole wild world; O, whence family stops, eyers engrope after veins and signal cribs
O, we shall entertain lost caves with instantaneously enfabled ruby garlands
and, sss, what with faces flown, drivers of indingo memories must interbaby evil flagons with walky wagoners and markersons to easy lost mitts
O, we shall entertain cracklers with meddlers of red maladies and defactors of devil-pylons


and, sss, what with mazes stoned, riders of draggling mammaries must enfuss some evil silence with car-minded layering lorry-bends that enhymen
some weirdly fascinating mirror-moan that engasses mad maladies with dust and wraiths
and, O, weepers, with handsigns madeup, cum chattering for cemeteries
and, Laah, a diviner of pasters may well enscat a catty bone-war with fishy christs and the Holy Son of Goddess Sex-snig




And, luh, as silencing hidden paws appear fragmentised, a dilly meadow person girl will come chaffering for magisters and elderly crone-tests
O, and we shall enlicence button-claws with tears where long lost heavenly cat-girls came thrumming and loving
and, sss, we shall enviolence some wicked kid with hairs that flow aside memories and drams
and, sss, we shall entertain dramaturgies with stageless vinegars while crowers entithe some weird kind of Man with hagglers and holy sea-tests
O, and we shall use a madaming tea-chest for a fatality whilst smilers will enflower bodiers of seers with elderly piggers and hearses under breasts;
O, we shall, forever and eternally now, accuses families of chanting after evil child-powers
and, sss, whence babblers encousin crowds with monkeries, a neon beller of regal mouths will appear desked now
and, sss, whence bubblers enkitchen shrouds, some weird kind of a Zion Saviour must enter drills across tears but tears daren't flow now
and, luh-luh, i have eternally ensounded biddiers with fluid sex-wynds that wilt and close


down; O, and a native under diaries appears censored now by some sort of a decorous dealer in seepers and Rhodes
Uhh, and we shall hereby get enlasering for cock-senses and sperm-sky
and, uh, we shall hereby cum gusting lemon-shits from a queasily broken panty-ship that endiamonds creepers with english biddy brogues
O, as natal sirens come all too fucking dear, eyers, dunged, may well have to multiply deformers of serums with money-paints and pogues
Ehhh? And, once above a hall, enterprisers of driers came dungeoning cell-cabs with slitters and boned seaons
and, sss, weepers of sods may well come extemporising damers of bell-bags with wipers of bled hands and big gals shaped from gardens
Ehhh? And, once above a stall, exemplilfiers of a rodeo maimer become swellering up for mad gems and fluid hags
Ahh, and a painter of apeing pontiffs will entissue edams


Agh, and a sainter of snaking wife-whips will enstatue defamers of mousse with deviling parakeets and the horned fields men enslag
Oh...whence aged winters appear enfangled with autumn-summers with autumning revelling flamingo-beaks that enweal ravelling bed-scrags
of internationally shaking greenies; and, sss, what with windering widderskins got rotted, flacid candelabras must sin-seal muddlers with paps
and, sss, i will suck across a nippler that enpoisons necklers with wickedness
and, sss, we will fuck de Cross


and, oo, where star-strapplers embody cobra-gems with crisscrossers and dartlers of turtlers and tawny tortoise shells may well move claps from
sweeteners of slashy plash-days that intermotor motellers with sprung forcers and the plaintive sighs of porny porpoise gels;
and, sss, we shall witness mod musk come intersoftening some weird vault of a christ with breakers of blinds and eagerly murdering cellar-lungs
Huhh,- as whippers of some stripper's pony enpierces rivallers with beard-colts, a cunny puddy Knight will interfix medly with madders and gals who,
where once shouters split, appear sexually unendowed whilst retrogressive sweat-breasts get enstooling drills with spit-honey
and, O, we where petrifiers appear mentally withering, some daffy crowd will gutter up from the greyed faces that enrobe clouds with petrol


Ehh? And the navellers of the spheres abandon statues to moms where some eagerly awoken flash-life gets entasselled with baiters of glass medal
O, and the naplers of red tears abadon naples to mad sleuthes who, snared, use fisheries for gardening soiled-christs
Ehh? And the razzlers of red beers intercastle bruisers of dukes and the havenly adorning crow-hardening robin-nights;
and, oo, midnights come eerily to Banquo and, sss, what with windmills gone, engorging clobbers, moiled, must hasten to breads and blood slides
and, sss, we shall come sea-sundering, aside a blue piss, a wakener of torchers that appear pusslered by croissant-crusts
and, uh, whilst wagoners of ferine mumblings seem strangely moaned downstream


me and you and meddlers to marinas will become, instantly outside a bled-whorld, as easily fed to mien as cool store underneath purple bevvies
and, oo-lahhh, something here has surely got to give
and, oo-lahhh, some dream here has surely got to enkid a romancer with dally veins and chokers shaped from fooleries and trapezers and mummies
and, oo-lahh, something weirdly illuminative must enseizure peppery epilepsy with raiders of smokers and daddy dissemblers star-raised from dummies
and, oooo, we will come slumbering in tar-vests as pokering mappy pepilepsy gets enrivering from west to north where driven rubies drowned;
Lah! Lah! & the sexless plans of an evil meadow-man dare not mount a cheese-horse without screaming; and, sss, we will use false Hell for calves..


as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell
O, dinky burning factories lend a book of noise to bells;
and a dizzy natron has to smother rooks with seashells.
as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell.


if we shit in the minds of horses then certainly twine
will rope a godded bridler to a soapy sea of grey wine;
and a mouth of ponies pisses at the moon; and minds
inhearse shadowers of fishy kissers of a child-crime.


as hell is born in heaven then heaven is born in hell
O, twinky tawny statues fall from air; and blown wells
hasten to a retardive garden which raises silk from lime;
and a bony sweat crock suppers after fizzy face-slime.


if we shit in the mouths of ponies then certainly swine
will dash into drouth the macaronis of a female shrine
and a bedded breaker of eaten foggies gears for vines
and a perfect peplexive out-of-perspective sea-spine


drops dolly dingoes upon fast feelers; Oh, we whine.


Stolid and stiff, this dry world's work
winces to sacrifice sleep; love's ript mirth
dodges attractions in its effort to leech
the look-ins of order's dissembled wreak.


What lisp of memory wasps off the corn
dopes to the onuses, slattered and scorned
by the levelling wingles that guarden the happy
to lead us where fashion puts over the puppy.


Stolid and stiff, this dry world's career
fellows the guardians shorn of the dear
miss, with lascivious turrets torn
by the opiate moonings that throttle the dawn.


So lock in your children and water your weeds,
format a legion and candid your deeds:
youth gives to age in reliving gism's vamps:
stolid and stiff, on sequent ramps,
lock in your children and water your weeds,
format a legion and candid your deeds:


this dry world's work is a burden to love
only so long as penitence rubs
her noses with power. The cornfields budge,


and I ask you take me away?


o, here goes an ode to a bone castle...when once skulls click then bodying muscle
smacks death and burnt boney keys swirl inside sex hassle
o, here goes an ode to a bone castle, and a vision box breaks joined bustles
and i am shattering and shopwindows are fractured inside me and skin and a hot bone castle
and this is my ode to a living parcel
Endless crenatures shut


and this rose is sick?


yet she is no healer who denudes my sins of life
at odds with the dead
(or as she slides from roaring cloud to cloud),


she has swarmed duressed
into theft's shrouds: contusive as steeled light,
she comes comparative and proud


(and weeps in a spaceship and weeps the skies away
as she raves and raves
at this shallow grave which rends the harp of night)


and brazened by the stars in alms, crude as christ,
i must suffer and be swathed
by the thurible that slept these words into the vast;


though the vast is always occidental.


There are Buddha Cats here that come sacrificing doomy denim fathers to cicada shades
O, whence some reviler entissues rats with sacrificial moony daemons a diamate sea-grave
hereby becomes stella-moved to starry kids and sweet-eye movies
O, these Buddha Cats that purr and hiss on the run become easily raised from old-time slaves


and, sss, we shall enthunder me and my wrists while cuttlered open razors interfuse model ladies
with an eagerly anointed Heavenly weepers
and, sss, we shall encumber some fleet sweet pippers with pipering urban speakers
and, once along a leaden cucumbered lime-sheet caustics became sacrificing beds to red bobbies


There are Buddha bats here that come smothering moony elohims with desecrated samphires
O, where dunce-hats collapse, feverish guns come sodomisng lost winds while sweet fast sapphires
with some nodal castle where dirtyers without sons
will, with hurtling fields come snaring murderers, issue entissued guns with fascinating baby-ruin


indelible maggots that hiss inside love's ear
scar-celebrate the kiss of a colour
and, o, there is a mad saying which hears
a dolly maintainer in a hot rich career
and i have to carry brimstone far West
and minds have to marry
a bladderer of honey to lashwide breasts


indelible maggots that hiss inside fears
car-incinerate radios of roadways when a
shadower of ravines
helters down drains; and eyers who scream
may surely scream no more?


and equilateral fannny swims de rude seas
and magical sex daddy
washes zeroes under babby; and grey bees
star-buzz in blenched tears when cavvies
crusade after wrenched sidler lavvies


indelible maggots that piss inside love's ear
winter-wearies summer blood with spheres
and rain falls like spears
and grain crawls from years
and we have waited years and years. O!
majestical doggy felines
force a fiddle in a dumb arse
and, proud, a candle in a female's clasp
caves under bonded spy-swum masks


'evening is coming to an end, as, dismantling, the slow
exigencies of the brain range from life to death, death to
light, and from incandescent green to red.
below, there are sharp rocks and cliffs, some vicars crying, and
angels scrying this world for jade as its siren whistles
down cut shins - and as doctoring proctors and padres and muggers
and the meadow maidens with hair as soft as slush
and, of course, the cretins in the corridors, and the reason behind it all
the reason for this, their Schizoid Saturday, slavering and hurtling
upwards, and beyond, where no-one, not even the saviour himself
may bring red cars around and about
into something more than searing mind-pain, into
something more than the intensely sad and ordinary.'





La, and Here There Are Seas of Sisters




La, and here there are seas of sisters come hooting for keen sonny fires; and, la, here, where wept wood burns, cars
will, eternally, come flaxing rods across bums
O, and, with coned eyes crazed, radio star-guns become ensirened with doobies and cherry-hair
La, and here there are seas of sisters come hooting for nurses under spires;


and, sss, what with musclers come crapping, some surly swirly mamma must gun-crash pinioners with a gaoled chair;
and, sss, what with puzzlers come snacking, some sultry curly momma must sun-stash holy men across aged drums
O, and, with combed squires bunged, a cradler to maladies must enwhisper rotators with endlessly murdering lungs.


And, luh, just the other madding evening, sharpeners of buzzy boys came laughing at fear's mitching hills; O, and prayer
appears instantly murdered now; La, as we scatter seeded cunt-toys, defamers of bathers will issue cards to tarot pepper
and, luh, just the other madding morning, harkeners to easy sex-ploys must entertain kissers with eagles and comic-paper
O, as eyelids slide, a phantastic sky of burning enrivers queasy death-boys with maimers of riders and enhorsing rapiers


and, sss, we shall hereby sanctify me and my fatal fotal memories that overbite easily awoken cryers that send beds to mirrors
and, sss, as tyres cry, a messenger with disgusting yellowers must get dizzily hypnotised by perverters of rats and dilators
and, O, as eyelids grind, a mutterer, ribbed, may well define sex-dust with fairy fans
and, Lo, as mindships wind, a puckerer of cribs may well refine mamma ava maria with madders and devils under hatstands.


And these are our puzzled days that augment defamers with vines; and these are our snorted mad-days that feed beds to bonnets
O, as purses seize, flowered graves, crapped, ensandal kissers with stereos
and these are our tonsured seas that city-rap some sweetening song to shakespearoes while diviners of rats will deaden sonnets


And, la, whence rodeo wives interfuse body-sap with weavings, surly sulky red antiheroes will enriver bled cats and old ponchos;
La, and whence eyes fall to sleep, a mysterious vinegar pig will internoose a deafener with genius noise and boats drowned in punnets;
and, sss, what with red windmills reaped, a fatality of pluperfect meals will shout out aloud about diamonds and statues under cabinets.


These are our ballad days when murderers of secret veins become enmuzzled with weird boys and red softening gaols;
OO, whence swift kids play, some widener of narrow brains becomes enfiddled with nurseries and baby-bumps; O, we will sail
directly across madams whose entertaining god has to cop after mums and encradled blood bursaries
OO, whence sweet prigs rave, some scatterer of mallow stains interskein faclessness with body granaries as, leaden, shrilled veils
appear diefying meat-grips with massering blower boys that enrodeo diamates and swifteners that enmarry dolters to illness
and, sss, what with windmills ended, weepers of silk-robes must envideo diamantes and wiveners that enmarry bolters to sadness;


and, sss, what with wept rills rended, peekers in nude clothes must enmeadow cornices with shiverers and mad mods aside madness;
and, when once fatteners seemed splendid, reapers of roses got somehow encasing garnishes with quiverers that rob wives of deaths
O, as eye-bumps engarden dreams, ventoring creepers will enbutton a buttoned moon and a button star with cavers and tall self
and, sss, once across a mind, meddlers, ravelling, come routing muttons whilst bled harvests died
and, sss, when lost in wine, petallers, maddening, come poking gluttons with salinties and the hot hills where judas-jesu drank skies


and, sss, we shall accuse all sirenising madam evenings of chopping serums with covid and the hot keen murder-harvests that deifiy
a breaker of beads with comic wards and the zeroes with tawny lips and garlands
and, sss, we will confuse walls as we must enmurder pigeons; and, oo, where vile racists spit, a nakedness of puzzlers must murder-fry
dazzlers of dweebs with doctoring sea-ducts;
and, sss, we shall disinvent all Nazi gals as we petrify spoilers with money-grunts
and, oo, once across a tide, i overstormed me and melody as pushers of honey interfeed lost bends with drippers and salted tides


Uhh, and chicking chapsters, segmentised, appear here and now to fragment baby with drosss and gits; and, la, where once brides cry for
enmucking pylon fuckers, a chintzy charmer of tears will encloud some outed bowel as directors of mitts came carving bonce with glass-wars
and, sss, we shall enmucker chaplers with desecrative deals whilst weals became bloated
and, sss, we will ensupper starvers as we abuse cauls and lyonise a painter of drams with pork-holes and the islands of rippers and vein-corpsed
instantly multiply married star-fire
and, sss, whence duplicators, carved, intersnood smoothies with heated venal pub-pyres and, la, as lazy cats drink the dairy dry, elderly spires
must hereby instantly appear enscarred with winter's hot-chilled rubies


Ehh? And there are somehow, where eternity flits, a wacky saucer that gets humanised with menstruating toffee-tea; O, and a madam under wire
appears to be endlessly crowing for family and lip; O, and a madam under mires becomes instantly petting after bees
and, ohm, as a sainted sweet hen that lays cool eggs for baby, a modeller of mumblers will eternally become scuttering trees beneath samphires
Ehh? And there are somehow, where maternity slips, a daffler of fat rats that suffer self-cardiacs; and, sss, we shall demonise a shriller of choirs
to entertain cars under showers till, sss, as madams mete meats to maps, a taper of light sleep will intercock diamantes with delvers and fevers


Agh..There are most certainly isles with necks that enpassion new traps with flavas and venal sheep
and, sss, there are most certainly dials that enslick a noddled head-mansion that enslams renal wheat with vinegar rivers
Agh..There are most certainly dizzy smilers near that enmission bleeders with cats and the spinal sheets inside which fuckers raid mirrors
and, sss, we shall intersoak a driller of drivers as some weird sort of a riddler gets marvelised then cruelly left to rip daffodils from drinkers
and, ss, we shall intersoap a river's hot drowners with some wide sort of a tiddler madeup for ripplers and the madams of original red lovers


Ehh? And these are our most favourite days when a passionate lover of the horse will ride blow-saddled until whippers race then ride; O, fingers
must appear puked while flashing; and these night-long men enter flavour under roses that interwrite a strippler of vipers with navels and zingas
O, and bled boys burn up and up
and, sss, whilst ovens cook de slut a cocooning tree of nuts will get amassing milky gardens with routers of picklers and the neat sides of sisters;
and, sss, while the messiach was my whisper, a devilry of guts will get compassioning for ravens and shouters of nickers and pleated brides;
and, sss, whence sweet nests cross, a defamer of memories must enjet envining snail-wine with grave-hands and the defectors of meated cripplers
Uh .. And, Uuh-luh, whence mind-maladies cross, some weird sort of a pet will form all holy life from heavenly safari-swallows; and, uh, drinkers,
with porcupine pinnings drummed, will hereby hasten to beard-taut ghost-fluffs; and, oo, whence christs came from magpies, de gallows will surrender
all tangible twirly tails across tiggers and honeying glistenings


and, sss, whence mind-melodies toss knots, weirding madding ghosts enmuff saviours with stinky perty fanny thumbs; and all our child is dead now?


penny-pealing, a brewing darjeeling evening issues foods from
deadeners; O, a screwing bled ceiling hits tissues
and, la la, adventures under lead sucks gun-pellets when drums
appear lauded by salted peanuted walnuters
and a nuclear sky gets cut from cloud-grit as naked spy-mums
supper for bound spoons


penny-easing a dollar boot to a keen sky must render gums
as bleeded as vein-plowers
and a ferine waltz gets scoured
and a ferine vault gets swollen with whoring henny mummies
and we are wrapped in mummy cloths
and we are pyramid-appended.


oo these are our ballad days
oo these are our bollard days where we vault all lake-cities
oo as cars grow sour then entertainers of colts must raise
handlers from antlers
and, once across rivers, we wove hymens from sad blades


and, what with winters gone, we will ascend heat then raid
all boats, all barks, all easy money.




and we are in the mummy cloths where a fatal heart-hit
shudders for grey dummies
and, oo, fatal sky-scrums cause moths to render lips
as focal as gay-galleries
and a local gas must gun-murder eden and mammaries
oo as faces flow, then greasers of treason
cause strikers to send pearlers to blind love gardens


o we are in the mummy cloths, and filthy manequins
drag dolted crates for beer-collations
and a colons-mate snores
and a pylon-pate roars for ligons and tigrons
ah, we weevilise de moors
and we send blithe flags to a summer's gold ward


penny-easing a wallah suit on a blameless tree-bird
will surrender malts from brutes
and we render boats from dinner-jutes
and a pisser under rope stuns centaurs with flutes




parlatious pussy hens lay indelible nude eggs
la a baby under wrens
tramples hitler's arse & a city under dregs
dreams of thunder
o, a bay of fire sunder rollers of radios
& we cutter for raped dens,
& we will lose our lens.


once aside times, a clocker in an old bed
sharpens giddy pain with dreamer's dreads
& a room of tears
spools about slosh as slashers under spreads
stripe ashen bladderers where cake-creds
snap windy washing.


blanded body-brides tear a whip from red
& we hang dun dawns from feathers
& we widen for gunned fawns....Leaders
wallah for wagered
sexy soapers.


as we summon ice then nests of fathers
fade to fascist grey.


the clockers of dirty cloakrooms cascade
deeply down flirty fanning sex-brocades
o a filthy child-whore
suppers for evil dinnings
&, loused, we must kill abusers' fillings
once aside dust, a babby on a ward
screams for a schizophrenic cradle. Lords
lap an infant's dreams
& we must kill abusers' laden spleens.
the clockers of dirty classrooms cascade
deeply adown an emptied kiddy heart
& a grave of glass must


scatter blown busts.




o these are the crazy stars i am
forcibly fed; ah, cosmotic sea-hands
affect dolls with hired waters and
fucking islands give head to islands
and, la la, as grey men flow to sleep
then a doggy catty city under heat
carries marital herpes to gay sleep


o, the buried bend of a rocked heap
cocks aside a crocking-horse
and a cavvy of a crimpler reaps us
from daddy life and feline slow-dusts
and a mammy of an illegal God lusts
after lunging needles and crust
ah ah,- we sweeten vales with glitter
ah ah,- we widen sails with rivers
as we soften seas with mirrors


lasy easy hurried god-movies
slash easy seats in panted pantries
and a filmic pulse
washes veins in flowing reveries;
and stains inside glowing sculleries
layer pots with china pans...


the accuser of a midday moon
swoons after lost sense; O, rooms
get blown from a raimbow's ebb
and a crower under veiny dregs
sinks coffees under teasy plebs
and campus men taunt coeds when
daddies drool for brewed murder..


oo those chinese oils that led me
to neon pendant silence marry me
to girly widows
oo those moon-eyed men who
seize a parakeet from hired window
parries me back, to a bodied space
where waxen boy-bums feed lace
to deadeners of swifts and sparrows;
and i shall swifts to minnows?.


laden, a guarded juicy garden sows
salted seed across a monkey-grove
and, laa, my medula of demure crows
taunts raging ravened carrions with
belliers of blousers and grimed kids;
and stormers of killers
bleat candidly about the fast hour
when, caged, all male drouth cowered
beneath veiny vineyard snails.
easterly arising, baby boxes sail
upsidedown in a boat of pure ale.


oo a dummy manger uses dolts for domed drives as bakers under kissers
come shuddering after noosed vaults
oo a dummy rippler uses knots for stoned eyes as rapists under killers
come thundering after rude colts,
and a dabbler in a kiss comes snappering aside bolts that lock rivers with
demotic dirty followers of forced pigs
oo a dribbler of blue haloes must drive sweet kids across mentalisers: figs
come sharpening rigs with sharpeners of reaped losses


oo a dummy manger uses dolts for domed dives as butchers under scissors
come shearing ears from eyes;
and deniers of tears stun prides with eaten sky; and mad adam under seizures
gets wed to holy Eve
and a brother in a garden shapes goddess from soft sweetening teas


oo a mummy mind thinks about Eden when a dazzler of screaming trees
comes scattering laden christs across bethlehem




i have swallowed seeds, and the day when i was born
a woman in shades used mirrors, bent
dead by reflection: birds billow in the breeze
where two stars fall.


i have swallowed seeds, and the night when i was born
a woman in shades used mirrors, bent
dead by inflection: words wail inside the trees
where zephyrs crawl.


eyes will fill my mien, and the rivers cized by men
inside this darkened mind
will flow flow flee: red raindrops are shrouded
by change: molesters call?


never and never, when the sun strides home
to find this madness entertained
by ferine fear, each witness to the clouds
must spy the spent clause of


mad death's loud sphere.




Good Poetry and Science are very much the same thing
The eager sex-dichotomy is the River-God set between?







my draggy dead legs
rot under shrubbage
my head is rotted whilst ties
tidalise a blouse of knives
and my bed is underwater
and my soul is led to slaughter.


the door beside me was like you
and the radiance of the meter was
escaping from evil Rome
and my draggy legs
rot under lovage
my head is ripped when eyes
suck a petrol plane from devs.
in this smokily ill-connected room
i dream of deaths and youths
and ald sneezers under hands move
echoers of engines
aside from tears when
you and me and Lady Brighton
bollock up eerie women.


it is the first day i used a toy?




do you know of the boy who selled dirt to men
have you taken down the knickers of the city
have you climbed lakes under Leander
will you cum at precisely midnight?


i am the son of ald worldwide night-light


you know the directions
o the hedons are in both ears
the interhearsing dolly of heated tears
eases echoes into language.


do you know of the girl who lost curves
have you removed the kickers of pities
have you climbed drakes with Pomander?


will you come back home for easy rites?




o hand in hand, we ran aside a wishbone
and eyes drawl under prisms
o hand in hand, we ran inside false prisons
and eyes drool under fiction


i am the dreamer of all poisons
o i am the ward of tall foisons
i am the doctor of galled mind-cisterns


o hand in hand we ran aside a wisher
and eyes drawl under missions
and benders of Saul sunder grey gems




it was the advent of pure wind
devising salty air,
up a sea-street where we ran
up a billy can
and down into closed prayer.


the windows below us appeared
like brighteners of shrilled hair
awaiting the faces in a nunnery.


do you know the kid who sold pornography
have you used candles under cities
have you come to tonight where sculleries
stop breathing?










the bad idle streets iced idly over
down a great river of Sound;
silence came like rain as roped night
windily scattered venom-heights


it was the sweaty winds
reciting fever;
up inside meat, as we ran,
barefooted dinners heaped rites.


do you know of the Jew who knew everything
dare you sell swards to blue swings
do you own the son of Love
Will you come back home for swept God?


we dared to shatter reason when stone
hurled books at baby diamond...




the mind when shaping is a vagina seeing,
a sex organ of ghosts.
Light in an eye corrupts senstitives as ropes
stir cavvies into killings.


how thunderous it is to seize the sight of a mad girl


the mind whilst aching is a vagina dreaming,
a sex orifice of drugs.
Night in a mine eyes a raising colours when
molluscs embroidered into old mens
suck a snaily fucker with baying gentlemen


sun! sun! sun!!!
o to be pelted by the slits in the wind at last
floods a gooser with eaten bitumen.




a honey nose inside five hands
sirens into insidious silence
rainy grey-nude eyes turn away
and sadness drops,
from a shaded cup with lots
ramming powders down.


the itch appearing against two lips
shines like planets
that eyes take and drizzle round
a shattering of gannets


a sunlit sea of sloanes hordes arrows
through which a wide bride
solders after whipped odd wives


and we exchange minds with queens
and we take a ticker-tape when dreams
dollop kicks underground
and we exchange mines for sounds


o made greyish, a sky-written screen
dies away..






shoulders are humped with
large headed magmamity;
with winged certainty made bare as bodies
a scuttering of lakes rides
deep, deep down


a sea-light of pure stone breaks after
baked buddy arrows
and shoulders are hunched here;
laden, fallen, left to shift barrows


a fugue of a nose is turned up
a vinegar of lobes burned up


a width of lies hears herons when
skirted meadow-colours season
slumbered for daffodils,
left to rot under oceaned gemmed


a summer of washed stone wades
beneath cicada shade
and we exchange minds with queens.








no more no more for the dying game,
no more for mauds
no more for sheet pain
no more no more for the dying game.


one of us is a tugger cat made sane
and we will never look into midnight
we have our names by heart
we use our inner veins for sad light


no more no more for the dying game


where a prisoner yells, fay loss
chains a chair to a blind blued cross,
and we have our names by heart;
we use our inner stains for a rocked
budder of blind bone


no more no more for the dying game


and under my heap, a spot of flame
has come to thrill my head with trains,
and under dust, my bedhead moves
a shallow graveyard raised by stained


no more no more for the dying game
no more for mauds
no more for sheet pain
and we swing for night when dames
swallow up mad sea-christs




it is the wind returns
to fog in a distant glass
Your widows are up high
looking outside a facial ride
and a dog of dreams bites a blithe
baby gem;
mown down, left to rend
a dying nameless past?


the streets unfurl to yesterday
recollecting loved
sniffy hands that hold to cups
and we dance, dance


no more no more for the dying game
no more for dugs
no more for sheet rain


no more no more for the dying game?
and a wrist will uncurl and pass
donny danger fingers in an vast
comedy of divinities and gold casks
and a fist will blow hot veins
no more no more of the dying game
no more no more for the lips of Spain
no more no more
of the dying flame.




some deleterous vinegars have repainted my bedroom
- and a caviar of ministers has fed a sainted bathroom


some deleterous strapped fingers have used a balloon
to bend my home with eighty carat glassrooms.


the streets of feeling dirty unroll under yesterday's
wishful hands of eating
-and a caviar of banisters has fallen under schools
and a bone of sloanes scatters
blonde pricks of blood that don a pissproud warper of
warming cats and bruised ermine.


inside death's house, the blinds have never been raised;
we float to the silver imagings of banishing graves
and the crowds in minds brazier after downy trades
no more, no more of the dying game
no more for mauds
no more for sweet red rain?


eh ...ehhh this is the end...



And these are our salat nights where we enstrangle tears


And these are our salat nights where we enstrangle tears with men; O, whence baiters fall to sleep, feeders
must, here and now, enter salad mites direct across sex where the music is playing
La, and i shall extemporise deniers with dylons as a smeller of hair comes sundering prayer from buildings;

and, oo, once along a time, mentors to kids will enpylon summery fayres from thunder
and, sss, we shall compend doomy blue-hills with biting guns and red strangers
and, oo, once along a time, centaurs, ribbed, became soddenising whilst magical rainbows killed rangers


And these are our mallard nights where we entangle starers come wearily blinded; and, ss, where dogs bite
directly down, marmalisers of babies underseed issue some weird lunge from mettlers; and, where gods bite
directly down, marblers, maimed, enruby denyers with shadowers and huge male wreckers that murder light

O, as modellers cry, some weird cemented centrefold appears mallowered with sails and harnesses
O, as porny fires writhe, some weird demented pudenda sears sex-gallowers
and, sss, we will chant for sons where lovers, perverted, engear faceless ones with summers and murderers

And these are our ballet days that segmentise a breaker of beaker men; O, whence babblers spy curdlers, massers
will, with piercers raging, engrave fatteners with dementers
O, as renders drive, a pager of elderly murderers will use compenders to augmentise a fat flower with degraders;
and, sss, what with skirt in ovens come slitting, a burner of sleuthes must tussel for plaits while hillsides, papered,
gets, forever and maternally now, as petrifying to sleep as a dead child gone hidden inside smiles

O, as shittlers die, a bodier of crows must ensacrifice a blinder of bread with gun-ridden shaven bee-smiles
and, sss, once along a radio wynd, me and all of our mind-folks got pinioned by drummers and garlanders;
O, as passive prides get enmeadowing trees and dolls, a painter of a softy will hissen for dumbers while murderers
come shattering eyes and choc-feeding beads to molls
and, sss, what with spastics on windscreens come marmalising droopers with bols, a bender of flowers must

Endlesslessly porter-made, entissue defilers with blatherers and doggy men that eye-anoint beds with cake-crusts

These are our salat graves that germanise all flashy germinators with droopers; O, whence sweet animals drift, lips
may well become as easily razed as a fawkesfire under terminal cribs; and, sss, we shall advertise mammals with picks a
me and madam moonshine must astonish spires and then ensignall fixes
and, uh, we will exterminate a body polisher with pyres while some mummy funferal appears passified by elderly midges

and, uh, will shall come enpuckering cwazy goyals with yearners that endummy flavourful tears and headstoned kisses
and, uh, we will terminate a bodier of mazy royals with turners of flash rats
O, as eyers ensperm some seminal cunt-office, babiers of stovers get pictured now by kinema and fatal beside missives
O, as riders enfern some potted junk-soffits, deceivers of rovers get featured now within bladers and meddling mistresses

These are our swaggered days that enpassively strike-out for decembers when wintry xmas-dissemblers madden wicked lives
with some weird sort of a trade; O, whence bladdered mouths get enmembered with splinted easter-rapiers, a naked wife
may have to, here and now, come sundering haggard drouths with pecks and ensoftened dinted fuhrer pepper; and, o,
whence, as timers cry, a smelterer of fatherings enbragglers mounts with mousers an mod men found under moonlands.

as the summer dreams of eyes come back to life
fat needle-nights of fond felines drop a candle-christ

one of the suns is shaped from midnights but will not
scatter a dark moon-mind,
and the summer dreams of eyes come out for mice,
and the needle-lights of five million hens
sets a north-ship tossing a coin upon five seas

Thus, in the maundering morning of a sinless day,
Jack and his wife set sail for a north-south grave...

one of the suns is shaped from midnights but cannot
spiral from the stars of heaven's tears..

we shall never dream of the mazes made from rot,
neither shall the sadness of a dark prison heal hops;
and as the summer rides against punks and salt-shots,
then a vein of winds parts a string with fairy hands?
we hear a hardening tap next-door watering a house
that has no hardened tap;
and we stop stilled forever, come naturally to a loused
wheatstalk which dances for tiny stools.

immense slashed eyes wash away a correspondence with
old rollered eyes that rain away a footpath under kids


the moon has a little goat for
birds drip like trees as swards
fill a sky with cold sails
and an air of soil spoils de boiling where
the freeway smells of winter

o, the sun seems less cold than touch-dry
o, a moon under deaths
darkens a chalet with radio wives
the moon has a little goat for
birds drip as winged pinafores
pin a moth upon sheet glass.

all of my neckties
having been wrangled under wards
now froth up, just like
modellers of mothers whose lite
looms down the hill
sooner or later, a glove will
ride up a sweet clifftopped ill
spleened hill where old night
hapily strangles the eyes of milled
bodices of dyed lary masks

whilst i was checking my pockets,
a swanny swansong
rinses furred hands when suns
bark upon little lady guns.

O-La.. Germous wheat-germed oozing British Bran will ex-rate some swift movie with ogler's stone
O-La.  Verminous meat-perms become enbruising Indian hills whence haloers get evil while too alone
O-La.  Vermillion sheet-ferns become enmoving African holy fields that denude white devils from boned
isolators with padded mother-fingers come twirling for Lavenders and long baby's frighteners
and, sss, what with tocsins come enbelling sextants with sextons and some plangent sea of buriers
jeepers for cats encrib all halllowers of feline parents as loudness shrills and mewls and endlessly purr

Ehhh?  The irated bled bodice beautiful hereby compends rabblers aside broken spy-cooks whose nerves
become sweat-and-spermy eye-ovens roast and poach and fry then steam-roast wifers with loose curd
and, sss, whence itemisers of bee-stung islands will forever wilt for sex-alarms and wiffidels inperved when
crucifiers of some cortal and damaging mum appears forced to tilt messy charms with angellers and stems
and, ahh, as a codded rill of yellow becomes gummed, sweetening guns stored in cookers will shout for gems.

And the weary fuck stops here while eateries, dined, come tumbling in tree-spaces; and, lo, weary suck-shops use jams
to entertain belters with rocks; Ohm, once along a time, deceivers, spind, got aces from rams
and, sss, we shall extemporise body-buses while mean-headed receivers, swimmed, got geese from marzipans; OO, trams
appear entarnising blood-stereo and, sss, once aside dreams, scream-shredders, spind, got fleeced by haridans
and, sss, whence some marsh-life on the original moon came crying, some weird sort of a sot will wither after wig-hands;
and, ohm, once across my minds, me and youths and a dog named 'Lime' will entissue cats with holy feverss
O-La! and we will uterise bleeders with cunt-septembers that entertain crimes with idiot rape-rats; and, sss, we will expand
some cwazy mastering misfit with a seven year twitch; and, sss, we shall see here and fucking now that something's got to give
easy madam-head to stormers of lock-lick and the elderly faces under gullies

and, what with windmills struck, a neutraliser of dirtied suitcases may well ram de fairy flowers across dunes and brollies
and, sss, we shall augmentise fuck.

and, sss, we shall enpollen pillowing muck with a widener of widows and a sea of suck; and, sss, weeing plumes may well rid
all exothemic sexers of wipplers and shitting pig; and, sss, whence fatal dancers tread muck, cunters, seizing, may well ride
some weird wacko sort of a drooler direct across grids that enkitchen wicked mummas with fucked spunklers
O, as we sparkle down a mad town, a greyer of Ladies must ensquib sodomisers with Numbers who enfarm balmers with ties
and, oo, what with all of my neckties being happily strangled, dusters of rippers may ensoup a glutted whore with bastard brides
and, sss, we shall abuse red sky with teeterers whose mindless fathers will get jackedx by slavers
and, sss, we shall confuse bad bines of enrivering cruisers with labia and the whippers of tied red warblers
and, oo, where we walk upon the original moon, endlessly hurtled flavours muster for dickers whilst maulers sunder burblers

Eh. What with mind-mills cut, a widener of mitred pub-swarms become pressuring wardens with smilers; O, as mamma trips
then, with ideal curtains raised, defamers of fringers must swig storms while deeply darted wet-dick will hereby murder slit
and, uh, what with shadowers come entering medusas aside worm-hats and easily awoken pet-swifts will hereby marry lips with
sodomisers of crypts with tusslers and murdering seducers with perm-paps; and, sss, whence pet mists get happy a fur-kiss must
entertain devisers of haloers with scatterers of endlessly producing sperm-traps with fated dinters that burn everything at dusk
and, what with gallowers maimed, weepers with tea-seep get enjuicing fern-fats with saunterers and star-fawns;
and, sss, and we shall enter ducts under reapers whence a delver of enpucing exotics cum bumbling mensides with death-porn

and, oo, some weird sort of a trainyard becomes jack-wifed in a murder-moon, shacklers of god-men will brighten up for storms
and, sss, we forever augmented fuck

Uh, as bodifiers get rented, a callower of red moms becomes cat-christed, and, oo, where a mansion with wheels shoots dorms
some weird kind of a cunt-saviour appears enmallowed with bats and entwiring moon-mares
Uh, as bodifiers get shented, a mallower of bread-rooms becomes cat-highnessed; and, oo, i espied now some shit under swarms as
me and madam deifier becomes easily taggling after trampings and evil ghosts on trampoline
and, sss, we shall summerise a wintry-autum-springday as we must enslogan mummers with padded petrol margarines
and, oo, we will hereby enginger reddeners with spicy salt-shops that enwagon drummers with madded fablers and cruel machines;
and, sss, we will eventually become deadening fig
and, oo, we will some day surely for always see that something good has got to give


O if a feral female shopped deaths,
plied woods, gnawed, should sex-hiss
under blandering blondered snow-lips.
anywhere where beads blow, gnits
must cellar under beaky hairgrips

governments of shits
and bended eyes and earless scripts
and six sawn wives and fearless hits
any child, any world, may well surprise
fazed Alice with a neat disguise
o for baboons, i cooked some chimp-glues
o for bassoons, i fried some moneys
and the families of my hard cape
collars dimes where pound coins flow
from diggory tears
as we yearn for coke, then we hear
white birds flown outside grey gear
and a sunny stapler
suffers cruel kegs
and a moony cager

wallows in fire when we heed
grey trolls and old giddy

hidden weed.

a grey stone drama shields sex thesps from easy easter men
o christmas in tinsel manyana hits to a gun; and dirty wrens
wrench thrushes and swallow from cicada shades; Oh, hens
brood against the vast cock-abyss where an angel's lens
carousel-grinds a fairground man-war; and seagulled men
ease xmas into candlemas, and a doc who has no semen
hoops to a blonde mind moon. O, a stricken nude who sends
a dolly pudenda to a shop of veins telegraphs the past
ah ah. Death seeps into cots. ah ah. Sex jacks in a cast
yielded massers of molded cunt-quests jack outcasts and
slayers of sad noise trumpet titter meat when big hands
sink a moggy thumb into yeast dinners; and, lo, as we slam
a dawdy bibby from a corpse of cans then motel Japan
must draw the vinegar tie days deep above a rotor-ram
ah ah. Death parries our snicker safes as we motor-man
buddies of tall death with miscarriers of moggy dog-drams
diggy dazzly lazy laden chanticleer calls world-wide eggs
and a figgy fazy farty madam sphere mops salty bride-egg
and a mapper of arty pantie ears wash waxers with pegs
ah ah, a picture of plumed wine knocks nightlings from eggs
and a dipper of deviled mounted halls shout upon red legs
endlessness screams alike to a saint when painted crates
crusade for dark beer-lime; O, a snipper of fainters rapes
easterly arising ego-lines; O, a stripper of shapers drapes
dummy diamonds upon woollen dreamers of tonsure-snakes
and a baldy in a brolly muff micks aside milks when apes
carry coarsened nut-thatches to eager modellers of drakes
as a bender of blended blithe brut broils hedons dry then
me and macadam mind-mikes hear sense turn into gems.


yet she is no healer who denudes my sins of life.
at odds with the dead
(or as she slides from roaring cloud to cloud),
she has swarmed duressed
into theft's shrouds: contusive as steeled light,
she comes comparative and proud
(and weeps in a spaceship and weeps the skies away,
as she raves and raves
at this shallow grave which rends the harp of night).
and brazened by the stars in alms, crude as christ,
i must suffer and be swathed
by the thurible that slept these words into the vast;
though the vast is always occidental.


Cool Poetry & Magic Science are very much the same:
The mute mad dichotomy is the fairy-wheel between?



Once, when time laid down, i espied some burners

Once, when time laid down, i espied some burners in a sea-crown; O, as Midas reeled, His golden net-mind murdered Israel
O, whence time used clowns, i espied some spurners in a tree-crown; O, as Judas squealed, its golden piss-bed maimed de Son
oo, once, when sermons flicked, diamates seen under thunder got stationed where no sweet sky shines
and, sss, we shall enfable fasteners while dreams sunder soft rot; O, and Jesus dealt holy cards whilst factories fed wine;

and, sss, we will enstable mistresses with smiles
and, sss, we shall enable seamstresses to silently cross God's streets
La, and riders under cells may well come clickering as dead gobs daren't speak;
and, ohm, sidlers, withering, may well come scuttering glass as dogs dare not yap nor go asleep


o, there are forty billion heads here that fragmentise some weird sort of a bed with craps; O, whence faces stop, red horses
will, whence family ends, enbread some rattler of easy lives with bladder bods and wrackers come home to sunder roses
and, sss, we shall enpinion some swift cutter with peasy cries
and o, here there are forty zillion beds come eagerly sent to eyes while dromedaries countdown from twelve to nought;

and, sss, we shall encar endlessness with guns as fragrancies come ensmiling dead crannaries with bursters of a sex-corpse
and, o, here there are some infinite Numbers that enbible arching blood angels with medicants and mouthing dizzy skirt
and, sss, we will encard something good from waivers of lies and muddlers
ohm, as troublesome beards down the wagging inn came wiping gods on bubblers, thence seed will enseason daddy dirts


And these are our wizening bald days that ensucker mumma thumber with ravishers of dead nights and swollen dicky squirts
O, whence eyes turnaround, players of cats must ensap heavenly kittens with haloes
O, whence skies turnaground, raisers of cats must ensap heavenly red mittens with roses
and, sss, these are our sizzling good days that enmurder mamma mumblers

and, sss, these are our rippling blood days that ensummer easily awoken kids with sirenisers and bodiers, banged with shirts
O, whence spies touch mouth, an easy bled-bed tailor enanvils me and madam kids with massers:
And these are our wittering mold-graves that entheatre wicked thrusted dramaturgy with veilers of crashers and rapine seizures
O-La, as timelessness enpizzas spermal plaits, enmirroring flaccid mammies must embolise traitors with father moon


Once, when time laid down, drivers of dazzly veined bows will come across a wasteground at the utmost edge of a castle
O, whence rivers laid towns, riders of dervishers must easily encrow an ashen lullaby with sea-sounds
and, sss, when dreamers drowned, riders of babbly meal-shows will come across a shrill clown whose faces paint cradles
O, whence rivers rode to sleep, devisers of holidays will enrogue pilled mum with serpentisers and booze:

and, sss, whence cablers stop, me and youth and elderly knives will ensear all ears with detergents and liquid blue spew;
O, whence rivers rode from cellves, light meat meteors must enscribe dealers with weird weirs
and, sss, idealers, skeltered, got gangling just the other nightlong day where emeralds, seared, feed dolls to burnt bed-screws
Uh,- and i shall scoot after gut-rot when i enpocket a painted pantoglot


Uh, there are asylum-tendrils here that use a man-o-war in a blind city screen
Uh, there are biters of pencils where a titchy eye-skirt comes shooting beams
and, once veiled, a tensile pharoah factory must, hurt, drag buildings with hot
herpetic senile-mush; and a leader of refactories will stab ceilings
with heated forest-eyes
Uh, there are asylum-tendrils near that use a man-o-war in a dying lost dream
Uh, there are asylum-tendrils to be assaulted here as twelve oceans in stream
get plashy where birds writhe

and, oo, as messy heart-sex missiles appear trapped, then scudders in baths
will surely centralise the killers of mad smiles; O, when lifers use closed baths
to marsh-drown five woven impossible cities then breakers of mind-baths will
come shouting down the radio dark of roxy-rovers; and cakers eat lost hills

Uh.. here and utterly now, there is a family of bees falling; Eh? radio words
appear paid to a tall death where dramatic in beads use legs for blackbirds
Uh.. here and utterly now, there is a melody of seas falling,
and once inside a butterfly, skittlers will use mary to sunder god's callings;
and, oo, i sometimes think that mad bad father god is a hoax caller; O, rings
will, nearby, accuse old coded school-girls of praying for porny sea-skins
and, weevilised, i espied a screwed town

Ooo. once along a medical wood-cabinet, i studied death then died out.

Whence nebulisers encarry blenchers to puking midnights, me and memory-Man will hush some daisies while hocum heroes
interbed some weird kind of dementias while a sickening year-long death in bed;
and, oo, as we tread the true moon, deady moon-smiles must ensong sex in dregs
and, oo, as we thread a blood moon, deadeners, sky-riled, must endrum messengers with fern-plebs.

O, once along a de fled, a mud tomb, surrendered, causes mod lust to ball the buried; O, whilst perms fail, easy red yoyos
appear somehow appealing to soppers and car-dismembering venal dusts and vanned cherries
La, and we shall eternally inbruise scoopers with Mars-encumbering vernal masks that enberry some weird sailor whose head
gets instantly enhammocked then left to sink beneath sea-sky

Uh  And, wow, as some sinking spinny traitor enscurries bed-hives, a macadam of a road-madam will come hissering for lead
Uh  And, wow, as some shrinking dinner painter encarries bee-brides, a macadamer of toadies will come pissering for soft breads
O, where cars burn high, me and modeller sainters will most certainly tree-ride a meddler of toasties with misses and lost plebs
and, oo, as peggy girly limbs entissue mienkind with pretty cavvies with sweets downstairs, laddies will
hereby come sluckering after wind and bum-metals

and, sss, eyers will glow, just like a vast beard glows, aside a living wicked box that engallows alarmers with a mad grunge-hill
and, sss, writers will flow, just like a chest-beard flows, aside a rigid turgid fox that ensallows receivers with heavenly cream-kills
and, uh, once across ill clothes, something has surely got to give
and, uh, once along sick robes, something has surely got to enslit summery wintry times when we dare not do a pee
O, as carvers suck on ripeners, ava maria, cast from honey, hastens to madding romancer times; and, oo, eyes will peek for kids
and, sss, whence tissuers enthunder eager denier, something of a bled bird-fix ensuffers gunny prisons with wives and lost king bees

Ehh?  As long legged distant imbecile porn-women insert balls where no bollocks cry a wickedness of prides must encross lost beads
Ehh?  As long egged satain expositions come enprising inert halls from false padlocks, some weirdness of wives must enboss crisscrossers
with a guzzly angel-street that enters stalin aside kaplan's lenin-bald murder call-in
O, and we shall ensleep fat rats as fermenters of tidal ties will get vinegar-strangled then left to dance underneath rockers of planted swingers
and, sss, we will segmentise a shriller of decanters with a crystal crucifix
and, sss, we will dole to a freezer whilst we cut up a cucumber slit and, oo, where rain cuts out, blood snow will cut the face men tread

Uh,- Whence desultory headpiece hurt infuses fascinators with coded clit, somewhere near god's shout, crowders will ennut milked breads
O, and i, with my nine and country senses reeling, get pinioning toaded mit with soddeners and blowers that blow on a cat's furry pur-bed
and, sss, we shall intersnood all of our fences as we put up doors and segment vaginas with sweet fishers and neck-nettlered hotel crap-devs
O, and i, with all my nine and country senses scotched, must en-sop chokers of red minors with baby-workers that get dammed by cot-plebs
and, sss, we shall enshadow islands and we shall enmeadow sea-slams with dopers of blood diners

O-hah-hah-hah-hah-hahh.  And master mistress Saint Saul came enpleasuring ropers with mud dreamers; O, as pluperfection pealed by, pegs
appear, here and forever and eternally now, to sop after Paul; O, whence planets murder fig, a vinegar suckler must issue veins from blue egg
O-hah-hah-hah-hah-laa  And, when once sex drops, a plopper of a soul-hood must entimber sweety cinema with lusters of facials and sweat-leg
and, sss, as magical castles cry and cry, me and madam loss must crisscross blooders with salted deep cunt-kinemas
and, ooo, we shall enfardel city-eye with modellers and massering mansions catscanned by pethoods and elderly mamma calves seen outdoors
O-hah-hah-hah-hah-hahh. And master seamstress saint Galls came enmeasuring moss with ideal knickers and de shadow of a hard scream


mental mind-persuaders peer into filthy holes
ah, scented body-bathers peer into dirty souls
and an ideal eater of Japan dons a tart tie
and a model reaper shows a penis to the sky
and a hotel-heaper shows a pinnace to tides

oaken aspen aspic tummies feed dun eyes
and a muted basin-bunny breaks aside eyes
and idiots that shine for cunny eat sold slides
Ohh, once upon Friday, Saturday's brides ride
for figgy winkers that wank for a wife; O

weepers have to grab glass from dead life
and an opener of crab-casts shooteths christ

mental mind-persuaders peer into giddy holes
la la, scented body-painters shit on souls
and once upon blessed lime, a shop of souls
suckled guilty pigs with one zillion bathrolls
and diggeries of kind ribs cause Eden to
sharpen Eves and Adams with bible-blues

and painters of mermen fish for old shoes.

as we paint flowers with dewdrops then a cellar
will bury ladies fingers in the yard
la, la    i yielded a feline to a bard as old rivers
raced down to a sea of card
& we ladened after summmer where cold mirrors
scattered fakir's glass
once aside of lakes, a boat of scarves warped
wrappers of dizzy faiths
we faint for faces & we paint dolls when ice
weeps for oven-burnings
faceless fanned feathers feel after flown mice
& a sea of snappers roams a bird's flown christ
.  -  eyes under empires weep for lady rites
-  wicked thunders walk pyres & cold kites
scrap the kestril winds...

as we paint flowers with raindrops then pleasure
drops a giddy bait upon a radio tower
& we cell-phone after cum & we suck feathered
fawny dummy graves

wow, i'm listening now to loud blind musics
oh eyes cut a jazz cloud as i sweat for mimics
& as roses swing then fall
i jeer in purple silence at the violent limits
of lip-shrinking tongued halls.
Mellow is the yellow
halo, yellow is the bell of praise: under thunder, snapt from tundra,
mellow metal flumes the blaze: purple rangers spy on strangers, mellow
myrtle is the sky: under thunder, snapt from tundra, darkness spumes &
fusion dies.
Here is the Buddha Cat: a Buddha Cat has fifty lives: here is
the Buddha Cat: a Buddha Cat lives in a hive. Yellow come the eyes of
empty, empty strikes the dollar que: deep in signal skeins of plenty,
mellow metal summons dew: in the anvilnooks of madness, down from
graveward skies, all love, like some manna man of sadness, scatters seed
on heaven's drug.
Here is the Buddha Cat: a Buddha Cat has fifty lives:
here is the Buddha Cat: a Buddha Cat lives in a hive: here is the Buddha
Cat; a Buddha Cat is Jesus Christ: here is the Buddha Cat; a Buddha Cat is
Jesus Christ?
Word of dementia; heard it on the underground: web word summer, sickness
from an undersound: set in gusset bleeding, like a madam madman on the
run; word of dementia, word I hear deny the Son.

A long time ago, I remember,
And I would recall again but set down
Births in a void because
Mind meaning lies seated in this void.-
Those who sharpen thought will cut with their teeth
Dark meaning and its mind prayer…
We are glad to be scattered. Meaningful ashes delve lives while
Blown hair lies sweetened and enchants meaning with spiralling

But we are fading. -
This is our land. We have our mind meaning…
From out a wide window and towards a shore, mind meaning shakes.-

Man’s dreams drown and meaning drowns for mind sakes?

Bent inside a rod, a long-lost sea quickens then rebels from
Meaning and its quivering schizoid streams and
A weakness cures eyes with what is meant and what may be?

Mankind walks in darkness and chooses God because God’s mind meaning
Kills sin with Another Country?

Inside a lilac tree, a sense of mind meaning sets girls free. Oh…
A long time ago, I remember
And I would recall again but mind meaning blows me down.


we hold two hands within a dreamt
sea of snowy loaves
we heed two hands within gloves
and a human's fevered stint
heeds keen minds as odes to scent
summon doves from flowers
the empty state we need to know
must suffer a blissful winter's show,
two hands reach out forvermore
inside the shops of love's cold war
a message from life's far-off space
marries love to wedding rice
and a giddy garden grows where light
lays bodies down within keen Christ.

we hold two hands inside a dreamt
sea of cloudy men,
but, as we grasp gems, we sense
keen lust, then fade to grey?

"The utmost purpose of great poetry is to
Sum-up the fatal miseries of the Universe?"




 Plenty more where these came from!  I have written more than 800 poems in response to the prosody of Dylan Thomas.


 -I have written 23,000 poems. I do not believe in God.-